Gabriela Coman, General Manager, Odor Control: «In the field of ambient perfumes, we are using the equivalent of a perfume-piano with over 1500 keys of fragrance»

gabriela coman

Odor Control, one of the companies featuring the Air Q System in Romania, a professional ambient perfume system that is based on a technology patented by Prolitec USA, considers that by combining quality, promptness, performance and reliability, it will be able to provide the value that gambling operators need to differentiate from the competition. Find out more about this in an interview with General Manager Gabriela Coman.

What is ambient perfume?

«Un parfum qui dure est porteur du sens de l’avenir!»

A perfume that lasts carries the future with it.

Michel Roudnitska

Ambient perfume is a stimulus or an energy that, once introduced to a space, is able to generate emotions and pleasant memories to the people who are “familiar with it”. It’s a concept that can provide a fragrant signature to a brand.

Christophe Laudamiel, one of the greatest perfumers in the world, and the creator of the AIR Q perfumes, compares perfuming to composing a music piece, the only difference being that, while you only need 88 keys to create music on a piano, you need more than 1500 essences to create a keyboard of fragrances!

Why is scent so relevant to the decisions that we make on a daily basis?

The olfactory experience is a fundamental tool that influences human behavior. We use perfumes to raise our self-esteem, to generate unique experiences, to enhance the memory of a pleasant time, that becomes highly compressed. Scent has the longest memory of all human senses, and through it we are able to bring some of our most beloved memories back to life. This results in a better mood and a better sense of worth in different situations: in relaxation, sensuality, eccentricity, reinvigoration, motivation.

Why should ambient perfume marketing become a tool for gaining and maintaining customer loyalty in gambling locations across Romania? What are its benefits?

Aroma Marketing is a tool that has been evaluated in many situations, and for casinos and other gambling spaces, research centres all around the world – such as Nevada University in Las Vegas or Pittsburgh University – have brought some of the benefits of ambient perfume services to the attention of the world, such as:

-          A nice scent can be beneficial for the efficiency of the relationships between staff and clients, as even clients are able to perceive an improvement

-          And ambient scent generates higher spendings at slot machines

-          A nice smell is also a factor that influences the intent to return to the gambling space and makes people more curious, intensifies the client’s experience at the gambling table, which in turn leads to higher risk taking and larger bids

-          Perfume makes people more confident and generous.

Our system fits this concept perfectly: airQ is a professional system, that is based on a technology patented by Prolitec USA, which we are planning to use to add value and offer the brand using it the chance to differentiate from the competition.

How can Odor Control help the players in this field differentiate from the competition?

The first thing Odor Control offers is the AIR Q system, a leader in the field of professional ambient solutions. The association alone brings major advantages to our beneficiaries, such as:

-          A premium ambient solution that uses pure, high-quality perfumes, which, right from the start, generates appreciation from the guests

-          Safety, through our ambient perfumes, all highly certified by LEED

-          Optimised intake, generated by the productive dispersion of the perfumes, as well as by the extremely flexible equipment. All these make AIR Q a competitive option

-          Continuity, as we are a company that has been developing these solutions for over 14 years in Romania, and we are the only ones with a team specialized in the implementation and maintenance of these innovative equipment

Can you tell us more about the technology of perfuming by diffusion – AirQ™?

The AIR Q equipment are patented because they are based on nanotechnology, and, as they produce particles as little as one micron, they have high performance rates, which is an essential quality when it comes to the equal dispersion of the perfume throughout the ambient. Thus, we managed to obtain a highly persistent fragrance, with no surface tainting and no residue.

The AIR Q perfumes also contain, along with essential oils, neutralizing molecules, which means as they also reduce (not just mask) unpleasant smells that might be generated in certain situations.

What can you tell us about the perspectives of scent marketing in Romania?

We are aware that this marketing tool is barely starting its journey in Romania, but, on the one hand, we relying on the need of the gambling industry in Romania to create an increasingly large base of loyal customers, and, on the other, we believe in the quality we offer, in all that we’re currently doing and planning on doing from now on. And our belief is that, by combining quality, performance, reliability and promptness, at the end of the day, we will be the ones most prepared to offer true value to those who need it.

What is the first step that potential AirQ customers should take in order to test the product? When and where can they find you? Are you offering a trial period or special deals?

