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The Online Gambling Taxation Framework Is Functional. Can It Be Improved?

Alexandru Manucu_Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii Tax

by Alexandru MĂNUCU, Tax Deputy Manager at Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații Tax

Thanks to the efforts made from 2015 to 2016 to adjust gambling organization and taxation laws, Romania has become an attractive jurisdiction both for gambling operators and for gamblers.

Currently, the functional legislative conditions for remote gambling allow the Romanian state to capitalise the increasing popularity of online gambling. However, Romania must also be competitive by reference to the jurisdictions that have greater experience in the field, particularly states that also updated their taxation mechanisms at the same pace as the legislative amendments. It is obvious that over the last decade, the gambling industry has become one the most profitable global industries and it is an important source of revenues for those states. Romania could also benefit therefrom.

Currently, one of the biggest drawbacks is that the access of new operators to the remote gambling market is restricted. Practically, the opportunity offered by Law No. 124/2015 whereby stakeholders were guaranteed exemption from criminal and tax liability for the previous period provided that they complied with the new authorisation requirements is already a matter of the past.

In this context, the organic growth of the online gambling market can be encouraged only by assessing and adjusting the existing tax conditions, so that they would become more attractive both to organisers and gamblers alike.

The Existing Tax Conditions and How to Improve Them

Of course, the actual taxation rate continues to be a determining factor in order to establish to what extent gamblers are inclined to consider a tribute to be fair. However, the progressive rates in force, of 1% (for amounts of up to RON 66,760), 16% (for amounts ranging from RON 66,750 to RON 445,000 inclusively) and respectively 25% (for amounts in excess of RON 445,000), applicable to the gross income consisting in gamblers’ withdrawals from online accounts are not prohibitive in any way. Moreover, it is precisely such rates which determined professional players to move their tax residence to Romania, in order to benefit from these tax conditions.

However, in practice, the fulfilment of tax liabilities which are generally accepted as more than reasonable proves to be problematic. More precisely, the beneficiaries of revenues from remote gambling are bound to annually submit a tax statement (namely Statement 200), which would include all the revenues from this activity until 25th May of the following year.

In parallel, an online gambling organiser/ payer of revenues is bound to send information to each beneficiary regarding each gross income received by the latter during the financial year, until the last day of February of the current year for the previous year.

By this deadline, organisers must also submit in their turn an informative tax statement (namely Statement 205) for the previous year, where each gross income would be highlighted for each taxpayer.

For gamblers, the fulfilment of the declarative obligation consists in using the statements received from the gambling organisers on whose platform they obtained revenues in the previous year for preparing the tax statement. Once filled out, Statement 200 must be submitted to the relevant office of the National Agency for Tax Administration (Romanian: Agenția Naționala de Administrație Fiscală ANAF). The taxpayer has almost three months for the whole process (from the end of February, when the taxpayer is supposed to receive the statements on the withdrawals from operators to 25th May, which is the deadline for submitting the annual statement). Of course, one should also take into account the profile of this type of gambler, who prefers to gamble in a familiar environment instead of going to a gambling/ casino room. Certainly, going to the tax authorities to submit Statement 200 is not one of his/her priorities.

On the other hand, although organisers are  supposed to have the necessary resources to comply with the declarative obligations, they encounter technical obstacles. Statement 205 is unable to accommodate the volume of data which gambling operators have to report, as it allows the registration of maximum 500 payments on the form or up to 10,000 in an appendix thereto. However, the number of individual withdrawals carried out in one year exceeds by far 100,000 for each of the operators authorised to carry out their activity in Romania.  Thus, both the operators and the authorities have found year after year compromise solutions for which taxpayers allocated additional resources (such as the submission of appendices in hard copy with the annual statement of withdrawals for 2015 or the configuration of a specific type of electronic document which the computer system of ANAF would be able to read).

As far as the substance is concerned, these obligations aim at double checking the voluntary compliance of online gamblers. In the unrealistic assumption that 100% of them diligently declare their revenues from the previous year by 25th May, the authorities must engage in their turn considerable resources to issue and send the related taxation decisions.  Once they are sent, taxpayers have 60 calendar days to pay their tax liabilities. Therefore, in the best-case scenario, the tax related to a withdrawal made on the last day of the previous year reaches the state’s treasury in 7 months. In practice, this period is likely to exceed one year.

