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APEX gaming is ready to take gaming to the next level in Romania


The solutions are there – the popularity of APEX gaming machines is growing on a global level. The focus that ‘only the best is good enough for players’ is transmitted with the APEX credo to indeed take gaming to ‘the next level’.

This has been the focus from one for the APEX team, led by the founder and chairman, Johannes Weisengruber. The investment in creating new and innovative solutions with the best range of components available has brought APEX gaming to the forefront.

The products are there, the focus on the future is there – what has been missing is the optimal route to market in Romania. This has now been solved. No company is in a better position to bring APEX to the Romanian market than NOVOMATIC. Therefore, APEX is proud to announce that the Romanian subsidiary of NOVOMATIC is the new partner of APEX GAMING. With over 27 years of experience in the gaming industry and approximately 70% market share, NOVOMATIC Romania was the natural choice in the distribution of gaming equipment APEX.

The strength of NOVOMATIC in Romania can be clearly expressed in facts and statistics:  The NOVOMATIC Group has been successfully active on the Romanian market over the past 27 years and today operates around 2,500 gaming machines and 340 betting terminals in more than 200 ADMIRAL slot arcades, partner locations and TIP&CASH betting agencies throughout the country. Also, it rents more than 2,600 gaming equipment to the third parties and operates around 5,100 video lottery terminals (VLT) in partnership with the National State Lottery in approximately 1,400 locations.

“We are delighted with the partnership of NOVOMATIC Romania as our sole local distributor. This agreement is ideal due to the significant footprint and heritage that NOVOMATIC Romania has here. Furthermore, it’s a great fit both in a geographical sense as well as strategically, given its deep industry knowledge and also the clear commitment to innovation and new product development, which aligns with APEX’s vision,” stated Mr. Weissengruber.

NOVOMATIC Romania is headed up by Mr. Werner Klein who stated as follows, “We know APEX well and thus know their potential here. They compliment our product range here and we see the opportunity to quickly establish APEX here in Romania. The APEX team has chosen the best route to market with NOVOMATIC Romania”.

With over 27 years of expertise and experience in the gambling business, Mr. Valentin Adrian Georgescu – CEO of NOVOMATIC Romania, states: “The Romanian gambling market is constantly under competitive pressure and NOVOMATIC Romania, through its partnership with APEX, aims to meet the needs of its customers and provide diversity both to the operational side and to its collaborators who exploit gaming equipment. So far, the feedback is positive and the customers appreciate the increasing numbers of brands in our portfolio.”

The overwhelming reception of the latest APEX solutions at this year’s ICE in London was a further catalyst to ensure that players in Romania receive the best access to APEX gaming solutions. The latest Pinnacle gaming solutions – namely compete JACKPOT islands – were an instant success.

The PINNACLE PREMIUM SL is available as a complete jackpot island solution, consisting of eight of these slots. Four slots are placed either side – so operators have a complete dual-bank solution ready to go. The unique side and top lighting has been designed to be part of the game, making this a truly complete jackpot island solution. The first game to be created for this is DRAGON EGG and the dragon can fly over the entire screens and the side and top lighting as well when looking to lay its eggs in the jackpot zone. The jackpot island solution is also available for further EVO games.

The PINNACLE PREMIUM CURVED is available as a complete jackpot island solution, consisting of four of these slots and built into a circular design. The side and top lighting has been designed to be part of the game, making this a truly complete jackpot island solution. The first game to be created for this is DRAGON EGG and the dragon can fly over the entire screens and the side and top lighting as well when looking to lay its eggs in the jackpot zone. The jackpot island solution is also available for further EVO games.

APEX gaming is a privately-owned company founded and continually managed by Mr. Johannes Weissengruber. The global headquarters of APEX gaming are in Austria, in the town of Gutau in the state of Upper Austria. The manufacturing base is in Budweis in the Czech Republic. Since its incorporation in 2003, APEX gaming has grown to be an international company – both in terms of sales and operations and its running wholly-owned subsidiaries in Albania, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Macedonia, Slovakia and Serbia for many years.