We don’t believe that it is necessary to validate the quality of our products or of our marketing tool, but, in both good will and confidence, we are offering a trial period that should support everything we’re saying here, and that should offer us enough time to finalize the contracts with our future partners.


Don’t hesitate to contact the Odor Control team in order to test the power of ambient perfuming through AIR Q.


tel:0727 867 648


kajot ice

In the world of gaming industry, one of the most important milestones of the industry is the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition, which represents all sectors of the gaming industry and not only of the Land based area, but lately more and more of the online environment, as well.

ICE Totally Gaming is the annual launching platform for novelties and innovations of gambling around the world, literally hundreds of novelties and innovations are introduced to the market in just 3 days.

We were able to attend this spectacular exhibition of gambling this year too, in London, as we have already accustomed, at the London Excel exhibition hall. During 7th to 9th of February we have witnessed this unique and fascinating show of gambling. Also, the Excel exhibition halls hosted many conferences and presentations from all the domains of the industry and became a place of training and development for many people, but also a discussion forum. However, 2017 ICE Totally Gaming exhibition was the ideal place for building relationships and contacts and it provided a unique opportunity to develop trade partnerships across the entire gaming industry.

No one that represents or wants to represent something in the world of gambling was allowed to miss the 2017 ICE. It is therefore not surprising that one of the exhibitors that made a brilliant figure here and impressed with its very big multimedia stand and especially with new products is exactly KAJOT.

The KAJOT brand deals with the development, manufacture and operation of gaming software and equipment, operating successfully in the gambling entertainment industry for 20 years. Currently, one of the largest and most popular operators of arcades and casinos in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, of course operating in other European countries as well, such as Ireland, Romania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and many others. The KAJOT branded game machines are exported almost everywhere in the world, including Africa and Asia. This dynamically expanding company is constantly seeking new opportunities and keeps on developing in new markets.

KAJOT brand products achieve superior quality and manage to satisfy the most demanding customers. The company ows the unbeatable quality of their products to its development and production center, which features top professionals, a team of graphic artists, designers and programmers.

The Novelties that made KAJOT excel at ICE 2017

KAJOT presented some interesting novelties at ICE 2017 and they have attracted enormous interest. It presented his favorite and successful game systems like KAJOT BLACK PLANET and KAJOT RED PLANET with a completely new one – KAJOT BLUE PLANET. The new game system, KAJOT BLUE PLANET, offers players a new set of games, accompanied by interesting bonuses. There were also presented the new gaming systems KAJOT BLACK PLANET and RED PLANET, which extend the existing range of popular KAJOT games with entirely new types of games and beneficial mechanisms and bring the most advanced graphics and sound effects that take us to a new Dimension of entertainment. Our new games, NEON FRUITS and ALCHEMY, received special attention, admiration and words of appreciation not only from customers but also from competing exhibitors. An external interest was also attracted by the new game cabinets KAJOT NEO and NEO KAJOT 27 in slant top version, which host these game systems. The game devices with LED lighting, big screens, attractive design, support for SAS protocols and the TITO function were like a magnet for visitors. In addition, the cabinets meet the demanding requirements of GLI certification and thus they have the ambition to conquer all developed Western markets.

An absolute novelty for the KAJOT Company, was officially introduced on the market right at 2017 ICE, namely the online slot machine-type games programmed in HTML5. The KAJOT online games represent a small revolution in the gaming entertainment. Visitors of the exhibition were able to try all the KAJOT online games, even in real time on websites, and this directly from the KAJOT stand, on mobile phones, tablets and PCs offered to visitors. You can also see and try them on our website:

We evaluate the 2017 ICE TOTALLY GAMING exhibition as very successful for us. The KAJOT brand presented here in its best possible light and sparked an enormous admiration, not only in the eyes of the visitors, but also in the eyes of the competition. If you want to know more about the KAJOT Company’s products, visit the website or contact directly their representatives in Romania, based in Bucharest.


Comercial Contact

Jan Sipovský BA


KAJOT România

D.I. Mendeleev, no. 25 , Timișoara

M RO: +40 752 235 332

M CZ: +420 722 173 116


SYSWIN SOLUTIONS On the minimum requirements of the National Gambling Office for online monitoring systems


Fairness, social responsibility and transparency: these principles are the pillars of Syswin Solutions’ vision and support its mission to provide quality services and products in accordance with the standards of the National Gambling Office.

