(Română) Cum ajută programul Joc Responsabil jucătorul problematic

Echipa de psihologi a programului Joc Responsabil formata din Steliana Rizeanu, Cristian Andrei, Leliana Parvulescu

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The SUZOHAPP team at the Feria Internacional del Juego in Madrid

SUZOHAPP showcased its best-in-class product portfolio to the Amusement industry last week at the Irish Gaming show in Dublin. SUZOHAPP’s product range has grown extensively over the past years, and today, it offers complete cash handling and management solutions alongside its traditional component and spare parts offering.

Products on display included the Comestero Dual Coin Pro and Twin Jolly Pro, the SCAN COIN DTC9, SC 360 and SC 8220, a range of ELO touchscreen monitors, TransAct printers and Carrillo chairs.

John Vallis, Vice President of Amusement Sales for SUZOHAPP, explained, “We place great emphasis on supporting our customers and the feedback from this exhibition shows us how this is appreciated in the Irish market. We have so much to offer and the support to match. I’d like to thank the team at SUZOHAPP for their dedication and my thanks goes to everyone who visited us. It was great to see you all there.”

SUZOHAPP has welcomed attendees at the Feria Internacional del Juego

The SUZOHAPP team sent out a warm welcome to attendees of the upcoming Feria Internacional del Juego that will take place between 28 th and 30th March at the IFEMA in Madrid.

This was the first Spanish show where SUZOHAPP showcased its new corporate image. Visitors were invited to the SUZOHAPP booth to discover the widest range of components and solutions for both manufacturers and operators.

For touchscreens and monitors, the high quality ELO and VisionPRO solutions were on display. For coin and banknote handling, a selection of components were shown including coin validators (RM5 HD), coin pay-out devices (Evolution, Cube and Flow hoppers), note validators (MFL and SC Advance) and note recyclers (Bill-to-Bill). The ICS-Intelligent Coin System, a revolutionary new coin handling device, was presented, too.

SUZOHAPP has proven experience in toppers. Visitors had the opportunity to see the latest SH1950 video topper which was launched last year and is already a bestseller.

SUZOHAPP showed a rich array of components and spare parts to match all needs, including coin sorters, locks, pushbuttons, speakers and power supplies. At the SUZOHAPP stand, casino operators learnt more about the features and benefits of the Epic 880 and 950 printers from TransAct, as well as receiving full information on the Epicentral systems solution.

Money changing solutions were in the spotlight, thanks to the Comestero change machine range, which includes Dual Coin Pro, Easy Pro and the latest generation Swing Next. For cash management systems, SUZOHAPP had a selection of innovative SCAN COIN desktop solutions on display, including the SC8220 compact note counter.

Finally, SUZOHAPP offers a multitude of solutions for the amusement industry and special focus was on presenting the BilliardPRO and CompetitionPRO product lines.

“We are excited to have taken part in this important Gaming tradeshow. We provide our customers with the widest range of gaming and amusement solutions. We are a one-stop-shop and can meet all their needs,” explained Juan Gomez, Managing Director of SUZOHAPP Spain”.

SUZOHAPP announces strategic reorganization of Gaming sales team in the EMA region

SUZOHAPP EMA announces the reorganization of its Gaming sales team with immediate effect.

Goran Sovilj has been promoted to the position of VP of Sales Gaming EMA, in recognition of the significant contribution he has made to sales growth in the region in the past years. Goran is a dedicated and focused professional with excellent product knowledge. “I am proud to take on this new role and its exciting challenges. I look forward to bringing my experience and contributing to the company’s growth and success”, comments Goran.

Ferry Bostelaar has been promoted to the position of Regional Sales Manager and is now the SUZOHAPP contact for the casino operators in the EMA region. “SUZOHAPP has provided me with the perfect next step in my career as I can make use of all the experience I have gained in the Benelux region over the past years and focus this with gaming operators throughout the EMA region”, explains Ferry.

Marc Aarts has reassumed the responsibility for gaming customers within the Benelux region. “I am delighted to return to a role in the gaming industry and help support the team whom I know and appreciate so well”, adds Marc.