Starting from the premise that all the three stakeholders (the state, the online gambling operators and the participants) have time and resources to lose in order to ensure the payment of tax liabilities that they all consider to be fair, there is also the question of adjusting the taxation mechanism.

In line with other opinions expressed by the stakeholders, we believe that a first improvement that could be made regarding the tax treatment applicable to the revenues obtained by gamblers from online gambling activities is the introduction of rules on income tax withholding. Practically, such a measure would render consistent the taxation mechanism for all gambling revenues obtained by Romanian residents, since currently revenues obtained in the offline environment are taxed by withholding (except for revenues obtained at poker festivals, for which such withholding measures could also be applied).


In this way, Romania would move even closer to European jurisdictions that have a tradition in facilitating access to online gambling, such as the UK, Denmark or Malta, where fiscal liabilities exclusively fall under the responsibility of organisers (gamblers’ earnings are not subject to taxation, the fees are paid by organisers and, as applicable, by reference to the amounts gambled when placing the bets).

Of course, in such case, the tax on the income earned in Romania would remain an obligation of the participants, but the amounts actually received by them would be net amounts, the related fees already being retained and subsequently transferred to the state budget by operators. This nuance can be easily disregarded by the income beneficiary, as long as organisers deal with the relationship with the tax authorities.

The tax authorities would no longer have the aforementioned informative/ declarative obligations and could set up internal systems by which they would ensure the automatic compliance with these simplified fiscal conditions.

Last but not least, the state would no longer need to engage resources to ensure the collection of taxes on gambling revenues and, moreover, it would have money available much earlier (the obligations withheld when making the payment are declared and transferred to the state budget until the 25th of the month following that when the payment is made).

In other words, all stakeholders would benefit.

Legislative Process to Amend the Tax Code and the Good Timing

Summing up the benefits, it follows that the opportunity of implementing such amendments is immediate. However, not before taking into account the following two issues.

First of all, the Tax Code can only be amended and/ or supplemented by a law, and the provisions of such a legislative act should enter into force after at least 6 months as of its publication in the Official Journal. Adjustments adopted by emergency ordinance are an exception for which shorter deadlines for the entry into force can be provided, but not less than 15 days as of the date of publication.

Second of all, one should take into account a transition as smooth as possible from the current taxation system to one that implies the withholding of tax liabilities for the revenues obtained by online gamblers.

The urgent change of the taxation treatment requires transitory rules for the period between the entry into force of the new provisions and the end of this year, the amendment of the existing forms, in order to accommodate two periods with different taxation methodologies (similarly to 2015), details that would require the allocation of higher resources by the state and the taxpayers (participants and organisers alike) for compliance.

Such inconveniences could be easily avoided if the legislator would pursue the implementation of these measures since the beginning of the next taxation period (namely 1st January 2018), thus also contributing to the predictability of tax legislation in Romania, strongly shaken by the recent emergency ordinances on other taxation areas.

It should however be understood that the date of entry into force is not the same as the date when such measures are adopted, and the legislative process is a lasting one, which should involve both the representatives of the National Gambling Office and those of the bodies in charge with monitoring, verifying or sanctioning the industry-related activities, as well as the representatives of the associations of gambling operators.

Therefore, less than two months are left by the date when the law meant to improve how to tax the revenues of online gamblers should be published in the Official Journal, so as to have effects as of 1st January 2018. Under these circumstances, the legislative measures can be adopted only by an emergency ordinance.

Regardless of what will happen, one thing is certain. By accumulating various budgetary pressures from measures the opportunity of which is to be proven, Romania should not miss the chance to remain in the select group of jurisdictions that adapt to the needs of a growing industry, particularly when such an effort does not involve additional costs.

Alexandru Mănucu Biography

Alexandru Mănucu is a Tax Deputy Manager with Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii Tax SRL, mainly covering corporate and international taxation matters. Previously working as a senior tax consultant with PwC, he was involved in various consulting and audit projects, diagnostic and fiscal reviews and mergers and acquisition projects with emphasis on a wide range of industry sectors: automotive, energy and mining, industrial products, IT and communications.

Before starting his consulting career, Alexandru held an executive management position in a distribution company in the automotive sector, deepening his knowledge in the auto industry business environment.

He graduated from the Faculty of International Business and Economics at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and he holds a Master’s degree in Business Communication from the same institution.