Syswin Solutions has been constantly striving to improve and adapt its monitoring solutions to the National Gambling Office’s standards and operators’ needs, by showing a genuine interest in the latest technologies and offering safe and quality services.

As shown above, one of the key action lines pursued by the company is to contribute to the development of an efficient and safe monitoring system for the industry’s stakeholders.

Syswin Solutions suggests the following minimum requirements for the monitoring system:

ü  The communication module should be connected to a standard serial connection port provided by the machine producer;

ü  The communication module should be identified with one machine (slot, roulette). A unique series will be written in the communication module, as taken over from the machine it is installed on, which will allow the transfer to another machine only through an administrator password. All changeovers will be saved in an history log and can be viewed in the interface that is accessible to the National Gambling Office;

ü  Automatic blocking of the slot machine when disconnected from SAS (a machine embedded setting). The machine is recommended to be blocked after 48 hours of no connection with the organizer’s servers and, implicitly, with the National Gambling Office;

ü  The slot machine should be provided with minim IN, OUT, BET, WIN and GAMES meters, to be viewed in the interface that is accessible to the National Gambling Office;

ü  Saving and viewing of the events reported by the machine or at least of the following events: “ON/OFF machine status”, “opened door”, “communication lost/resumed”;

ü  The server should be located in Romania, preferably in the registered office or in a client’s business address, to be identifiable during audits;

ü  The server shall store the information for no less than 1 year and will be provided with at least one HDD in mirror.

ü  All bonuses will be saved to support tracking on timeframes.

The innovations developed by SYSWIN SOLUTIONS bring added value to operators through advance monitoring and real time control of the business, centralized management systems and marketing tools that are adapted to the clients’ preferences.

SMARTCOUNT powered by SYSWIN SOLUTIONS™ is a safe interconnection solution, in accordance with the National Gambling Office’s standards, for all serial connection machines, including Hot Spot Classic.

ü  Customized reports with information retrieved from the gambling machines, real time data and online commands;

ü  Generating and archiving automatic SIZ/SIL;

ü  Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO);

ü  Remote control PayOut – supports credit cancellation and pay out from the IT system by pressing the “Pay Out” key without any operator intervention on the machine;

ü  Real time alerting system through SMS/e-mail for predefined alerts or events;

ü  Remote updating of the communication communication modules;

ü  Alerts management for authorizations and metrology;

ü  SAS Splitter.


The most flexible and easy to set-up Jackpot that is compatible with all serial connection machines.

ü  Streamlined setting of Jackpot award criteria;

ü  Global, Regional, Local Jackpot – countless Jackpot levels can be set up and displayed on multiple screens, according to the client’s request. The same location can support more local Jackpots on different TV sets, one TV with regional Jackpot and one TV set with global Jackpot, each of them up to 6 levels;

ü  Jackpot Rain – when someone hits a Jackpot, a number of active gamblers can win special prizes;

ü  Happy Hour – can be set up with a unique prize or an award budget, apart from the traditional Jackpot.


Loyalty-building system that collects and provides detailed information about players’ activity and gambling statistics and generates loyalty-building and bonus-awarding programs, as follows:

ü  Generates the amounts gambled by each player or groups of players and their profiling;

ü  Divides the players according to predefined parameters;

ü  Generates a wide range of bonuses and promotions;

ü  Converts a player’s points into prizes;

ü  Offers full reports and forecasts regarding the customers’ behavior.

All this information can be accessed in real time on any mobile device.

Experience the next level of M2M technology for gaming and casino industry!

Casino Technology at ICE 2017 presented


Winning innovative solutions with the premiere slot machines EZ MODULO™ and TOWER™ COMBO   

The Casino Technology release of new wave series slot machines was the event to remember at the ICE 2017 in London. The winning innovative solution was presented by the premiere cabinets TOWER™ slant top and EZ MODULO™ and gripped all the present as the two machines bring new level of entertainment.  

The TOWER™ slant top slot machine with 43” vertical monitor was the clear winner at the exhibition. The first ever released in that format multigame set with 40 games was amongst the most admired products at the show. TOWER™ is about to be installed on several gaming floors in Europe and South America very soon. The slot machine is a successor of the first ever cabinet with vertical curved monitor, SENSA II™, developed by Casino Technology.