The new organization is intended to better serve customers in the EMA region and meet market goals thanks to a more effective and responsive sales support structure. The organizational changes will offer a positive operating impact and will allow SUZOHAPP to focus on the value provided to its customers, while optimizing market coverage and leveraging personnel strengths.

Sim Bielak, Chief Marketing Officer at SUZOHAPP, pointed out the importance of these personnel changes, stating, “Our roots are in the gaming industry and we have a great team to support our customers. This reorganization underlines our commitment to the European market – we are confident that our sales structure is now better aligned to the needs of our EMA customers”.


Poza 1

If you want to take full control over your business, SYSWIN SOLUTIONS has the key to an interconnected world, where machines can communicate with each other through efficient management systems designed for the gambling industry.

The innovations developed by SYSWIN SOLUTIONS bring added value to the operators through advanced monitoring systems and real time control of the business, centralized management systems and marketing tools that are adapted to the clients’ preferences.

Find out more about the systems that will help you take full control over your business!


This is the most flexible and easy to set-up Jackpot, compatible with all serial connection machines.

ü  Streamlined setting of Jackpot award criteria;

ü  Global, Regional, Local Jackpot – countless Jackpot levels can be set up and displayed on multiple screens, according to the client’s request. The same location can support more local Jackpots on different TV sets, one TV with regional Jackpot and one TV set with global Jackpot or a mix of Global Regional and Local levels, each of them up to 6 levels;

ü  Jackpot Rain;

ü  Happy Hour.


Loyalty-building system that collects and provides detailed information about players’ activity and gambling statistics and generates loyalty-building and bonus-awarding programs, as follows:

ü  Generates the amounts gambled by each player or groups of players and their profiling;

ü  Divides the players according to predefined parameters;

ü  Generates a wide range of bonuses and promotions;

ü  Converts a player’s points into prizes;

ü  Offers full reports and forecasts regarding the customers’ behavior.

All of this information can be accessed in real time on any mobile device.

Syswin Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of hardware, software and IoT services. In the coming years, it is estimated that the IoT industry will have a huge impact on customers’ experience and on the development of products and services. The company is prepared for an explosion of the data supplied by the IoT industry, given that the connected devices generate more and more data.

Syswin Solutions team has the ability to manage this explosion of data on account of its wide experience on storage and big data analysis. The team is also in charge of data security and confidentiality, which have become increasingly important as consumers get in touch with IoT products.

The IoT industry is a broad vision of a future where everything – objects, machines and people – is connected, by creating a link between the physical and the digital world.

The company’s latest recognition on IoT research and development industry took place at The International Exhibition of Research, Innovation and Inventions - PRO INVENT Cluj-Napoca, where two researchers from Syswin Solutions team, namely Adrian Zărnescu and Răzvan Ungurelu, received the Gold Medal with Special Mention and Excellence Diploma for the invention SysAgria – Combined Device for Agriculture 4.0.

Other institutions and associations of the industry that attended PRO INVENT exhibition, have granted diplomas and prizes for the company representatives, as follows:

  • Certificate of Excellence – National Research Institute;
  • Certificate of Excellence – Corneliu Group Association;
  • Certificate of Excellence – Inventors Society of Romania;
  • Special Prize – Romanian Association for Alternative Technology – ARTA Sibiu.

More than 150 customers worldwide rely on Syswin Solutions in areas such as:

-          Gambling;

-          Vending;

-          Industrial control;

-          Logistics;

-          Security;

-          Transport;

-          Agriculture, etc.

GT Romania is opening a Customer Care department

Vizual Customer Care

EGT Romania is adjusting its business model to answer to an even better degree to our clients’ needs, and starting from this month, we are opening a Customer Care Department.

The main activity of this department will focus on solving problems that may appear in our communication and working procedures with our clients.

The Customer Care department is run by professionals who helps and guides you towards solutions in any cases. Specialists in Customer Care with over 7 years’ experience in clients’ support, and background that include customer support and helpdesk know-how will be at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact!

You can now contact directly for any situation/information/claim you may have, the department is active from 9:00. till 18:00., from Monday to Friday.

EGT Romania’s Customer Care experts will do their best to answer you as soon as possible. Depending on the demands volume when you contact them, they will respond immediately or get back to you within 24 hours. We recommend you calling – calls will be a priority!

How is it going to help?