APEX gaming supplies complete gaming solutions. There is a wide range of slot machines available in the PINNACLE family – slant-tops, uprights, VIP, Premium SL and Premium Curved. The EVO platform displays the great range of APEX games (hat are all developed internally by the APEX team) in pin-sharp quality. APEX is successful in all gaming categories, including the casino, street and VLT segments. The APS (APEX PLAYER SYSTEM) is the answer for electronic roulette with a great number of benefits. The iDROP has revolutionized cash management at live gaming tables, enabling dealers to accept cash, tickets and cards directly at the table in return for chips/jetons.

APEX GAMING TAKES THE ICE BY STORM – Record number of innovations revealed


Never before has APEX gaming revealed so many innovations than at this year’s ICE. APEX gaming took the show by storm as the feedback was overwhelming from the visitors. The impact was so strong many operators wanted to take on the new solutions immediately in their gaming locations. This all goes to prove – APEX takes gaming to the next level and innovation will also be rewarded if it makes the right difference. Based on the comments from the show visitors, it clearly has.

The PINNACLE PREMIUM SL enjoyed a spectacular premiere. It drew in the crowds with a magnetic force. It is foreseeable that players will react in the same way.

This complete jackpot island is made up of 8 slant tops – thus four each side – and each one is equipped with 3 x 27” monitors. They are packaged in a unique way – with the large jackpot screen that spreads above all the slots and alongside the two open sides as well.

It was the combination of the PINNACLE PREMIUM SL with the DRAGON EGG that really made the difference. This brand new game fits perfectly together here. It is played over all three screens and the dragon flies over all three slot screens and along the jackpot screen as well. The dragon is omnipresent, looking to bring players luck by laying its eggs on the jackpot levels. Once the dragon is underway, the jackpot Mega, Midi or Mini wins that has three eggs placed there first. The player watches as the dragon swoops over the screen to lay its jackpot eggs. The sound adds further excitement and dynamic to this wonderful game.

“Never before has one single game attracted so much attention”, explained Johannes Weissengruber, the company’s founder and Charmain. “We have had many successful shows but the reaction to this even exceeded our hopes and expectations. The difference here was that customers not only expressed their interest but placed firm orders. You could say it has been love at first sight – or first dragon flight”.

The second great innovation revolves around another jackpot – the PINNACLE PREMIUM CURVED. Equipped with a 43” curved screen, the DRAGON EGG game is portrayed in a very special way. The layout shows three separate screens for normal game play and in the feature game the complete and vast area of the entire screen is made use of. PINNACLE PREMIUM CURVED was shown as well as a jackpot island – made up of four slot machines together with a circular jackpot display above these slots.

“These are complete jackpot solutions and are exactly what our customers are looking for”, explained Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director. “The display and the sound bring so much life to DRAGON EGG. This is a wonderful game with breathtaking hardware to go around it. We have been inundated with fantastic feedback and orders to match!”

Both the new PINNACLE PREMIUM SL AND PINNACLE PREMIUM CURVED are available with the DRAGON EGG game or with the latest, innovative and acclaimed EVO 3 multigame platform from APEX gaming.

The PINNACLE FAMILY is now complete with the already well-known earlier family members naturally adorning the stand as well. The PINNACLE VIP PREMIUM offers a very special gaming experience with its 43” curved screen and VIP chair. The original family members – PINNACLE 24, PINNACLE SL 27 and PINNACLE NSL 27 – are still going strong and were well represented on the stand.

The next innovation provides a very specific solution for gaming operators that are faced with intermittent power consumptions problems. EASY SLOT is a battery-operated, server-based gaming machine that offers hours of gaming. When power is available, the EASY SLOT runs on standard power. Yet if power ceases, then it moves into battery mode and can run up to ten hours like this. Once the power comes back, it returns to normal power mode and the battery is recharged at the same time. This is a low-cost and extremely effective way for operators to be able to offer gaming entertainment where power blips are the norm. In this way APEX is making an important contribution to the industry to open the doors to such entertainment in such affected countries or areas. EASY SLOT can be fitted with a card reader. Alternatively, operators can make use of APEX MOBILE SLOTS in another way – by issuing a voucher with the credit. The player simply types in the voucher number and then can begin playing. Cashing out is simple as the player as the in-built scanner passes the credit value to the voucher when can then be redeemed at the cashdesk.