Alexandru is also enrolled in Chartered Institute of Taxation, looking forward to obtain his ADIT certification (“Advanced Diploma in International Taxation”)

Syswin Solutions – The ideal solution for international clients

poza 2

As the company name clearly states, Syswin Solutions offers each and every client the winning solution to their problem. The company holds the key to an interconnected world, where machines can communicate with each other through efficient management systems designed for the gambling industry.

The company’s goal is to see a constant progress and this aspect is visible in the sales strategy as well. The Romanian market is not its only target, given that the portfolio contains clients from Serbia, Bosnia or Germany.

The openness, transparency and innovative spirit have turned SYSWIN SOLUTIONS into an ideal partner for each client that aims to get qualitative products, efficient services and a longtime collaboration.

The innovations developed by SYSWIN SOLUTIONS bring added value to operators through advance monitoring and real time control of the business, centralized management systems and marketing tools that are adapted to the clients’ preferences.

SmartCount System is a safe accounting and reporting solution for all known types of slot machines, including Hot Spot Classic, which includes the following modules:

SMARTCOUNT is a reporting system that offers real time information. In terms of interconnection, the solution uses a communication interface, which is developed in-house (hardware and software embedded).

The new communication interface is provided with RTC and flash memory, in order to save the information in t (the information can be downloaded when the connection is restored if the communication modules don’t send data to the central server).

The system can run on dedicated servers with dual processors and with at least 2 hard disks in mirroring to ensure the information’s safety.

Moreover, data security is assured by the daily database’s backup (the data can be saved on an external source).


ü  Customized reports with information retrieved from the gambling machines, real time data and online commands;

ü  Generating and archiving automatic SIZ/SIL;

ü  Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO);

ü  Remote control PayOut – supports credit cancellation and pay out from the IT system by pressing the “Pay Out” key without any operator intervention on the machine;

ü  Real time alerting system through SMS/e-mail for predefined alerts or events;

ü  Remote updating of the communication modules;

ü  Alerts management for authorizations and metrology;

ü  SAS Splitter.

SMARTJACK is the most flexible and easy to set-up Jackpot, compatible with all serial connection machines.

In order to help the operators and to provide them the best solutions, the Jackpot application was optimized to run on multiple platforms. Therefore, the operators have multiple choices, as follows:

  • PC with Linux operating system;
  • SBC (Single Board Computer);
  • Mini-system PC Intel compute Stick Windows.


ü  Streamlined setting of Jackpot award criteria;

ü  Global, Regional, Local Jackpot – countless Jackpot levels can be set up and displayed on multiple screens, according to the client’s request. The same location can support more local Jackpots on different TV sets, one TV with regional Jackpot and one TV set with global Jackpot, each of them up to 6 levels;

ü  Jackpot Rain – when someone hits a Jackpot, a number of active gamblers can win special prizes;

ü  Happy Hour – can be set up with a unique prize or an award budget, apart from the traditional Jackpot.

SMARTCARD is a loyalty-building system that collects and provides detailed information about players’ activity and gambling statistics and generates loyalty-building and bonus-awarding programs.

The card holds the system’s authentication code and, depending on the operators’ preferences, it is available in multiple versions:

  • Classic cards;
  • RFID stickers.


ü  Generates the amounts gambled by each player or groups of players and their profiling;

ü  Divides the players according to predefined parameters;

ü  Generates a wide range of bonuses and promotions;

ü  Converts a player’s points into prizes;

ü  Offers full reports and forecasts regarding the customers’ behavior.

More than 150 customers worldwide rely on Syswin Solutions.

For more details regarding the company’s services you can visit www.syswinsolutions.com.

Bet on the fun at THE JACK PLOIEȘTI and you will win a splendid red Mustang

Jack Casino_1_Mustangul

The Jack gaming room in Ploiești offers its loyal players, but also those who want to try their luck for the first time in their gaming location, a sensational prize consisting of a Ford Mustang car plus extra prizes amounting to lei 50,000.

The final draw and the award of the grand prize will take place on May 29th at The Jack gaming room in Ploiești Shopping City! The current campaign started on January 31st and will end on May 29th, and the total prizes awarded amounted to lei 450,000!

Play Again & The Jack within Ploiești Shopping City is the most modern, complete and elegant gaming room in the city!