You have the full support of the new Customer Care department, in solving any business related matter, given that it is within their competency. Therefore, you can call if you have any suggestions, complaints, recommendations or if you have a question and you did not find the answer on the website: www.egt-bg.ro.

Do not hesitate to call even if your situation is atypical. The Customer Care experts will do their best to find a solution for each case.

How can you contact EGT Romania’s Customer Care department?

-          You can call at 0757 097 101;

-          Write an e-mail at: customercare.ro@egt-bg.com

-          Write on the chat application on website: www.egt-bg.ro.

Also, it is recommended that you follow the website www.egt-bg.ro or the Facebook page www.facebook.com/EGT-Romania where the Customer Care team will be also active.

New EGT curved slot models installed at Game World Bucharest Mall

egt gw

EGT Romania made a sensation with another delivery of newly developed slot models, this time for the Game World Bucharest Mall – one of the most prestigious gaming halls in Romania, the only one that has been opened without intermissions since 1999. This new installment is adding to the exquisite portfolio of EGT slot machines already set-up in the renowned gaming establishment. The recently deployed slot machines are of the prominent Curved models that started off very strongly in Romania when it was first presented during Entertainment Arena Exhibition.

The EGT slot machines, newly delivered at Game World establishment in Bucharest Mall, are

P-42V Up Curved, marking also the debut at Game World Bucharest Mall of the recently developed multi-games Orange Collection of the next generation of games Collection Series. Keeping in mind that Game World Bucharest Mall is providing the widest range of games, jackpots and entertainment options, P-42V Up Curved was the natural choice for the continuous development of their portfolio.

P-42V Up is among the first curved models of EGT, with end-to-end glass surfaces and an arched design that is highlighting the emerging technologies creating the new trend in the industry. Their 42-inch portrait-oriented arched monitor, with an integrated touch screen, dive the users into a completely different and felt like experience, allowing for more space for the breathtaking graphics.

Key features of P-42V Up Curved:

  • 42” portrait-oriented curved monitor with integrated touch screen for greater interactivity;
  • Keyboard with dynamic OLED buttons (optional);
  • Enhanced quality stereo sound system;
  • Ambient, attractive LED illumination alongside the cabinet;
  • Well-positioned mechanical counters for easy access and good visibility;
  • Sophisticated ergonomic details assuring distinct players’ comfort;
  • Convenient electronic key system access;
  • Powered by   platform.

Orange Collection is a new gaming variety that peaks the curiosity of players, with a library of 48 most popular EGT titles that stand out with diverse and enchanting gaming themes and highly effective math models.

It is driven by the powerful hardware platform Exciter III which has more processing power, enhanced graphics, animations, sounds and improved usability. Created in compliance with the top-notch trends in the gaming industry, Exciter III offers higher system stability and maximum protection.

To find out more about the Curved slot models, check out www.egt-bg.ro.

ELDORADO 777 DELUXE, The premium gaming room in Oradea


777 Deluxe Eldorado gaming room has been operating in Oradea for more than 3 years, representing the position of Eldorado 777 group’s flagship, while being among the most popular gaming rooms – if not the most popular – in Oradea. This room, together with the Eldorado 777 Poker Club located upstairs, have gained the leading position in the region, and by the continuous improvement of service quality in the next 1-2 years, it wishes to become one of the most significant gaming rooms in Romania.

We talked about the past, present and future with Nemes Attila, regional manager of SC Clasik Poker.

Due to Winner Club rooms, you have had a significant relevance in this region, even before the opening of the Deluxe room. Wasn’t it risky to open a new room in Oradea, with a new name?

Owners have always dreamed of that moment, when our group would obtain all the bases and recognition necessary to aim at a higher level and open a room offering premium services. We managed to find an ideal location for this goal, so everything was at our disposal to open Eldorado 777 Deluxe room in the center of Oradea, on the pedestrian street.

How hard was the launching?

I would say that the initial period was not so hard, but rather full of challenges, because this room is the largest in several respects, includes more devices, with a new name, so we expected a new clientèle because the existing rooms, Club Winner brand, already had a regular clientèle formed.

With the Deluxe room we’ve progressed step by step, and we tried every time to introduce something new.

Such a novelty was the Power Club.

