The Monty Hall problem in betting

by Mircea Panait

Often, we have to choose. In betting, these situations are frequent, and even after substantial analysis, less expected results may appear. Those moments when the odds seem against you, the quotas seem deceiving and you find yourself in a position where you don’t know what to do. I tried to find the answer and the viable solution to these issues in the article that follows.

What to do when the quotas are against you?

The solution to the Monty Hall problem

The Monty Hall problem is a first example of the manner in which, when faced with choosing a favorable result in place of two unfavorable results, we have a certain incapacity when correctly weighting the chances of success.

This is essential for the punter, because, in layman’s terms, if a punter cannot identify the implicit probability and the quotas offered by the betting houses which are “valuable” to him, it will be almost impossible for him to make money in the long run.

The Monty Hall problem

Let’s say you can win a car. The car is behind one of three doors. A goat is behind each of the other two. You must correctly guess behind which door the car is hiding, but you do not have the knowledge or information to allow you to choose the correct door.

After having chosen a door, one of the other doors opens to unveil one of the two goats. Now you have another option – exchange the chosen door or stand by your initial choice?

Named after the host of the show “Let’s make a deal”, a popular show in the USA during the ‘60s and ‘70s, which was the basis of the dilemma, the Monty Hall problem is a simple mathematic puzzle, which efficiently demonstrates the manner in which people fight with what seems to be a very direct choice.

With this simple riddle, but very cleverly presented, the show demonstrated the manner in which the ordinary person may demonstrate a counter-intuitive behavior when confronted with several possibilities at a time – and the same is valid for occasional punters, as well. When this question was asked in Parade magazine, 10,000 readers complained that the answer was not published correctly – including several math professors.

The solution to the Monty Hall problem

The solution to the Monty Hall problem is simple: always open the doors. After opening the first door, the car is certainly behind one of the two closed doors (even though you cannot know which door). The majority of contestants at the show did not intuitively see any advantage in opening the doors, presuming that each door has an equal probability (1/3).

This is incorrect – actually, the chances of winning the car double after opening the first door. Although it is true that the initially, each door had a 33.3% chance of the car being hid behind it, after unveiling the first goat, the probability of the car being behind the remaining closed door is of 66.6%.

It is easier to calculate these probabilities imagining that choosing between the original door (the probability of 33.3%) and the combined probabilities of the other two doors (33.3% + 33.3%). This is due to the fact that, once you choose a door, the other two doors are then associated together – there is a 66.6% chance behind one of those two doors. When one is then limited, there is still a 66.6% chance that the car is behind the remaining door.

What to do when the quotas are against you

This problem cleverly illustrates how easy it is to fall in the trap of treating non-random information as if they are random. The current British show “Deal or No Deal” – which implies 26 unopened boxes, and contain different quantities of cash – offers tribute to the show “Let’s make a deal”, exploiting in the same way the probability appreciated by a vast public. the contestants do not understand that they find themselves in a strong or weak position from a statistical point of view and, in exchange, act under the influence of certain false sentiments regarding chances of success.

Such mistakes are frequent in gambling games when punters act against their interests. Therefore, it is recommended that you treat bets responsibly and not be attracted by marketing traps believing that you can strike oil.

Bets need the ability of understanding of quotas offered during an event represents the statistical probability of the said event. It does not matter if it is the case of a football, tennis or basketball match, if you play the lottery or on-line sports betting, understanding and finding the value is the key to profit.

Specialization vs. Volume: Which would be the most profitable option in sports betting?

by Valentin Macovei

Is it better for a punter to play 30 or 300 predictions per month? We will try to answer this question which is on the mind of a great deal of sports betting enthusiasts in the following.

Each time, the same ideas are found among the advice provided by sports betting specialists, of which we will list those which are most often mentioned and also commonly supported by professionals:

  • The contouring of a separate budget destined for bets, which shall not imply the funds necessary for other expenses and the loss of which shall not affect the proper course of things of the person in question;
  • The application of a fixed or variable stake on a scale of 1 to 10 money management strategy;
  • Specializing on a certain sport, on several competitions and several teams or sports players;
  • Respecting the strategy initially established and setting realistic expectations, such as a 5% profit after each (complete) bank turnover.