The new TOWER™ slot machine with its unique look and design, amazing rich multimedia animations, presented on the vertical 4K monitor, received the recognition of the operators as one of the most distinct and innovative products during ICE 2017. Complemented by the patent pending optional COMBO™ concept, allowing simultaneous transfer of credit between landbased and online players’ accounts in an omnichannel environment, this was the ultimate novelty showcasing omnichannel in action.

Rossi McKee, Vice President of Casino Technology explains: “The winning combination of great math models of the 40 games in the TOWER™ multigame series, crisp full high resolution picture and unique soundtracks of each of the game, were the definite choice of the operators visiting Casino Technology’s stand at ICE Totally Gaming 2017”.

Embracing the new COMBO™ trend of landbased and online gaming at one place, the new wave product line was presented by another model at the spolightlight -  EZ MODULO™. The impressive contemporary design offers superior ergonomics for improved players comfort. The standard configuration with two full HD 27” monitors is driven by the powerful ARMSTRONG™ platform. The game driven topper animations and button selector animations add more satisfaction to the game, complemented with extra-large players deck for superior comfort.

EZ MODULO™ houses the brand new multigame SPEED KING™ with 60 unique game titles, combined in one multigame mix. The variety of math concepts, progressive games and bonus options and the full HD resolution graphics with vivid colors and crystal clear image makes the gaming experience with no comparison. It has menu selectable jackpot multilevel visualization

In the context of omni-channel gaming delivery, Casino Technology provides the BIG 5™ solution – the backbone of the omni-channel experience and integral part of the new patent pending COMBO™ concept for landbased and online game. Through the remote game server ELEPHANT ™, part of the BIG 5 suite, Casino Technology has launched more than 100 HTML5 gaming titles with improved mobile user interface. The five components of the BIG 5 solution are RHINO ™ – Casino the manager system, BUFFALO ™ – universal jackpot server, ELEPHANT ™ – remote game server, LEOPARD ™ – a platform for online gaming and LION ™ – system financial transactions.

Along with the new wave series of slot machines, the premium product of Casino Technology – the ARCH™ slot machine was at the center stage at ICE 2017. The trendsetter machine has shown above the avarage results wherever installed and it has met all the expectation of the operators to bring new gaming experience to the players. With its unique 42” horizontally curved display and precisely calculated viewing angle, the premium slot machine has already established its place as a favorite product with excellent feedback. A full HD 24” monitor serves both as a button deck and navigation panel and offers a bright visual content to facilitate the interactive game command.

The classic line of slot cabinets was extended with a new model with vertical monitor – the  TOWER™ upright. The players comfort is at the utmost level with the built-in button deck. The new TOWER™ upright is with a 32” vertical touch screen. The cabinet features the attractive classic chrome elements and is presented with the new multigame line TOWER™ 101, offering 40 games – 20 of the most popular and most played titles of Casino Technology portfolio as well unique titles, available only for TOWER™ 101. The realistic animations with interactive effects the new multigame provides are fascinating. It embrace new functionalities, have an option for build in iDeck with game menu selector for multigame and button deck with optional simplified keyboard.

More from the Collection Series: type approvals for Orange, Green and Fruits Collection


Now available for purchase or conversions, from the Collection Series, the multi-game mixes:  Orange Collection, Green Collection and Fruits Collection, with Red Collection following soon.

You can start order your desired Collection Series right now! Or just contact us to make the conversions.

The Collection Series has been created with the specific purpose to diversify the library of games that captivate and please the local players to the greatest extent with its multigame mixes, each of 48 different games

When it comes to variety, convenience and flexibility, Collection Series are unmatched.

Practically, each collection is a compilation of the most popular EGT titles and are driven by the powerful platform Exciter III. The player has the opportunity to choose between multiple denominations from the select game screen, using simple and convenient navigation. The animated upper screen shows additional information about the game families of each title.

Now that Orange Collection, Green Collection and Fruits Collection have type approval, players can enjoy all titles in Romanian local market as Collection Series is soon to be present in all of the locations with EGT cabinets.

They can play the newest generation of games on a diverse range of cabinets, from the all-too-known EGT cabinets (including P-24/24 Up and P-24/24 St Slim  and previous series such as Vega Vision + and Vega Premier) to the newly launched P-27/27 St and P-27/27 St Slim, P-27/32H St, the P-42V Up Curved and P-42V St Curved with their arched displays that give more space for the exquisite graphic designs, and also on the Super Premier cabinets with their cutting-edge technology and futuristic design!