That’s right. The opening of the power club meant a significant event in the life of Deluxe room, as it was a completely new service through which we were able to address another target group. Now we have reached the stage where the poker club is living in symbiosis with the gaming room. The Poker Club operates as an independent unit, with its own program, individual promotions, but at the same time, its participate in the 2017 promotion, Millionaire Club.

You mentioned the promotions, but we must not forget that the Deluxe room is also very known for the parties organized. Why do you consider these events important?

There are people who believe in the power of parties, and ones who don’t. Opinions differ in this respect even among administrators of rooms. We have organized parties in the Deluxe room from the very beginning, and we want to continue this tradition. Guests feel good, there are many guests who recall our events. This is what we believe in.

In addition, we believe that promotion is much more welcoming if it ends with a nice event.

Also, seasonal celebrations are just as important to us as the anniversaries of the Deluxe room.

Which party brings you the most beautiful memories?

It’s very difficult to choose only one party. Probably the party of the 3rd anniversary last August, attended by many players, even pedestrians on the street were involved in our spectacular programs. Another memorable event was the Halloween party, where the guests came dressed in different costumes, and we were in charge of the “terrifying” decorations.

This year’s party season was launched with a carnival party, to which we added the three day Carnival poker tournament, with prizes amounting to RON 80,000. This party was really memorable due to the frenetic show, and the room was overpopulated during the poker contest, which means a huge success of the poker team.

I should have mentioned among the first the closing event in December of the Space Project 2016 promotion, where the top prize worth RON 285,000 found its owner, and the event was broadcast live in all 26 gaming rooms.

If I’m not mistaken, even now you have a current promotion, independent of the Millionaire Club promotion.

“Deluxe Mini Run” promotion was launched in mid-January, and the final draw will take place on April 12th at the Easter party, where we will find out the lucky winner of the Mini vehicle. This promotion is intended exclusively to Deluxe customers, and it takes place together with the Poker Club.

Do you plan the opening of Deluxe rooms in other cities too?

Of course, our goal is to enter with the Deluxe brand in as many big cities as possible, which implies a huge preparation. More often than not, the hardest is to find a suitable location. However, if we open a new Deluxe room, under no circumstances we will decrease the level of services offered in Oradea. One thing is certain: we have the commitment that we need in the future.

Eldorado 777 Millionaire Club – The club to which everyone wants to belong


Encouraged by the results of the Space Project campaign in 2016, in 2017 the group Eldorado 777, headquartered in Oradea, is expecting us with a new complex marketing campaign, whereby their stated intention is to win again the recognition of the basic players, namely to enter the class of the most important gaming organizers in Romania.

I talked to the marketing director, Küttel Gábor.

You have set a high standard for the company by the Space Project promotion in 2016. How can this goal to conquer the space be exceeded?

It’s really very hard. Actually, it’s impossible. When we invented the promotion entitled Space Project at the end of 2015, that was the next question I asked: How do we exceed this promotion in 2017? This question accompanied us in the early months of 2016, when we saw that many of our players greeted with distrust our great prize at the end of the year. Clearly this was a good experience because it was a constant topic among our players, and determined us to improve our communication method. At the basis of the coherent messages transmitted by our colleagues in every room, respectively through all our communication media, is a serious team work, thus our messages reached their exact destination.

We can now say it was a good decision for us to take risks, even if our colleagues and sometimes our players have encountered challenges, and last but not least, in this way we were able to introduce an unusual twist in the gaming range.

So how can it be exceeded?

It doesn’t have to be exceeded. Of course, there have been many ideas since then that, one day, we would put in practice, following a well prepared plan; maybe we could have a huge success with them, but for the moment, in 2017, we remain “on the ground”. We believe in our motto: winners will receive what we have promised. Perhaps the phrase sounds cliché, but we take it seriously, be it jackpot gains, promotional prizes or the high quality of our services.

This is what we have in mind in 2017 too, within our Millionaire Club promotion.

What does this promotion involve?

First, within this promotion we want to strengthen our player loyalty to our company. Of course we will offer valuable prizes in 2017 as well, because they are the main engine of attracting players, however we want to offer our customers a sense of belonging, the “Club” experience. The Millionaire Club is more than just an annual promotion, because some of its elements will surely be found in 2018 as well.