There are 13 billiard tables here, 5 bowling alley lanes and 35 tables where you can drink a cup of coffee and admire the success of your friends, plus many other fun games. The Jack in Ploiești offers its customers 92 stations, of which 1 Alfastreet 8-stations and 84-slots electronic roulette, including the latest devices from EGT (Super Premier, P42v, P27/32, P27/27), Hotspots, Gaminators and VIPs! So here you can find a mix of various devices and countless jackpots, plus the snacks and beverages at the gaming room is free of charge for customers!

Jackpots lovers can find here 4 of the coolest jackpots on the market:

– Progressive Jackpot on 36 EGTs

-          Progressive Jackpot on 6 Casino Technology

– Own Jackpot 6 EGT Diamond

–        THE JACKPOT to which 84 Mistery type devices are connected, on 4 levels: Spades (goes up to lei 30,000), Hearts (lei 6,000), Clubs (lei 3,000) and Diamonds (lei 600)

Don’t miss the Mustang!

Summer Jam, the future promotional campaign at The Jack

During the summer, The Jack Ploiești continues to invest in fun and good humor and invites you to prizes during the period May 29th to August 21st.

The amount of prizes to be awarded in this campaign is lei 350,000.

Monthly draws shall take place every Monday, with total prizes amounting to lei 10,000.

Special draws shall take place on June 26th and July 31st with total prizes amounting to lei 30,000.

The anniversary draw with total prizes of lei 200,000 shall take place on August 21th, on the 4 year anniversary since the opening!

Come to Play Again & The Jack within Ploiești Shopping City and change your luck for the better. This is the place where you win and have fun!

Rigel II multiplayer mix with Type Approval


EGT Romania has obtained homologation for multiplayer game mix Rigel II, that offers a spectacular array of attractive and entertaining video slot titles to combine with roulette games.

Rigel II contains 48 slot games in its library, with various themes and different number of paylines, configurable so that they can be linked to a 4-level Mystery Progressive Jackpot System – Jackpot Cards, with additionally widens the players’ chances to winning and adds more excitement to the game.

The Rigel II multigame mix is available for order and also for update from previous multigame mix Rigel I on Premier roulettes R8, R6 and R4, with their respective 8, 6 and 4 gaming places, as well as on previous roulette models Vega R8, R6 and R4 with their respective 8, 6 and 4 gaming places and on Stork roulette with 2 gaming posts.

The incredibly intense game experience provided by Rigel II can now be enjoyed by your own customers, with its amazingly diverse selection of titles available to entertain and engage the player.

Stay tuned to updates and other type approval by following the news section on EGT Romania website: www.egt-bg.ro.


EGT Romania launches OUTLET online platform


Starting this spring, EGT Romania launches the online platform for OUTLET EGT, where you will find products from previous production cycles, as well as some of the newer ones – in OUTLET system, with the possibility for you to check in real time the products that are in stock, with immediate availability. The platform will be updated on a daily basis, so all information will be in real time.

The products you will find on this OUTLET online platform are available for delivery only after out technicians will make a thorough analysis and full refurbishment.

But wait! There is more!

For the first time, with the help of this platform you can check the attractive promotions and actually BUY products in OUTLET system directly from EGT Romania. Yes, you now have the possibility to purchase previous models of machines, but with the newest multigame mixes and driven by the newest and better performing hardware platforms. Product from OUTLET online platform are also available for rent, provided they are in stock. All at very affordable prices.

The online OUTLET is also very easy to use: just select the products you want – which will be automatically introduced in an offer request form. When you finish choosing your products, all you have to do is click the “send” button and it is transmitted directly to Sales Department. An EGT Romania Sales Representative will contact you in the shortest time possible.

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APEX gaming is ready to take gaming to the next level in Romania


The solutions are there – the popularity of APEX gaming machines is growing on a global level. The focus that ‘only the best is good enough for players’ is transmitted with the APEX credo to indeed take gaming to ‘the next level’.

This has been the focus from one for the APEX team, led by the founder and chairman, Johannes Weisengruber. The investment in creating new and innovative solutions with the best range of components available has brought APEX gaming to the forefront.

The products are there, the focus on the future is there – what has been missing is the optimal route to market in Romania. This has now been solved. No company is in a better position to bring APEX to the Romanian market than NOVOMATIC. Therefore, APEX is proud to announce that the Romanian subsidiary of NOVOMATIC is the new partner of APEX GAMING. With over 27 years of experience in the gaming industry and approximately 70% market share, NOVOMATIC Romania was the natural choice in the distribution of gaming equipment APEX.