All well and good, but with regards to the concept of specialization in sports betting, there are enough contradictory opinions – and for good reason.

When it comes too specialization, it is said that choosing certain more obscure niches most often represents winning moves. We are told that valuable bets within the world’s sports competitions matches are not so easily found, which is true most of the time, however, this sentence omits a large part of the truth.

What is it about? This is how it is:

  • The matches from less popular sports and competitions have quotas to which operators keep a larger winnings margin than in the case of those of top championships. Yes, as in, for example, the Premier League matches, on the primary lines we may find payouts of over 97%, which cannot be said for 4th league matches in Germany.
  • Sports betting houses offer users the possibility of playing relatively small amounts on the matches which do not benefit from great exposure, exactly because the risk of losing is very high in such confrontations. Furthermore, players who win several consecutive bets in such a competition are rapidly restricted or even banned from the site.
  • Not many betting markets open up to matched from relatively unknown tournaments, and the offer is most often published very late, and in certain cases we can bet on these types of games only live.
  • Another significant con is the fact that obscure leagues are usually not listed on the Betting Exchange platforms, and even when they are, the offer is almost never complete, therefore the punter cannot be sure that he will find a decent quota for the targeted prognostic.
  • The second hand sports events do not benefit from decent mass-media coverage (most often, the case of non-televised matches), nor decent coverage on social media networks, therefore, a last minute injury suffered by an important football player shall usually go unnoticed by the punter until the start of the match.

Even if we were not to take lesser known competitions into consideration, we must admit the fact that even specializing on two relatively popular championships would highly limit the number of bets we can play monthly, which can theoretically also significantly limit the profit we could expect.

In antithesis, the primary arguments for playing a large volume of prognostics each month are without a doubt the reciprocal annulment of bad luck and luck, as well a maximizing the player’s net profit. The calculation is simple: at a (realistic) 5% return on investment, the punter must play as many bet per month as to win as much money as possible.

Thinking that the football teams usually have between 4 and 6 matches per month, we realize that things are not so great for a punter niched on the king sport who chooses the specialization way, while a tennis specialist may play even more bets in a month is he closely monitors – let’s say – 10 players.

The paradox of the situation is the following: the specialization shall surely help the punter establish a greater number of correct predictions, however, this shall happen after a larger number of played tips. Practically, playing only a few prognostics per week, a niched player risk being significantly affected by bad luck and even to turn a loss at the end of the year. therefore, a punter who is not so specialized and who has a lower return of investment may make more profit (and faster), as long as he has a substantially larger volume of played tips.

However, which would be the best options, that of specializing in several competitions/teams/players or playing a considerable amount of tips monthly? It is very difficult to give an answer to this question, as there are enough variables which are to be specified before providing an answer (of course, in a particular manner and without generalizing).

If we were to look through several prediction sites from around the world, we would observe that the vast majority of top tipsters do not bet on football, even though it is the most bet on sport on the planet. On the other hand, we might think it is easier to rig a tennis match than a football match. as you can see, we may encounter real difficulties when it comes to choosing the sport on which to bet, as well – that is if we wish to treat bets seriously and not as a hobby.

The best thing that a punter wishing to perfect himself and to follow a professional approach, is to choose a success model for himself and to do his homework well. Yes, more specifically to copy the style of an efficient tipster, following his history and reading his analyses (where possible). Only after the player has acquired some experience and has several data, may he review the game style based on the kept registry, with hopes of progressing step by step.

Be warned, however, because it does not necessarily guarantee success, but it at least offers a path which favors punter maturity, aspect without which nobody may hope for a medium and long term profit!

What do we bet on at the 2018 Winter Olympics

by Mircea Panait

The 2018 Winter Olympics are at their first edition organized on Continental Asia’s territory. Pyeongchang has been chosen and the host city on 6 July 2011, at the 123rd IOC meeting in Durban, South Africa. Pyeongchang has won its third consecutive candidacy, after, in the past, the cities who won and organized the Olympics were Vancouver (Canada) and Soci (Russia).

