2019 – the Romanian live poker’s year of the grace

Friday, 15 November 2019

After a long period of development during which a strong community was formed, this year it seems that the Romanian live poker had made important progress in order to increase its popularity. The Romanian operator PokerFest has organized a record number of poker festivals, well above the average of previous years. If the annual seasons had a target of 8-10 important events during the first seven years of activity, by the end of this year the season will reach no less than 14 poker festivals organized!


And the end of the event will be equally impressive as this record: a major festival, with prizes of EUR 300,000 guaranteed only in the main tournament. The 14th and last meeting in 2019 of live poker fans will take place between November 25 and December 1 at the Intercontinental Hotel. Here, for seven days, tournaments and cash will be played by a large number of players from around the world.

Further more, even the program of the final festival will be outstanding: beside the EUR 550 Main Event, no less than 11 other tournaments and 5 satellites will take place. Overall, the event will offer 17 playing opportunities, in the most diverse formats, with entrance fees affordable for everyone. There has never been such a full program in the history of the circuit, but it is designed for the estimated magnitude of the event. The Romanian poker community, big and small, will meet at Inter, because poker players, regardless of their caliber, know that they cannot miss such an opportunity.

The festival will bring together Romanian competitors with guests from over 20 countries and, especially from Israel, because 100 Israeli participants are expected at the end of November. For a long time now, Romania represents a favorite destination for poker getaways for this community, with the Israeli Poker Championship operator already a traditional partner for PokerFest. Here comes the IPC particle in the event name: “PokerFest & IPC Bucharest Anniversary Festival”.

Thus, PokerFest ends 8 years of activity. For the devoted team which organize the event since 2011, the 8 years have meant over 100 festivals, over 1000 different tournaments, tens of thousands of participants and more than EUR 10 million prizes. Millions of live sessions have been played at PokerFest, in 5 countries and hundreds of trophies are now honored in the glass case of poker lovers. In other words, the word PokerFest has already entered the history of Romanian poker and is far from having completed its mission.

To the relief of operators in the live poker industry and to the delight of passionate players, the recession of poker started by Black Friday in 2011 seems to have ended in terms of live poker. The number of customers of poker clubs and festivals is steadily increasing everywhere and many operators already record various records: participation, prizes, buy-in. The Romanian community is enjoying this trend as well and the increase in the scope of the PokerFest series is the clearest signal.

Where does this endless magic of live poker come from? No explanation can replace the direct experience. For the very first moment, this game connect with anyone who sits at the game table and spins their received cards, so the best advice for the curious is to come over between November 25 and December 1 at Intercontinental and will find out much more than we can write in this article.

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