The strength of NOVOMATIC in Romania can be clearly expressed in facts and statistics:  The NOVOMATIC Group has been successfully active on the Romanian market over the past 27 years and today operates around 2,500 gaming machines and 340 betting terminals in more than 200 ADMIRAL slot arcades, partner locations and TIP&CASH betting agencies throughout the country. Also, it rents more than 2,600 gaming equipment to the third parties and operates around 5,100 video lottery terminals (VLT) in partnership with the National State Lottery in approximately 1,400 locations.

“We are delighted with the partnership of NOVOMATIC Romania as our sole local distributor. This agreement is ideal due to the significant footprint and heritage that NOVOMATIC Romania has here. Furthermore, it’s a great fit both in a geographical sense as well as strategically, given its deep industry knowledge and also the clear commitment to innovation and new product development, which aligns with APEX’s vision,” stated Mr. Weissengruber.

NOVOMATIC Romania is headed up by Mr. Werner Klein who stated as follows, “We know APEX well and thus know their potential here. They compliment our product range here and we see the opportunity to quickly establish APEX here in Romania. The APEX team has chosen the best route to market with NOVOMATIC Romania”.

With over 27 years of expertise and experience in the gambling business, Mr. Valentin Adrian Georgescu – CEO of NOVOMATIC Romania, states: “The Romanian gambling market is constantly under competitive pressure and NOVOMATIC Romania, through its partnership with APEX, aims to meet the needs of its customers and provide diversity both to the operational side and to its collaborators who exploit gaming equipment. So far, the feedback is positive and the customers appreciate the increasing numbers of brands in our portfolio.”

The overwhelming reception of the latest APEX solutions at this year’s ICE in London was a further catalyst to ensure that players in Romania receive the best access to APEX gaming solutions. The latest Pinnacle gaming solutions – namely compete JACKPOT islands – were an instant success.

The PINNACLE PREMIUM SL is available as a complete jackpot island solution, consisting of eight of these slots. Four slots are placed either side – so operators have a complete dual-bank solution ready to go. The unique side and top lighting has been designed to be part of the game, making this a truly complete jackpot island solution. The first game to be created for this is DRAGON EGG and the dragon can fly over the entire screens and the side and top lighting as well when looking to lay its eggs in the jackpot zone. The jackpot island solution is also available for further EVO games.

The PINNACLE PREMIUM CURVED is available as a complete jackpot island solution, consisting of four of these slots and built into a circular design. The side and top lighting has been designed to be part of the game, making this a truly complete jackpot island solution. The first game to be created for this is DRAGON EGG and the dragon can fly over the entire screens and the side and top lighting as well when looking to lay its eggs in the jackpot zone. The jackpot island solution is also available for further EVO games.

APEX gaming is a privately-owned company founded and continually managed by Mr. Johannes Weissengruber. The global headquarters of APEX gaming are in Austria, in the town of Gutau in the state of Upper Austria. The manufacturing base is in Budweis in the Czech Republic. Since its incorporation in 2003, APEX gaming has grown to be an international company – both in terms of sales and operations and its running wholly-owned subsidiaries in Albania, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Macedonia, Slovakia and Serbia for many years.

APEX gaming supplies complete gaming solutions. There is a wide range of slot machines available in the PINNACLE family – slant-tops, uprights, VIP, Premium SL and Premium Curved. The EVO platform displays the great range of APEX games (hat are all developed internally by the APEX team) in pin-sharp quality. APEX is successful in all gaming categories, including the casino, street and VLT segments. The APS (APEX PLAYER SYSTEM) is the answer for electronic roulette with a great number of benefits. The iDROP has revolutionized cash management at live gaming tables, enabling dealers to accept cash, tickets and cards directly at the table in return for chips/jetons.

Casino Technology premiere slots TOWER™ slant top and T3 heading to the casinos


Following the successful debut in the gaming world at the beginning of 2017, the new wave slot machines of Casino Technology – TOWER™ slant top and T3 are now heading on the fast lane to the casino floors in Romania.

The distinct design of T3 distinguishes with attractive LED lighting, controlled by the game, and three 24″ HD monitors. The solid construction and compact footprint makes the slot ideal for all casino halls. The convenient button deck with build-in additional monitor and button keyboard is specially designed for the players comfort. T3 has optional iDeck with convenient game selector and is driven by the powerful ARMSTRONG™ platform.