At this year’s edition, a total of 102 sports events at 15 disciplines from 7 sports shall be included: ice skating(figure ice-skating, speed ice-skating and short track ice-skating), skiing (alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, acrobatic skiing, north combined, ski jumps and snowboard), bob (bob and skeleton), biathlon, curling, ice hockey and sled.


At this edition, the two countries sharing the Korean Peninsula: South Korea and North Korea will parade together at the opening ceremony! Furthermore, at the women’s hockey competition, they will line up a common team at the start line.

What valuable bets can we find at the 2018 Winter Olympics?

This year’s edition debuts on February 9th 2018, in PyeongChang in South Korea. No doubt millions of enthusiasts will watch the television transmissions, which represent a good occasion for participants to show off their talent. Many of those participating have trained, perhaps, for 4 years in light of the competition which will bring them a trophy and famousness in the sports world.

Before seeing which valuable options present interest, let’s stop and analyze the big 3 types of bets, present in most betting houses:

  1. The number of medals the country will win. If you turn your attention to the performances of a country and less to individual participation, then this is the right bet. You can bet almost anything: which country wins the most gold, silver, bronze medals, who will earn the most in total, under/over different limits.
  2. Betting on the winner. It’s about the classic bets placed on the winner of an event or of a round. Surely, the most popular bets and the largest amounts bet. For those who are truly specialized in winter sports, this is the best opportunity to win.
  3. Special bets. These are those bets placed more with the purpose of having fun, and not necessarily the best solution for profit. In general, these are bets placed on the opening ceremony, bets placed on the behavior of a certain athlete, or just other option ranging even up to weather.

Referring to valuable bets, we have to make a list of the choices that we are considering, followed by an analysis of each aspect. For those who are not familiar with winter sports, its is important to have knowledge about top athletes, each of their state of fitness, and any other information which may arise during the event. All of these lead to profitable choices.

Tips for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang

With at least several days before the opening, Norway is rated as having the best chances for the number of medals won, with a quota of @2.40. Germany seconds very closely, being rated at @2.54. The USA and Canada are also close by, the Americans having a small advance.

If at Betfair Norway is rated as a first favorite, at Sportingbet we play on the Germans.

But let’s also focus on several tips deserving all of out attention.

Ice hockey: we bet on Russia

Maybe it’s not the best bet for those wishing to earn large and fast winnings, the Russians’ rate of victory being @2.65. For those looking for value in a bet, this is the most indicated. Even if Alexander Ovenchkin will not participate in these games, the Russian team is incredibly solid and the internal championship (second in the world as value) supports the national team completely. The fact that the NHL does not participate in the Olympics offers a perfect chance for the Russians to get the gold.

These discipline is Lindsey Vonn’s specialty, however the American is returning after a broken arm incident which cost her a year of inactivity. It may be an opportunity for one of the adversaries to take home the gold medal. Weirather, Huetter, Shiffin, they all have their chances, but Lara Gut seems to be the most entitled to the Olympic gold. The Swiss won a bronze medal in 2014 at Soci and with 9 years of experience, she has every chance of beating Lindsey Vonn. Many may argue that Vonn is the safer choice, however Vonn has a @5.00 rating and Gut @6.00, so the value is on the latter.

The most medals: Norway

This is the easiest category and perhaps, the most loved by punters. Here, however, you must have knowledge not only of favorites for an event, but of favorites for all events and their nationalities. This could be boring, but if you see it as an occasion to follow more Olympiads and truly familiarizing with the events, which can prove to be profitable.


Norwegians are the favorites for both categories and rightly so. They have proved to be the best at winter sports and their portfolio is impressive. Once with Russia’s restricted participation. because of a IOC decision to block many Russian athletes from participating in the competition, the Olympic Games will prove to be very interesting this year.


Norway has several of the best skiers in the world, both in the alpine versions and the cross-country versions, and the biathlon as well, were they will probably win the most gold medals. In fact, nine of their gold medals from Soci Olympic Games in 2014 come from these three categories and it is probable that many more will come this year, as well.