This sounds more like a long term strategy than simple marketing promotion.

Indeed, we believe in sustainable development, and this thinking, this spirit played a major role in developing the promotion, but will also have an impact on renewing our loyalty program, on developing a casino-type system or on our on-line interfaces, and certainly on future investment.

We develop step by step, and we hope this happens based on a clear concept, so it will be met with satisfaction by our players too.

As in previous years, is the 2017 promotion, Eldorado 777 Millionaire Club, accessible in every city where you have a gaming room?

The promotion was launched on February 1st, and our rooms were joined again at regional level. We consider it is important that unanimous marketing communication has an impact equally in every town and in every room. This unanimity is very important from the point of view of the image formed about us, namely in terms of coherent communication from staff.

The only differences in 2017 compared to last year are that Cluj-Napoca municipality participates in the promotion as an independent city, therefore Cluj players have achieved a greater chance of winning because they participate in drawings for separate prizes.

Last year you have drawn VW Jetta and Passat vehicles. What final prizes can we expect this year?

Like in 2015, this year we chose the BMW Group models as well, but this time I opted for  types with different values in each city. There are cities where the big prize is a BMW 7 series, in another city a BMW X1, but this year we have also included a Mini, which ensures diversity.

So you returned to the premium category.

Yes, that’s what we decided this year. But this doesn’t mean that we had problems with Volkswagen; we simply believe that Millionaire Club promotion deserves the premium category.

In 2016, we drawn a total of 18 Volkswagen vehicles, Jetta and Passat, and I am convinced that the winners were as satisfied with the vehicles won, as would be the winners of this year.

Last year, in addition to those 18 vehicles, I drew a large amount of cash, and we must not forget the final cumulative prize at the end of the year, which represented a fortune in itself.

In 2017 we will operate based on other concepts, but overall we will draw prizes with similar value.

Will we have a big final prize this year as well?

Everything is possible, but as I said, we have a new concept this year, which also covers the prizes, namely the frequency of draws. There are cities where we want to organize more draws than the three of last year.

Are there new investments expected for 2017?

Of course, we are always looking for new challenges, and our owners are very enterprising. We also have ongoing projects, but it is too early to give an opinion on this matter.

I can only say that currently works to develop a room in Oradea are in progress, whose reopening is expected around the same time as the publishing of this interview.

Editorial – Another successful issue


By Insider

This issue of Casino Inside includes articles on a number of both national and international interesting business subjects, concerning operations, production and CMS, from articles on Bitcoin to pieces about the opportunities of stock betting, on the shares of the gambling companies. All diverse themes, that will offer you the chance to learn a lot about your everyday business.

Our first recommendation is, of course, our Cover Story piece, that focuses on Eldorado 777, the group that, inspired by the results of last year’s Space Project campaign, is setting up a new and complex marketing campaign, whereby their stated intention is to win again the recognition of the basic players, namely to enter the class of the most important gaming organizers in Romania. To learn more about the success of this campaign, and about what other projects Eldorado 777 has in stock, you can read our interviews with Küttel Gábor, the company’s marketing director, and Nemes Attila, the regional director of SC Glasik Poker.

Suzo Happ is on a roll, and is successfully taking part in the most important gambling exhibitions of this spring: Irish Gaming Show in Dublin, Feria Internacional del Juego in Madrid and Enada Rimini din Italia, while at the same time reorganizing the sales team from the EMA region. Find out more about this subject in the piece dedicated to them.

EGT announced the successful installation of a few new “curved” slots at Game World, at Bucharest Vitan Mall. This installation is only another addition to the successful portfolio of EGT slot machines that are already performing in the famous gaming hall. The machines delivered to Game World Romania in Bucharest Mall are P-42V Ups, marking the successful debut of the new multi-game mix Orange Collection from the Collection Series – a new generation of games. In addition, EGT Romania is adapting its business model in order better meet the needs of their clients, by this month’s opening of a Customer Care department. Read their piece and find our more about these topics.