EGT @ ICE: Just Brilliant

egt ice

The booth S3-330 of EGT was a true diamond in the ICE 2017 Totally Gaming. A brilliant mix of top-of-the-range slot, multiplayer, online and casino management solutions in the surrounding of a dazzling show boosted the good mood of the visitors, attracting them from afar. Along the entertainment and the cheerfulness of meeting again, the EGT team and all loyal and potential customers of the company had also a busy day, walking around the 230 gaming stations, most of which showing the most recent cutting edge developments of EGT.

The newest Premium Link jackpot systems alongside the strikingly attractive new slot cabinets were perceived by the operators as another advanced way to diversify their gaming floors and to turn them into top ranking places for entertainment.

The debuting multigame mixes Union Collection and Green General fuse fine graphics with highly performing mathematics and showed the visitors a different gaming dimension. The aficionados of the multiplayer games were enticed by the digital technologies, astutely introduced with the Luxury Series touch-screen roulette tables. The new S-Line terminals and Premier R6 and R8 facelift models are also pushing the boundaries of the traditional roulette, adding the multigame mix King HD Collection and the flexibility for the operators to arrange their halls as they wish.

The EGT Interactive walked the guests into the modern tendencies of gaming for players and operators alike.

The booth of EGT was sparkling with novelties and emerging new top-of-the-range technologies that captivated the audience. Next to them, fabulous entertaining shows transformed the booth into the irresistible attraction of the exhibition.

APEX GAMING TAKES THE ICE BY STORM – Record number of innovations revealed


Never before has APEX gaming revealed so many innovations than at this year’s ICE. APEX gaming took the show by storm as the feedback was overwhelming from the visitors. The impact was so strong many operators wanted to take on the new solutions immediately in their gaming locations. This all goes to prove – APEX takes gaming to the next level and innovation will also be rewarded if it makes the right difference. Based on the comments from the show visitors, it clearly has.

The PINNACLE PREMIUM SL enjoyed a spectacular premiere. It drew in the crowds with a magnetic force. It is foreseeable that players will react in the same way.

This complete jackpot island is made up of 8 slant tops – thus four each side – and each one is equipped with 3 x 27” monitors. They are packaged in a unique way – with the large jackpot screen that spreads above all the slots and alongside the two open sides as well.

It was the combination of the PINNACLE PREMIUM SL with the DRAGON EGG that really made the difference. This brand new game fits perfectly together here. It is played over all three screens and the dragon flies over all three slot screens and along the jackpot screen as well. The dragon is omnipresent, looking to bring players luck by laying its eggs on the jackpot levels. Once the dragon is underway, the jackpot Mega, Midi or Mini wins that has three eggs placed there first. The player watches as the dragon swoops over the screen to lay its jackpot eggs. The sound adds further excitement and dynamic to this wonderful game.

“Never before has one single game attracted so much attention”, explained Johannes Weissengruber, the company’s founder and Charmain. “We have had many successful shows but the reaction to this even exceeded our hopes and expectations. The difference here was that customers not only expressed their interest but placed firm orders. You could say it has been love at first sight – or first dragon flight”.

The second great innovation revolves around another jackpot – the PINNACLE PREMIUM CURVED. Equipped with a 43” curved screen, the DRAGON EGG game is portrayed in a very special way. The layout shows three separate screens for normal game play and in the feature game the complete and vast area of the entire screen is made use of. PINNACLE PREMIUM CURVED was shown as well as a jackpot island – made up of four slot machines together with a circular jackpot display above these slots.

“These are complete jackpot solutions and are exactly what our customers are looking for”, explained Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director. “The display and the sound bring so much life to DRAGON EGG. This is a wonderful game with breathtaking hardware to go around it. We have been inundated with fantastic feedback and orders to match!”

Both the new PINNACLE PREMIUM SL AND PINNACLE PREMIUM CURVED are available with the DRAGON EGG game or with the latest, innovative and acclaimed EVO 3 multigame platform from APEX gaming.

The PINNACLE FAMILY is now complete with the already well-known earlier family members naturally adorning the stand as well. The PINNACLE VIP PREMIUM offers a very special gaming experience with its 43” curved screen and VIP chair. The original family members – PINNACLE 24, PINNACLE SL 27 and PINNACLE NSL 27 – are still going strong and were well represented on the stand.