APEX continues to make waves with its APEX PLAYER STATION (APS) electronic roulette – which is now equipped with a circular screen above the displays to further attract player attention. The APS can be fitted with one or two roulette wheels and can be linked with the APEX slot machines and vice versa. Furthermore, operators have the possibility to link the APS to four roulette wheels in total – both live and electronic.

The award-winning iDROPe and iDROP continue to revolutionalise cash management on live gaming tables. It contains everything that an operator is needed in this compact unit and it can simply link in with the casino system to provide complete statistics in real time. In essence, players can now purchase and redeem chips directly at the table. The cash is counted and validated and securely stored. There is no room for error or shrinkage.

APEX gaming also offers live gaming tables and these were on show on the stand. The 8-Deck APEX Shuffler was also introduced to the market at ICE. Furthermore, the Shuffle King II one-deck shuffler is enjoying great demand in the industry and many visitors to the stand complimented the APEX team on how well this product is working.

APEX promised a record number of innovations for the ICE and duly delivered this promise. “We thank everyone who came to see us to make at ICE to make this such a special occasion for us all”, concluded Mr. Weissengruber.


David Smith, General Manager at Ambassador Casino & Hotel in Suriname with the new APEX gaming Pinnacle SL slots-1

Ambassador Casino strongly endorses Pinnacle slot machines from APEX gaming

The international growth of Austrian-based APEX gaming has reached yet a further level. APEX gaming is now available to players in the country of Suriname in South America that borders with Brazil, Guyana and French-Guyana. The very latest slant-top slot machines from APEX gaming – the Pinnacle SL – have been prominently placed within the Ambassador Casino in the coastal city of Paramaribo.

The great mix of games on the EVO platform such as 3D games Queen Cleopatra, Ocean Tale, APEX NEMO, APEX WONDERLAND and all other Classics like Leonardo’s Code, Casanova and Legend of the Sphinx as well as Fruit-Games have proven an instant hit with the players at this casino. Mr. David Smith, General Manager at Ambassador Casino & Hotel, confirms, “We have been looking to bring in a new supplier that offers something different, that added extra that will offered greater entertainment value for our customers. The APEX team is extremely professional and has supported us 100% in ensuring we can place the exciting Pinnacle slots on our floor. Our customers have taken to APEX. They slots stand out on our casino floor, they are extremely high-tech. The EVO2 platform is ultra-modern, offering a great selection of games. This was a great decision to place APEX slots on our casino floor. The APEX slots have been performing outstandingly here – and are consistently within the top two from the range slots we have here – and that from the first day upon installation. The interest from our guests is huge and it continues to grow!”

Mr. Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming, is rightly proud to have received such strong praise from the team at Ambassador Casino and states, “This truly aligns with our global approach to gaming. Our games delight players all around the world. We are here to make a difference – to take gaming to the next level. My thanks go to David and his team for recognising the opportunities to bring enhanced gaming entertainment on their casino floor by introducing APEX gaming”.

APEX gaming – The ICE Preview

New Pinnacle 24fromAPEXgaming

APEX gaming sends out a warm welcome to the forthcoming ICE that will take place between 3rd and 5th February at the ExCel in London. Once again APEX gaming will be showing even more gaming solutions on its stand number S3-350.


The Pinnacle gaming machines have received a facelift. This not only retains the youth of the Pinnacle yet also offers even more space to present the HD graphics of the APEX games. The upright Pinnacle 22” has now been updated to the Pinnacle 24” and the slant top Pinnacle SL is now equipped with 27” screens.


The EVO platform within the Pinnacle gaming machines allows the APEX games to be brought to life. This is the platform of the future which enables both 3D and 2D games to be played upon. Operators can offer their customers more games choice here. The standard choice is with five 3D games, twenty classic games and two brand new games – namely Red Hot 20 and Red Hot Burning.


The iDROP is making waves in the global gaming industry and rightly so. The iDROP is available in two versions: The iDROP is the perfect table game solution that has filled an important gap in the market place – namely as the link between table, slots gaming, accounting and the casino management system. It combines security, speed and flexibility and accepts and can also dispense tickets.


The APEX PLAYER STATION (APS) is a fully electronic multiplayer offers four table games – Roulette, Baccarat, Sic-Bo and Quikker. Quikker is unique to APEX and is a card-based table game that is just great to play. Come to the APEX stand to find out just why. The APS can be connected to a total of four roulette wheels – giving players more choice and operators even more reasons to choose APEX. These include both electronic and live wheels.