The United States won the most medals at the last two Winter Olympics, but this year, the Norths seem to be unstoppable. Their power lies in skiing, where Svindal, Jansrud and Kristoffersen are competing.


These being the proposed bets, I recommend that you follow the Winter Olympics, this being a competition underestimated by sports lovers. When a competition is underestimated, valuable bets may arise.

(Română) Programul Joc Responsabil la 6 ani de la lansare

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

2018: A year to consolidate the industry from ROMBET’s perspective

The year 2018 is the year in which the primary and secondary legislation, by means of GEO 77/2009 and GR 111/2016, shall entirely show their effects given that they have set the foundation of a regulation that is modern and in complete compliance with European recommendations with regards to a common goal, which is a stable and well regulated industry.


It is the year in which the NOG (National Office for Gambling) shall regulate certain key fields which have yet to be sufficiently clarified, be it either responsible games, which shall become more evident in 2018, including through the Responsible Game Foundation, a clarification necessary for approving publicity activities, because there are still debates and different approaches among operators, especially between the specificity of promoting on-line operators and land-based operators.


2018 is the year in which the provisions of the “tax revolution” enter into force and in which ROMBET, by means of the seminaries it shall organize, both in Bucharest and at national level, must give answers to a series of questions which are constantly asked by gambling organizers:


  1. Establishing the type of tax which is to be paid, by respecting the statement obligations provided by law:
  1. The income tax of micro-enterprises, in the context in which, on 31.12.2017, they gained income which has not exceeded the RON equivalent of a million euros, at the exchange rate valid upon the closing of the fiscal year, with the question, if, perhaps, with the approval of GEO 79/2017, things shall return to their initial provisions, according to which the income from gambling cannot be taxed as such;
  2. The specific tax, for activities provided under Law 170 from 2016 in conditions in which it does not enter within the income tax of micro-enterprises, which has priority against the specific tax for all other gambling adjacent activities;
  1. Practical measures as to apply provisions regarding transferring compulsory social contributions due on behalf of employees with obligations attributed to employers. To this respect, the employer is to establish, retain, declare and pay the obligations due by employees, as well;

The level of contributions due and the income tax starting with the year 2018:

Employee: social security contribution due to the state social security budget – 25%; health insurance contributions due to the Sole national health insurance fund – 10%.

Employer: labor collateral contribution due to the state budget – 2.25%.

Tax rate: the tax rate is of 10% and it is applied to the taxable income associated to each source of each category used to determine tax.

Speaking about 2018, Mr. Dan Ghiță, ROMBET president, said that “it is important to give the signal we have to give: we have consolidated market, stable, transparent and regulated. Moreover, we are predisposed to change as the desire to grow is still extremely strong. We have a young generation of business people in the industry, and this is another very good sign, because they have made their reputation in an era of change, they know what it means and are prepared for it. Even more so, they will also generate it”.


Mr. Bogdan Coman, ROMBET Executive Director, believes that 2018 shall produce several more changes: more and more support companies arise for the gambling industry, which provide services especially for specialized software development. “If we turn our attention to neighboring countries – Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria – we see that this is becoming a more and more accentuated trend. IT companies in the industry, from the Balkans, are becoming more and more important all over Europe. This represents an extraordinary opportunity for Romania because of the fact that our country is known for its human resources in IT. We believe that this trend shall go on and shall become even more evident this year, not only based on accessing resources in the region, but also as a result of internal growth signaled by many of our association’s members”.


From an organizational point of view, ROMBET hopes that 2018 shall be the year in which associations in the field shall work best together and shall unite their efforts for more unity in strategies and actions. It all has already started in 2017: now, it’s time to enforce the partnership between associations.