Dimitar Nachev, Regional Manager Romania at Casino Technology, said: “T3 is easy for maintenance and for serviceability. Highlighting several enhancements, the slot machine combines innovation and proven engineering decisions that makes it easy to exploit. T3  incorporates a range of functionality that are demanded both by operators and clients, and by that secures long occupancy”.

The T3 Slant Top has the COMBO™ option with additional screen, allowing simultaneous play of online game or secondary game.

The new wave slot machine is presented with the multigame set GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY 73. The excellent image quality is complemented by operational safety and easy game conversion capability. SPEEDWAY is the last game pack from the GAMOPOLIS series, containing a volume of unique game titles with enhanced game play speed by 30%, guaranteeing maximum slot machine occupancy because of the proven and successful platform with popular and demanded games.

The TOWER™ slant top with 43” vertically curved monitor and 4K resolution provides personalised playing experiences and flexibility for operators. The button deck with build-in secondary monitor make it even more convenient while playing. With an elegant elongated look and chrome elements, the machine repeats the style of the readily recognizable elements of the other established and popular slot machines of Casino Technology – Tangra™, Arch™, Aurora™. The quality of the vertically curved monitor with 4K resolution only adds to the graphics experience and the adrenaline flow while playing.

The new TOWER™ slant top can be offered with an interactive touch iDeck that could be converted to a COMBO™ deck, thus offering the option to play on a secondary online game in the same slot machine.

The slot machine comes with the TOWER™ series of multigame that offers 40 game titles in a unique set. The cinema like animation and characters, linked thematically

to the games and the great sound immediately gets the player on board. The attractive look of the slot game is complemented with games with varied reel-configurations (3х3, 3×5, 4х5) and wide range of bonus schemes. The free games are with frequent restarts, super games, additional Wild Symbol, attractive winning combinations, providing extra wins, in addition to the standard winning lines that can magnify the winning and fill the whole screen with the same symbol. It offers also a turbo mode option and an option for a play with a large number of lines with minimal credit as well as an option for the player to choose the volatility of the game by selecting the appropriate Scatter symbol.

Multilevel bonus screens and multilevel progressive jackpots add to the players requirement for big jackpots and frequent winnings. All this makes the TOWER™multigame a must have for the casino floors.



Good news are coming from the seaside where Game World is developing under the „more” formula. After more than 9 years of continuous activity, the Game World gaming hall from City Park Mall of Constanta was relocated on the Sky Level, near Cinema City.

Since 2008 we had fun, we lived great experiences and we collected beautiful memories at Game World Constanta but now this place is too small to accommodate all our friends. Therefore,  we had to move and  our new location  is now the first destination of luck and entertainment in Constanta.

Since the beginning of May, Game World Constanta became the largest gaming hall outside Bucharest  and has an even more generous offer. More space. More fun. More elegance. More Jackpots. More diversity of games. More interesting bets. More entertaining parties. More  promotions and more valuable prizes. . More exquisite ambiance. More smiles from a great team. More lucky moments. More facilities including a spectacular terrace where one may smoke and relax.  More tastes and more culinary delights. More bidder  bar. More services and more offers, same great quality as always.

And maybe the most surprizing experience in the new gaming hall is not related to games or betting. One would say it is that special feeling when admiring the sunrise from the new terrace of Game World Constanta. A perfect view opens itself from this spot. Gazing over the Tăbăcăriei Lake, near the City Park Mall, one can notice  in the distance the narrow strip of land holding  the hotels near the beach, from entering Mamaia resort.  From this point, one can  get overwhelmed by the exhibition of the horizon, where the sun, the sea and their symphony of warm colours create together the beginning of another glorious day on the seaside.

The official opening of the new Game World  location  from City Park Mall Constanta will be celebrated by organizing a special gala on June 17.

17 is indeed a lucky number so this date, June 17, was not a random choice. In the same day of the opening gala at Game World Constanta, two other important events will take place. First, there will be awarded the prizes of the first promotion organized for the players that have chosen to have fun in this gaming hall, during this period. The participants have the chance to win not less than 37 prizes awarded by the „Motor Prizes” promotion, including the Special Prize, a Harley – Davidson Iron 883 motorcycle.