The next innovation provides a very specific solution for gaming operators that are faced with intermittent power consumptions problems. EASY SLOT is a battery-operated, server-based gaming machine that offers hours of gaming. When power is available, the EASY SLOT runs on standard power. Yet if power ceases, then it moves into battery mode and can run up to ten hours like this. Once the power comes back, it returns to normal power mode and the battery is recharged at the same time. This is a low-cost and extremely effective way for operators to be able to offer gaming entertainment where power blips are the norm. In this way APEX is making an important contribution to the industry to open the doors to such entertainment in such affected countries or areas. EASY SLOT can be fitted with a card reader. Alternatively, operators can make use of APEX MOBILE SLOTS in another way – by issuing a voucher with the credit. The player simply types in the voucher number and then can begin playing. Cashing out is simple as the player as the in-built scanner passes the credit value to the voucher when can then be redeemed at the cashdesk.

APEX continues to make waves with its APEX PLAYER STATION (APS) electronic roulette – which is now equipped with a circular screen above the displays to further attract player attention. The APS can be fitted with one or two roulette wheels and can be linked with the APEX slot machines and vice versa. Furthermore, operators have the possibility to link the APS to four roulette wheels in total – both live and electronic.

The award-winning iDROPe and iDROP continue to revolutionalise cash management on live gaming tables. It contains everything that an operator is needed in this compact unit and it can simply link in with the casino system to provide complete statistics in real time. In essence, players can now purchase and redeem chips directly at the table. The cash is counted and validated and securely stored. There is no room for error or shrinkage.

APEX gaming also offers live gaming tables and these were on show on the stand. The 8-Deck APEX Shuffler was also introduced to the market at ICE. Furthermore, the Shuffle King II one-deck shuffler is enjoying great demand in the industry and many visitors to the stand complimented the APEX team on how well this product is working.

APEX promised a record number of innovations for the ICE and duly delivered this promise. “We thank everyone who came to see us to make at ICE to make this such a special occasion for us all”, concluded Mr. Weissengruber.

(Română) Stil de viață


Sorry, this entry is only available in Română.

Hannelore Fuică, Managing Director, Merkur Gaming Distribution: “Romania has become a strategic direction of the Gauselmann Group”


The Gauselmann Group offers on our market, for the first time in 2017, new cabinets and content developed for the Romanian market only. We talked to the General Manager of Merkur Gaming Distribution, Hannelore Fuică, and learned many other things of interest for all the operators in Romania, in terms of new product and the strategic direction this important German company intends to pursue on our market.

As we’ve just seen the veil being drawn over this year’s ICE, please tell us which are the latest products launched by Merkur on the market?

ICE 2017 marked an important milestone for the company I represent as part of the Gauselmann Group, as this year we introduced for the first time cabinets and content developed for the Romanian market . Romania has thus become, from a strategic perspective, a “core market” in Europe, next to Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, etc. This decision confirms the fact that, after 5 years, our position in Romania has become strong enough, in terms of market share and representativeness of the “Merkur” brand, in order to be defined as strategic direction and as a consequence to receive sustained and continuous support for adapting “Merkur Gaming” products to the Romanian requirements and expectations.

We launched for the Romanian market the Merkur Star and Avantgarde TRIO cabinets in the “Black Series” version, to be available for authorization as beginning of May. The HD Linux content was extended from 40 to 60 games to be made available as of next month, and a follow up is planned with type approval of the 80-game version starting July, this year. Furthermore, we launched the final software version for the AWP cabinets, pending type approval. This first version shall feature a selection of 40 games from the SD portfolio of the two mixes of Powerhouse of Games 1and 2. The cabinets intended to support this software version have already been established on the market, plus one brand-new cabinet for lease only.

Please share with us the business policy employed by Merkur Gaming as regards the gaming operators?

In 2017, our commercial policy for Romania remained as in 2016 to offer rental over 12 months and sales in installments, with the option of switching to one contractual form to the other without additional costs and without losing the benefits already acquired. Additionally, our customers can opt for continuous rent, when a buy option is not required. For the AWP version, we will also offer a new type of contract, exclusively for the software platform.

Which are the strengths of Merkur machines against competition?