One of the most interesting themes we chose for this issue is the increase in the use of online currency – bitcoin – in online gambling, some sites only allowing payments through this method; 2017 seems to be the year when Bitcoin goes mainstream in this industry. In other words, if virtual currency was only an option until now, from now on it might become the norm for online operators. Among the famous early adopters of Bitcoin in online gambling are names such as 5dimes and Bodog, but the number of websites that are already shifting towards this method of payment is growing exponentially.

Valentin Macovei, one of our betting specialists, has an awesome story for you: find out how you can make money from betting without actually watching the matches! He’s got a list of suggestions ready, that will be of help in this department, of which we’ll mention two, and let you discover the other ones when you read the article: learn to make use of the tools for monitoring changes in quotas and learn about trading.

Dear readers, we strongly believe that this is another top issue of our magazine, as you’re probably already expecting from us: with diverse topics and a total dedication to our mission to offer you useful information.


(Română) La ADMIRAL, Jackpot-urile se tin lant! 410.151,10 lei castigati la ALL ROMANIA!!!

all romania

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GUYANA, in the middle of a war of gaming ideas


Former Dutch colony for almost 150 years, then conquered by the British in 1814 and gaining its independence in 1966, Guyana is the only country in South America with English as an official language, but it’s also the poorest country on the continent, with the smallest GDP per capita. Out of a total population of 750.000 people – mainly making a living out of agriculture -almost a third live in the capital of Georgetown.

Gambling in Guyana

Gambling is legal on the territory of this small South-American state, but it is not a priority for the government. In fact, games of chance are regulated by a law – Gambling Prevention Act – which was issued in 1902 and which has been slightly modified over time.

There is only one live casino in the country and it’s located in the capital. Guyana Princess Hotel and Casino covers 16.000 square meters which is exclusively dedicated to tourists (as Guyana people are not allowed to play) and the most popular games are roulette, poker or blackjack, with the casino displaying 16 table games and 250 operating slot machines. Nevertheless there is a provision in the law that is used by the Guyana people in order to enter themselves in the casino, and that is: if there is a hotel directly connected to the casino and one of the locals has rented a room here, even for a night, he can enter as a guest of the hotel to play in the casino, “eschewing” the law.

Over the last years the economy in Guyana gave signs of opening more widely to the outside, especially through tourism, and this thing began to have an influence on the standard of living of the population at large.

There is also an ongoing discussion and a war of ideas in this South-American country: a part of its population still believed that there is a need for liberalization for operating casinos in the country, subsequently followed by allowing locals to play, while others are against this and are not in favor of such an opening of the gambling sector towards the public, as the population could develop certain “inappropriate habits”.

At the moment that will mark the end of the debate and the emergence of a winner, who could lean towards gambling liberalization and extending them to the entire territory, only then we could truly talk about a gambling market in Guyana. A few years ago there was an attempt coming from the president, who argued in favor of relaxing the conditions for participation and license issuing, but the initiative lacked support from the political ground, and obviously from the people of Guyana.

Online in Guyana

Online games are not regulated at the moment, which means that is someone from Guyana wants to play online games he or she can only do so by accessing offshore online casino sites. These sites abound in numbers and they most of the times do accept players from the country.

Poker in Guyana

It is not that safe to play poker in the intimacy offered by your house if you are in Guyana. From the local news we see that there have often been raids to private housing places and that amateur poker players often get arrested. Still, poker has a tradition in this country, and one of the best local players, Victor Ramdin, is a professional player and member of Team Poker Stars Pro, having won a WPT title as well. He is now obviously a resident of the United States.

There is still one particularly interesting thing about the aforementioned things, concerning online games here, namely that you can play online poker on foreign sites. Approximately one third of the population of Guyana has access to the internet and, consequently, they can play poker or place bets on games, with the condition of having enough money in order to deposit. In this way, the online space is more secure, and if the state is willing to lose money by maintain the domain deregulated, he will continue to do so, even though the money could help the local economy.


When talking about Guyana it feels like travelling back in time in the Eastern Europe of the 80’s, and why not even in Romania. Old mentalities that being forcefully transmitted to the population and deregulation seen as part of the solution and not of the problem. Unfortunately, Guyana looks like a Third World country that does not want and cannot chance, because a change in this field could signal towards the population that they are heading towards an economic liberalism, which the country needs – for its 750.000 people. Let’s hope that over the years we will hear better news about it.