Second, the other surprize planned for the third weekend of June, is a premiere for the city of Constanta and consists in organizing  the annual exhibition of the American classic cars, „Retro American Muscle Cars” at City Park Mall. The organizers of this event – Retromobil Club Romania, City Park Mall of Constanta and Game World Romania – are going to offer to all visitors a spectacular and original auto show.

Among the attractions one will find some of the legendary American cars that were used in the great action movies made in Hollywood.  Visitors will enjoy seeing famous cars such as Buick Master Coupe 1930, Chevrolet Impala 1962, Ford Mustang Fastback 1967, Dodge Charger 1969, Dodge Challenger 1974, Chevrolet Corvette C3 1982, Plymouth PS 1936, Cadillac Eldorado 1938, Pontiac Parisienne 1967, Chevrolet El Camino SS model 1972, Buick Invicta model 1962, De Soto Coupe 1947, Cadillac Coupe de Ville 1960 or the so well-know Ford T Coupe 1926.

Until then the fun and the games will continue non-stop in  the new Game World Constanta gaming hall, immersed in the exquisite ambiance that reflects so well the company slogan, „The Elegance of Luck”.

Game World, in Constanta since 2008, in Romania since 1999 !

ELDORADO 777 WINNER CLUB The Winners’ Club.


Eldorado 777 Winner Club brand is associated with organization in a responsible manner and at the highest standards of gambling activities, and the units operating under this brand represent decisive partners and market leaders in the Western part of the country.

We talked to Mr. Daniel Levente, General Manager of the company Clasik Poker, about their role in the industry and opportunities for further development.

How do you see the role of your company on the gambling market?

We can say that operation Eldorado 777 Winner Club brand over the past 8-9 years has blazed the trail for the gradual work rendered by both owners and staff paying off. Of course, there are still many things to do, but we can say that, alongside the other professional operators with a long presence on the market, we have too managed to cope with the challenges, and be eventually perceived by both gamblers and competition as a leader of the industry in many cities we have already been operating gambling halls.

Which are the strengths of the company?

First, I would like to refer to City of Oradea, where we have our headquarters, and where, thanks to the 9 Winner Club halls, the Eldorado 777 Deluxe premium hall, and Eldorado 777 Poker Club hall, we are the undisputed market leader at local and regional level. Second, I would also refer to City of Arad, where we currently operate 4 Winner Club halls, but here too we can assess our role here as important and decisive in the landscape of gambling operators. In Timisoara, a city packed with quality competitors, we have 5 Winner Club halls, but, most important, also a clear-cut development potential. For the future, we pursue market leadership position here too, just as in Oradea and Arad.

From what we have heard, you have some on-going investments in the three aforementioned cities. Is this true?

It is. The refurbishment and development works on the first Winner Club hall in Oradea have been recently completed, and we have just started development works in Arad, further which we will soon open a new poker hall.

In the following weeks, we want to start a major investment in Timisoara, but I think it’s too early to make any assessment in this respect. One thing is certain, though: this investment shall mark a major step for our role in the life of the city.

You mentioned renewing the hall in Oradea. Could you share with us more details about it?

Hall no. 1 in Oradea (B-dul Dacia nr. 39, Bloc A5, ground-floor), which was also our very first hall, underwent a huge development and transformation process, further which not only that we have managed to set a new trend in interior design, but we also replaced the equipment with new ones that we hope would be to the gambler’s liking.

Do you intend to replicate this new interior design trend also to the remaining Winner Club halls?

Of course we do. There are other halls, in particular of the oldest ones, that we renewed in a similar way, but this interior design we intend to reserve for our special halls.

So, should we understand that you wish to highlight some of your Winner Club halls…

Exactly. Of course, for this the respective products should meet the interior design criteria, because this refurbishment comes along also with new lighting and sound techniques that are intended to enhance this premium experience for our gamblers. Ideally, in addition to the above, there shall be also a minimum area requirement, because the lighting and sound techniques will only have the desire effect in a larger hall.

What developments have you implemented in this hall as regards the new machines?

Building on the requirements and comments of the gamblers, we mainly acquired EGT machines. We installed a 5-seat Stork roulette table and Up-Right Curved and Egypt Quest machines with progressive Jackpot.

But, of course, we also kept in place some older machines, as they are still highly popular among gamblers.

So, gamblers should expect a more intensive experience in these halls?

Yes, they should! According to our place, we will also operate a minor brand renewal. From now on, the name of our Winner Club products shall be supplemented by the term “Gold”.