Max Pessnegger becomes CEO of APEX gaming

Max Pessnegger and Johannes Weissengruber of APEX gaming at the ICE 2014_low

Founder Johannes Weissengruber is now Chairman of the APEX Group of Companies

Max Pessnegger will assume the position of CEO of APEX gaming from 1st November onwards. Mr. Pessnegger, currently CTO, has played a major role in expanding the first-rate gaming portfolio of APEX gaming – which today covers practically every segment from land-based through to mobile and online.

At the same time, the company founder, Mr. Johannes Weissengruber, is moving up to become the Chairman of the APEX Group of Companies. This restructuring reflects the strategic alignment within the company that reflects the company growth and assures a future-proof management structure.

Mr. Pessnegger comments on his position as follows, “I am very proud to be able to lead APEX gaming. We have a clear vision that we are implementing step-by-step. The new EVO platform is a quantum leap in gaming technology. Our Apex Player System has brought a brand new segment to the company in electronic roulette yet with a difference as this solution offers so much more. The iDROP is the talk of the industry at the moment as this money management system links live gaming with slots for ticket-in, ticket-out. Our focus and our passion are to create gaming solutions that bring value for our customers and fun and entertainment for the players. We have many more plans in the pipeline”.

Mr. Johannes Weissengruber, Chairman and founder of the APEX gaming Group of Companies, welcomes Mr. Pessnegger to the CEO role, stating, “Max has played a strong and influential role at APEX from day one of his arrival. He combines strong technical expertise, great industry experience, winning management techniques with the sheer will to succeed. He possesses a natural curiosity to listen to customers and the team to understand exactly what the future market requirements are and has the tenacity to make this reality. I am personally very pleased that Max has accepted the position as CEO of APEX gaming”.

Complete gaming solutions at G2E from APEX gaming

New product - eDrop from APEX gaming

New, improved eDROP to receive its global premiere here

APEX gaming, the Austrian-based gaming company, will be showing a great deal of gaming solutions at the forthcoming G2E Las Vegas:

Make sure you drop in to stand # 4833 to see the eDROP. A completely new idea created from precise gaming knowledge together with focused marketing research. Casino operators who are looking for novel ideas to offer their customers – look no further than APEX. The concept is to unite the slots and the live gaming. New players are coming more and more from mobile slots and no longer see a traditional demarcation between land-based slots and live gaming players. Yet many casinos are still equipped that way. TITO applications are present on many slot floors yet these tickets have to be exchanged at a cash desk for jetons for those players wishing to play on live gaming tables. The eDROP makes the transgression between slots and live gaming tables simple. The ticket is placed in the eDROP and the croupier can then hand out the corresponding jetons. The player can choose any amount on the ticket to exchange in jetons – the remaining amount can be printed back out as a ticket by the eDROP. Similarly, players can swop back jetons for a ticket to return to the slots or electronic multiplayers.

The eDROP has the further benefit that croupiers can enter the banknotes into this secure device. Each banknote is validated individually even though the croupier can enter them in bulk fashion. The eDROP is connected to the casino management system so operators have real time information on its contents.

Mobile gaming players themselves can enjoy the APEX games thanks to APEX MOBILE SLOTS. These games can be applied to tablet games – and so be a useful addition to land-based gaming. Players can be handed tablets to play the APEX games for example at the bar or restaurant. The RFID technology allows players to simply enter credit on the tablet or ask the gaming staff to pay out winnings as well.

Slots players have a great choice as well. The roots of APEX lie in the development and production of gaming machines. The Pinnacle upright cabinet will be joined by the stylish Pinnacle SL slant top. A slimline version is also available – know as the Dual Slim Line. The APEX games are enjoyed in a multitude of countries with favourites such as Mozart, Leonardo’s Code, American Hot Slot, Arriva Arriva and Casanova.

The APEX PLAYER STATION – electronic multiplayer – with also be on show in Las Vegas. This fully automatic player station incorporates a roulette wheel. Three other table gales are available – Sic-Bo, Bacarrat and Quikker. Quikker is an APEX game where the player bets on the outcome of two cards – in a way this game marries the best of roulette with black jack, yet the odds are much higher. It is possible to combine this terminal with another three roulette tables, so that players can bet on four different wheels. And last but not least – the gaming terminals act as slot machines as well as the APEX slots games can be accessed from these. Now that’s what we call choice!