Editorial – A Big Family


The year that just started could be a benchmark for our gaming industry. When I say this I rely on the analysis of the last few years. I feel that this year can be a very good one for us, with all the political and economic “madness” around us. Our market has reached a maturity level large enough to sediment what it has built in recent years. All it has to do is keep going on its own way and be consistent with the ideas and values it has been promoting lately. I think our industry is at the moment a model. Of course, we need to keep an eye on what’s going on around us, but I think we all have the ability to continue building a safe road for us. Many people depend on us, and that can only make us more responsible. The gaming industry is at this moment in Romania a support for the Romanian economy, both at the macro (statistics) and micro (human) levels. We pay taxes, employ people, contribute to the economic cycle through consumption of goods and services, entertain players / clients, carry out CSR-type activities and, above all, we are responsible! We congratulate you for what you have achieved and we are glad that we are also part of this big family.


At the end of last year, our magazine awarded the Las Vegas casino floors for the most dynamic territory development in Romania in 2017. This was due to the sustained growth of the company, the growth of the brand’s reputation and the fact that this company has become a representative one for our profile market. Now Las Vegas has a new owner in the person of Mr. T. Andranik, and he naturally chose the Casino Inside Magazine to introduce himself to the Romanian gambling industry. We welcome him and assure him of all our faith and support. Learn more about this topic in the Cover Story!


The Jack & Play Again is gradually becoming an important operator, a company that is investing more and more in its casino floors, people, marketing and brand. Their location in Deva was inaugurated in the fall of 2015 on the premises of Shopping City Deva, and not only does it benefit from an excellent location, but it also has a professional team which offers players a special place dedicated to best quality entertainment, in addition to marketing campaigns and promotions thought out in accordance with the specific of the location. Currently, the “Mercedes C Class” Campaign is in progress and its final draw which will take place on February 22, 2018! Besides the luxury car, prizes worth RON 78,000 will also be awarded. This campaign was carried out over almost 5 months, and the total prizes exceed RON 350,000!

Danemar Trading will turn 25 years since its inception in March this year! I believe this is extraordinary and we congratulate Victor Marin and his team of professionals for what they have done all this time. We love that Danemar makes a positive contribution to the procurement process between the manufacturer and the end customer, having a double role: Specialist and Supplier. They are leaders on the cash payment systems market and the largest Distributor and Authorized Service Center for payment systems in Eastern Europe. Learn more about their accomplishments and success by reading the material that we dedicated to their anniversary.

At the end of this first 2018 edition, Casino Inside team wishes you an excellent year, as we are convinced you will have it!


the xG or how sports betting can come close to science

by Mircea Panait

Even though some consider that sports betting also needs luck, as science advances, more and more mathematic models end up being adapted and applied. Alongside match analyses, statistical predictions, automation programs, the xG starts to become more and more attractive.

Still in an age of late-pioneering and new models of compiling primary data, the xG is an indicator  which associates to each occasion of scoring a success percentage based on data gathered and systematized in previous seasons.

xG comes from Expected Goals is defined as the answer to the question if a player should have scored in a clear position. The concept leaves Premier League, the most important championship in the world, and is already applied in the top English clubs.

Keep in mind that xG does not offer predictions about the future, bu analyzes the matches played thoroughly, and the obtained results are applied at the level of the championship. Even though no prognosis is offered, the data obtained through processing is extremely valuable and not easily accessible.

Regarding expected goals, in Premier League, 1 goal out of 9 kicks aimed at the goalpost. xG, expected goals, represents an indicator that takes into account each goal chance, trying to answer the questions should a player score on a certain goal occasion.

The maximum value for xG is 1, and the closer the number is to one, the higher the opportunity of scoring is. Therefore, if the chance is 0.5xG, then goals should have been registered in 50% of cases.

The image above is significant and has been used by to explicitly illustrate. Lamine Kone can be observed trying to score within the square at 6 m in the Sunderland – Everton match. In that case, the xG was 0.91, considered to be a huge opportunity. If he had shot 100 times from that position, he would have had to score 91 times.