Merkur remains an attractive alternative in the mix of slots managed by operators, in both large, medium and small gambling halls, driven by the commercial conditions we are able to offer them, and the continuous improvement of the content performance. We are currently one of the top three choices made medium-size operators, and we strive to remain one of the suppliers that stay close to the needs and expectations of all operators, not only in terms of the product quality and performance, but also in terms of support we offer during our collaboration.

Which of the machines in Merkur portfolio is most popular on the market, the so-called flagship of the company?

Avantgarde TRIO remains the most attractive cabinet, in both the classical, and “black series” version, and its performances in the 40-game version have matched the ones demanded at national level in order to be introduced with confidence to the large operators.

How was 2016 for Merkur Gaming? What do you expect from 2017?

We saw our product portfolio growing significantly in 2016, as we rendered the range of cabinets and HD content more diverse; this gave our market share a boost and helped us strengthen the presence of Merkur Gaming in the large cities across the country. In 2018, we aim to further diversify and render even more attractive our content, with the launch of the 60 and, respectively, 80 HD games that would give us the chance to expand further and strengthen our position in Bucharest, eventually becoming, why not, one of the top 3 choices for all operators in Romania.

Merkur Gaming’s ‘FIRE and ICE’ in London

Athanasios “Sakis” lsaakidis

Combining the team passion and dedication of Fire with the suave elegance and efficiency of Ice, Merkur Gaming began its celebration of the 60th anniversary year of the Gauselmann Group with a hugely successful presence at ICE Totally Gaming; a presence that became one of the major talking points of the show.

Athanasios “Sakis” Isaakidis, Chief Executive, International set the at the opening of ICE by stating: “At G2E in Las Vegas, our innovations and the passion for which Merkur Gaming stands met with an enthusiastic response from customers and players alike and we now intend to continue that winning formula here at ICE. We will show our friends and partners what we have in store for them in 2017 and offer them a first glimpse of the future ‘made by Merkur’. With our wide-ranging portfolio of games and cabinets, we meet the requirements of international as well as national markets and simply do what we do best: gaming entertainment!” What Merkur Gaming does best included, firstly, its show presentation: on a booth that was the Gauselmann Group’s largest ever in London and which dominated ExCel’s south halls, all of the exhibiting Group companies came together this year under the Merkur Sun emblem; each highlighted by a futuristic lighting rig that would not have been out of place in any of London’s world famous West End theatres.

So the spotlights truly shone on an impressive product display, one that covered current successes and near future highlights. Leading the line-up were Avantgarde and Avantgarde Trio premium multigamers and the modern Merkurstar upright cabinet. Taking those two established stars to a new level was the Evostar, a technical innovation that projects the ergonomic aspects and comfort of a slant top within the configuration of an upright cabinet in a wholly unprecedented manner. Evostar, now entering its rollout phase after its Las Vegas preview, also features an integrated USB port that provides additional comfort and added functionality for players.

In 2017, Merkur Gaming is playing with colour. The new Black Series, with its elegant matt black and red highlight design, is already shaping up to be one of the eyecatchers of the year. Coupled with the high graphics capabilities of the black-and-white game Win City, this modern, contrast-rich design now catapults the Merkurstar and the Avantgarde Trio to an entirely new gaming level.

For an extra thrill, the Merkur Buzzer features exciting additional games. The M-BOX versions for the German and Dutch casino market also seamlessly build on Merkur Gaming’s success story to date.

ICE also heralded a great new era for Merkur Gaming in the area of jackpot systems: with specific Bingo, Golden Dragon and Egyptian Treasures features, the Gauselmann Group’s international commercial arm is gearing up for a bright future in the jackpot segment. For Merkur Gaming diversity is the name of the game with a whole new themed games editions featuring Fruit Suite, Random Line Suite, Egypt Suite and the Hero Games Suite.

These exciting game collections reflect acts of heroism, explore the mystical realms of Ancient Egypt, present a refreshing fruit design and introduce the surprise-charged Random Lines package that will guarantee a whole new level of player attraction. Aside from the games suite launches eight more single games plus Win City, which is reserved exclusively for the Black Series, were launched at ICE. On every level Merkur Gaming was judged as having had an exceptional show. From the booth’s size and appearance to the commitment and passion of the company’s entire team and the high level of sheer visitor numbers and their clear attraction to the multi-faceted product line-up, the Merkur Sun shone brightly in London and so set the tone for what promises to be an exceptional 60th anniversary year for the world famous Gauselmann Group.