APEX supplies live gaming tables. Specifically for poker, the Shuffle King II is the ideal electronic card shuffler. Already standard in Europe’s largest poker casino (Casino Rozvadov in the Czech Republic), come and see just why the Shuffle King II is the ideal card shuffler.

Johannes Weissengruber, founder and CEO of APEX gaming, sends out a warm welcome, “Come and meet the team and learn what we can do for you. We cover practically all segments of gaming. We are very much looking forward to the G2E”.

APEX gaming to exhibit at Peru Gaming Show

APEX gaming - Pinnacle SL with Multi Magic Classic games selection-2

Dual Slim Line, Pinnacle and Pinnacle SL on display on DRGT stand

APEX gaming is bringing true slots gaming entertainment to the Peruvian market. Having teamed up with DRGT, APEX now has direct support through the DRGT office based in Lima. A wide range of APEX gaming machines will be on display at the forthcoming Peru Gaming Show that will take place between 11th and 12th June at the Centro de Expocisiones Jockey in Lima, Peru.

The Pinnacle upright and Pinnacle SL slant top gaming machines represent the highest quality in design and ergonomics. These will be joined by the upright Dual Slim Line that offers the optimal solution where space is a premium on the gaming floor.

“Players in Peru love the APEX gaming machines with ten different games where you can configure the lines to be 10 or 25 depending on what the casinos need. These machines are perfectly suitable for the biggest or smallest operations in Peru”, noted Mr. Alex Stiglich, General Manager of DRGT Peru. “We have found an excellent partner in DRGT and today players and operators in Peru have full access to our proven games – the right mixture being fun-based and fruit-based games”, concluded Mr. Johannes Weissengruber, CEO and founder of APEX gaming.

APEX opens new office in Graz

Max Pessnegger and Johannes Weissengruber of APEX gaming at the ICE 2014

Further focus on multigame platform development alongside compliance and quality

APEX gaming is pleased to announce that a further research and development office has been opened in Austria. The office is Graz is responsible for the game development of the Multi Magic platform. The APEX games are a foundation of the company success and opening this new office places even more emphasis on this side of the business.

The games series Multi Magic Classic, Hot Magic Fruits XXL and the latest Multi Magic 6 are household names in the gaming industry. This dedicated team in Graz will be further expanding the APEX game choice with the right mix of fruit-based and entertainment-based games amongst others. Mr. Max Pessnegger, CTO at APEX gaming, heads up the Graz office. He comments, “We are investing strongly in our R&D teams. This future-oriented strategy will enable APEX to have the opportunity to serve yet more customers in international gaming. Games are our cornerstone and our customers greatly appreciate the games choice we offer. We are here for the long-term having just celebrated our tenth anniversary in business only last year”.

The challenge for global gaming machine manufacturers is to be fully aware of the local legislations in each individual market sector. Thus, compliance and quality play a major role for companies wishing to expand into new markets. As APEX continues to place strong focus on international growth, the department ‘compliance and quality’ plays a major role within the company. This department has now been strengthened with the opening of the Graz office. “Gaming compliance is key to international growth and we are now in a position to enter markets at a quicker pace, bringing APEX gaming entertainment to players around the globe”, added Mr. Pessnegger.

APEX gaming provides gaming solutions for an ever-increasing number of segments – for both land-based and online. APEX MOBILE SLOTS at last brings tablet gaming to land-based casinos and APEX gaming has all the technology available to unite land-based and online in casinos / gaming locations. The new APEX PLAYER STATION that offers four table games on this automatic multiplayer also enables customers the possibility to provide the APEX slot games here as well. Therefore, the reach of APEX games is growing into different gaming segments.

APEX gaming – Multi Magic 6 the new highlight in Ireland

Damien McCoy of Ardee Leisure and Franz Plasser of APEX gaming

New APEX games just the right tonic for the Irish Gaming Show

APEX gaming is a firm favourite for Irish players and operators alike. The exquisite Pinnacle and Dual Slim Line cabinets highlight the Austrian flair for gaming design. Naturally the games choice goes hand-in-hand with this and so it was rightly fitting that APEX gaming together with local partner Ardee Leisure introduced brand new games to this local market.