As to better understand how the method works, those from Opta (the most important football statistical data provider) have analyzed over 300,000 kicks to the goalpost as to calculate the probability of scoring from a certain position and a certain game stage. A chart came up illustrating the following:

The factors considered by the analysts as to calculated the value of a goal opportunity are many, but the most important are the following:

– distance from which the shot is made to the goalpost;

– the angle of the shot;

– the type of shot (by leg, head, knee, heel);

– the rarity of the opportunity, sole opportunity with the goal-keeper, in which the quarterback is not impeded in any way by the defender;

– type of goal pass (diagonal, deep, meet etc.);

– fixed stages;

– dribbles (defender, several players, goal-keeper etc.).

The xG model is especially interesting for sports analysts and commentators, but it is yet not clear how much value it brings to clubs. First of all, these need customized information, at player level, not combined.For example, Stoke shall not take into account the fact that xG for a cross is under 0.1 and shall repeatedly center to Crouch, as will Coutinho aim for the goalpost from outside the square at 16 meters, knowing he has a better chance at success than the implicit xG. Even so, the big English clubs, already have departments specialized on statistics and game predictions.

If in the past we analyzed the goal opportunities and the dangers of shot to the goalpost, now we are already speaking about aggregating these indicators. As to better understand the way in which the xG model works, the chart is extremely explicit for las season:

The best indicators Goals xG xG difference
On players with over 50 shot to the goalpost are included in the top
Kane (Tottenham) 29 18.59 10.41
Lukaku (Everton) 25 15.32 9.68
Llorente (Swansea) 15 7.09 7.91
Son (Tottenham) 14 6.73 7.27
King (Bournemouth) 16 9.56 6.44


The comparisons for the Premier League 2016-2017 season:

Blue for the scored goals, green for xG, expected goals. It is a natural difference, given the fact that the model analyzed the matches played in the past. The biggest difference is for Harry Kane, while Aguero fell into the predictions.

It is a remarkable model, constantly improved by analysts. Even though it does not offer predictions, it gives a general picture of the team and of the way it manages its scoring opportunities. It is considered to be a refined indicator, however, for Europe’s first 10 teams, when goal opportunities, team evolution and achieved points are set in the balanced and analyzed.

Live Betting – Learn how to effectively avoid traps so that you can profit in the long run!

pariuri live

by Valentin Macovei

Many of the gamblers who try live betting reach the bottom of the bag very quickly. The adrenaline that betting provides can cause addiction, and this can seriously affect your wallet! However, you don’t have to be discouraged, because in the long run you can win at live betting, but only if you invest enough effort and discipline.

In addition to the fact that you never have to play for recovery and you shouldn’t bet when you’re bored, stressed or drunk, in order to be successful in this dynamic discipline, you must have a well-established strategy and never play randomly or rely solely on instinct, or whatever other ridiculous superstitions.

One of the simplest strategies you can use for live betting involves betting on the Over 1.5 goals option. In the following, I’ll explain how the method works and what you have to do to successfully implement it: For the next day or for the next few days, make a list of matches that have good odds of ending with at least 3 goals. Don’t think you’ll select 10 such matches in less than 15 minutes, because that would mean you didn’t do your homework properly.

The point is that you will always look at matches for the next few days and not for the current day, precisely to have enough time to analyze them in detail. Give yourself at least 15-30 minutes for each match and possibly give each one a rating (trust level). At the end of the analysis, keep those that seem to have the best chances of success. Try to adopt a style of analysis that you use for each game so that in the future you can adjust some aspects of the method you use in order to optimize the quality of your selections.

Avoid the extremely unbalanced matches of top teams, such as disputes where teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munchen have odds under 1.20 for victory, as the odds of those games are permanently adjusted by traders throughout their course, which can translate into far less chances for you to catch good odds.

As a rule, the games you bet on will have pre-match odds for the Over 1.5 goals bet between 1.20 and 1.40. Once the day for which you have prepared a list of matches starts, the next step is to access your favorite live streaming site or app and bookmark the selected bets.

Then make sure you monitor the matches in question, because you will only be interested in those games where no one scores in the first 45 minutes; think that out of your list of 10 matches it’s possible that only two meet this criterion, so try to prepare as many alternatives as possible in advance. You will need to have funds at the online betting sites that offer the Cash Out option or to manually do it. It would be advisable to register accounts with most of the agencies that offer good odds for live betting and also with a Betting Exchange platform.

