4 new winning tickets at Get’s Bet

Friday, 1 November 2019

In this edition, we present you 4 winning tickets at Get’s Be. Each of these tickets has a specific particularity and demonstrates the viability of a betting technique. The chance was on the part of the supporters who received substantial amounts after the inspired elections.

bilete câștigătoare la Get’s Bet

Maybe some tickets are more representative for your betting style, you weren’t paying attention to others, but you have something to learn from them. The ability to choose of those who placed the tickets, the stakes and how they organized their bets were very important.

All tickets are real and can be verified on the basis of the bar code or the registered series.


Ticket no. 1

A ticket that stands out through complex bets: 2/2&3+. Basically, there are three bets in one. At 2/2 & 3 + you have to predict correctly the result after the half time, the final result and the number of scored goals.

And the holder of the ticket below predicted 2/2 & 3 + in 2 matches, odds @ 5.90 and @ 4.00. There was another 2/2 match for the odds @ 3.70. Thus, the total odds were @ 87.32.

The stake on the ticket was 57 Lei (actually 54.29 Lei/variant), a rather large one considering the type of bets chosen.

Would we bet in this manner? Yes, even if some punters avoid the odds considered too high, like @ 5.00, @ 6.00. However, there are 3 choices but they contain 8 bets and are based on the perfect identification of the scenario in some matches.


Ticket no. 2

A ticket that contains only the half-time/final option, a very difficult complex bet. 2 games at X/X and 2 at X/2 and a fantastic odds of @ 615.86. In this case we cannot talk about study or skill, but only about luck and inspiration. The punter tried its luck and won 5862 Lei with only 10 lei bet. Great!

And it was a simple ticket, even if it had odds that allowed systems like 2/4 or 3/4. This shows that the punter chose fun and adrenaline and the chance was on his side.

Even if it is an atypical ticket, it is good to see something else and overcome our prejudices related to certain choices.

Would we bet in this manner? Not in earnest, but we could do it for fun. The more the number of half-time/final choices increases, the more the betting resembles the lottery. But, inspiration and a moment of maximum audacity can bring unexpected benefits.


Ticket no. 3

A ticket based on which we have several types of bets, the odds being average. Neither odds higher than @ 2.00, nor lower than @ 1.30. There were 8 matches with the following choices: 1, half-time or final, corners, wins at least one half and over 2.5 goals.

The total odds obtained were @ 18.73 and the simple version was played. However, the 300 Lei stake is interesting and shows that the bets have been carefully studied and carefully chosen. Without exaggerating neither in odds nor in the number of choices, the punter has invested and earned the initial investment x17.

It is one of the tickets that is usually placed and which is representative for many punters. It only differs the stake, which varies according to the budget of each one.

Would we bet in this manner? Yes, it is a common way of betting. Many players are trying to identify the best options for the matches they choose. More tickets, more choices even combined to be as extensive as possible. An accessible betting technique, but we must be careful about the stakes.


Ticket no. 4

A very simple direct ticket, based on scored goals. However, valuable bets were chosen, with odds between @ 1.62 and @ 2.20. Any of the bets on the ticket could be placed simply. However combined, they led to a total odds of @ 25.23, which resulted higher earnings.

Over 2.5 goals twice, both score, 1 & 3 + (the only complex bet on the ticket), in total 6 games chosen from major European championships.

The stake was 200 Lei (actually 190.48 Lei) and generated earnings of 4,806.75 Lei.

Would we bet in this manner? Yes, it was very easy and popular bets can be found at any match. And in the case of this ticket, the stake is what impresses and shows confidence. If the bet had a stake of 5 Lei, the win would have been 100 Lei and we wouldn’t have been so careful about the winner punter’s choices.

Considering the 4 tickets, we notice:

  • Half-time/end game techniques with high risks. Therefore, the earned profits are also matching that
  • 2 tickets with safe and carefully analyzed choices in which we find both score, half-time or final and the number of scored goals or win at least one half. Basically, the most popular bets of the moment
  • In 2 cases, the stake was consistent, revealing a high budget for betting.

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