The Multi Magic 6 games include ‘Jupiter Thunder’, ‘APEX Wizard’, ‘Four Towers’, ‘Viking’ and ‘Secret of the Gold Mark’, thus showing the strength in depth of this great choice in games. These are now available alongside the two most popular and well-known gaming selections from APEX – Multi Magic Classic and Hot Magic Fruits XXL.

Both Franz Plasser of APEX gaming and Damien McCoy of Ardee Leisure spent two busy days at the Irish Gaming Show that took place in Dublin between 4th and 5th March.  Franz Plasser looks back at another Irish Gaming Show, stating, “The response to our Multi Magic 6 games was extremely positive and gives operators yet another reason to choose APEX gaming”.  Mr. Damien McCoy, added, “With new regulations on the horizon, the APEX Player Station will make great waves. This electronic multi-player is perfect for the Irish market”.

APEX gaming dramatically expands product offer at ICE

APEX stand at the ICE 2014

Land-based, online and mobile slots, electronic multiplayers and much, much more

APEX gaming is renown for its games selection integrated within stylish slot machines. The continual investment in games was honoured by the premier European gaming magazine ‘EUROPEAN CASINOS-The Elite’ at the show with APEX receiving the ‘Golden Dice’ award. The latest games selection – Multi Magic 6 – was the subject of great interest on the APEX stand. Visitors came to see the games and the great Pinnacle cabinets and stayed to learn about the widely expanded solutions – on show for the first time.

APEX gaming entered the sector of live and automatic table gaming with its Quikker game several years ago. This game is unique to APEX with players betting on the outcome of two cards, a combination of black jack and roulette, so-to-speak. Operators often stated how much they like Quikker but need to offer roulette as well. APEX at this year’s ICE has gone not one, but two steps further. Not only can customers obtain complete table solutions from APEX with Quikker and roulette integrated – they can offer their players Baccarat and Sic-Bo as well.

Not only that, this new APEX PLAYER STATION can accommodate as many terminals as required – so it can grow with customer demand. This future-proof innovation offers even more: the ability to link up to four roulette wheels to it – both live and automatic. Players can choose any combination of these roulette wheels at one time to play on. These roulette games can even be linked with the APEX Pinnacle gaming machines – giving players further choice and operators more possible revenue streams.

Under the motto, ‘Wherever you go’, APEX gaming proudly introduced the APEX MOBILE SLOTS at ICE. Now players can decide themselves where to play. Tablet gaming in casinos has now become reality. Casino operators can now offer their guests the possibility to play APEX games for money anywhere within their premises, such as in the hotel room, in the bar, the spa or even on the resort beach! Benefit from the advantages of pure server-based gaming: real-time results, absolute control and resistance against any possible manipulation. The RFID technology allows players to simply enter credit on the tablet or ask the gaming staff to pay out winnings as well. Already the top fifteen APEX games are available here with many more to come soon. The brand new adaption of the iDROP acts as a redemption terminal, allowing players to transfer their credit to be paid out in the form of a barcode ticket – ready to play on the land-based slots in the casino. Similarly, players can add credit to their tablet by using this iDROP redemption terminal.

The original iDROP itself was on proud display. This product allows dealers to securely store banknotes. Up to thirty notes at one time can be entered into the iDrop for them to be validated and stored. The iDROP can be linked with all SAS variants – the casino management now has the ability to receive immediate information on the banknotes stored at each individual live table. The other main table game periphery – the Shuffle King II – continues to gain ground in electronic card shuffling, especially since it is so quick as shuffling a full deck of cards (just over thirty seconds). The shuffle time can even be reduced to zero when working with two separate decks of cards.

Johannes Weissengruber, founder and CEO of APEX gaming, looks forward to a new era at APEX gaming: “Our Pinnacle cabinets and games have been the cornerstone of our success. Receiving the ‘Golden Dice’ is truly a recognition of this. Now with the APEX MOBILE SLOTS and APEX PLAYER STATION, we cover all segments of gaming. This was recognized by our visitors to whom I send my thanks for coming to see us”.