During the breaks of the selected matches the score of which is unchanged (0-0), you will search for the operator offering the best odds for the Over 1.5 goals bet (you should seek odds of at least 1.50), you will bet a fixed stake that you set beforehand and repeat it on every bet – it should be between 2% and 5% of your initial bankroll. Then you will wait for the first goal to be scored so that you close the bet.

Basically, using this method, all you do is place Over 0.5 goals bets, which usually have odds between 1.03 and 1.10 at the beginning of the games, but at odds of 1.30! If you’re good at selecting the games and you bet a fixed stake each time, you have great odds of getting long-term profit.

At the same time, if you can watch the match live after the goal is scored, you can choose to leave the bet open until the end when the game clearly indicates that it is very possible for the score to change before the last whistle of the referee or when there is no score in the first 80 minutes, because you will have low chances of making a profit if you close your bet near the end of the match.

It is very important to keep track of your assessments and bets. You should always have data to come back to, so you can figure out what pulls you down and implicitly what needs to be changed in the approach. However, don’t jump into conclusions: until you get to several hundreds of bets, don’t think that you are applying the strategy perfectly or that the method is not good for anything. As with any viable betting strategy, the results can only be seen in the medium and long term. Don’t forget that in the short term you will be affected by variation, i.e. by various factors such as luck or bad luck, which will be neutralized after you have a substantial number of bets.

This is just one of the many simple strategies that can prove to be extremely effective in live betting, when the person implementing it does it the right way. Remember to test each new strategy with virtual stakes or a minimum investment until you’re convinced of its effectiveness. Finally, the best advice I can offer you is to completely avoid progressive Money Management systems, because these, combined with live bets, will bring you on the verge of bankruptcy faster than you can imagine. Good luck and be inspired!

Major events, national seminars and new members, on Rombet’s successful agenda in 2017

In the field of gambling which is constantly changing, both legally and fiscally and in terms of technological innovations and development strategies, Rombet, which now has more than 50 members, consisting of national and international companies, has continued and developed its activity during this year that is coming to an end through the multitude of events during which the Rombet management team has successfully represented the members of the association, as well as through the series of free information seminars that have also been very successful in 2017.

Rombet started the year strong in February, by participating in the most successful edition of ICE Totally Gaming so far, which gathered over 500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions, the event this year being the largest in history with more than 40,000 square meters of exhibition space.The conditions for the exchange of information and ideas were created, and the Rombet representatives had the opportunity to emphasize once again the openness and the advantages that foreign investors can find on the local gambling market. “BMM Testlabs, Kiron Interactive, Newton, EveryMatrix, BetConstruct, Scientific Games, Playtech, Mohio Gaming Competence, Vermantia are just some of the exhibitors that received special attention from us. We talked extensively about business development, the Romanian legislation, and the prospects for the year 2017, and in all discussions we have emphasized that those interested in the gambling market in our country, both those already present and those who plan to come in the near future, will find in Rombet all the support for legislation, taxation, partners, etc.”, said the president of the association, Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghiță about participating in the most important gambling event in Europe.

In May, in Prague, during the EGR Online Gambling Briefing, Eastern Europe, Mr. Bogdan Coman, Managing Director of the Rombet Association, spoke in the panel titled “Building further: diversification and innovation in Central and Eastern Europe”, emphasizing that at least for the near future in our country, online activities will remain connected to offline activities, both in terms of current legislation and the strategies of operators who adapt their offers in the online environment, promoting the most successful products of the land-based environment. Innovation and legislation were also discussed at the Euromat Gaming Summit, which took place in June in Berlin, where Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghiţă, President Rombet, had the opportunity to sit with more than 500 important representatives including Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, Vice-President of the European Parliament.

Wishing to provide its members with quick and easy access to the most important news in the industry, the Rombet team went to London in September where two extremely important conferences took place: World Regulatory Briefing and Betting on Sports, the first of which involved discussions on the theme of Responsible Gaming. At the event organized by Rombet’s long-time partner, Clarion Events, Bogdan Coman, the CEO of the association, had the opportunity to participate in very interesting panels, supported by prominent speakers such as the Chief Executive of the UK Gambling Committee and the representatives of some of the most successful companies in the industry (Skybet, Mr. Green, Betsson, Betway, etc.). And, whether they were talking about perceptions, strategies and legislation, or about concrete examples and the results of the RG projects, there was a single conclusion: responsible gaming must receive the attention it deserves. “As if it were still necessary, the London event once again reinforced the idea that organizers and legislators alike must work together if we want a healthy industry with balanced players. We hope that we will also contribute to this goal”, Mr Coman said.

Internationally, this year ends with the Rombet team having been present at 3 other major events: CEEGC – Budapest, EiG – Berlin and EEGS – Sofia. In Budapest, Rombet’s Chief Executive had the opportunity to moderate the panel entitled “Gambling Opportunities in the Balkans”, where, together with famous guests such as Mirjana Acimovic (Jakta & Euromat) and Hrvoje Vincetic (Adriatic Casino) the prospects of the gambling industry in the region were discussed. From Berlin, the representatives of the association returned with the message to incorporate the new technologies in the operators’ development strategies as much as possible, important names in the field such as BetGames TV, BtoBet, Twispay, Betgenius being just a few of the companies that showed interest in joining Rombet in the near future.

If the international presence of the association was very intense, Rombet was also extremely active locally. The year 2017 brought no less than 12 new members and 9 free seminars, organized both in the capital and in the country, and the representatives of the association did not miss the most important event dedicated to the gambling field in our country. Rombet participated, in September 2017, in the 11th edition of E Arena 2017, the exhibition being a real success, and the Rombet team gladly welcomed at the exhibition stand of the association the intentions of companies established both in Romania and in the European region, especially the Balkans, to join Rombet. “The great number of attendants at this year’s E Arena is proof of a mature industry that aims for – and at least to date, succeeds in – a constant and permanent development. As far as our role is concerned, Rombet acts as leverage for our international partners, enabling operators in other markets to access free information so that their licensing process in Romania is as easy and fast as possible”, said the association’s representatives.  

Rombet representatives also invited the operators working in our country and interested in a correct understanding and application of the legislation in force to a series of seminars on various topics of interest this year.   One by one, in Bucharest (February and May), Oradea and Bistrița (March), Iași (May) and Timișoara (June), Mr. Anchidim Zăgrean, vice-president of Rombet and an expert with over 15 years of experience in the field, spoke extensively about the “Fiscal Code News” and the “Tax and Accounting of Gambling, Theoretical and Practical Issues” to an audience that was very interested and eager for information. “By these information seminars, where participation is not only free of charge, but is also not conditional upon membership in the association, we, Rombet, propose two important things: those involved in gambling should be kept up to date with all changes in the regulations applicable to the field and the application of the legal provisions should be done in a correct manner, observing the specifics of this activity”, said Mr. Anchidim Zăgrean. And, if the first part of the year was dedicated to information and education, the three seminars this autumn, held in Cluj, Iași and Bucharest, debated the theme “The organization and control of gambling and the consequences of non-compliance with legal provisions.” The participants, in great numbers each time, had the opportunity to discuss and ask questions on other topics of interest such as “joint venture” and “news regarding the Fiscal Code and the Code of Fiscal Procedure”.

“Accurate presentation, concise information, and professionalism are just a few of the words that those present at our events used when we asked them to give us feedback after attending these seminars. Such feedback, the growing interest from organizers and beyond, as well as the need for those working in the field to be informed, have urged us to continue the series of seminars. Such initiatives are needed if we want our industry to grow further and attract the interest of foreign operators. We, Rombet, have invested a lot of energy and resources in the recent years and will continue to do so by participating in international and national events, organizing information seminars and representing our members in the relationship with the ONJN. For a strong industry, strong players are needed, whether operators or associations, and Rombet aims to strengthen its status as the largest association in the field of gambling in 2018”, concluded Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghiţă, the Rombet Executive.