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(Română) Spălarea banilor prin jocurile de noroc impune urgent o analiză de risc din partea industriei

Doru Gheorghiu

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Romanian Lottery: truth and challenge! “I wish we had an independent lottery system”

Marius Pantea

Interview with PhD Marius Pantea – General Manager, Romanian Lottery

Being the leader of the National Company of Romanian Lottery for only a few months, Mr. Marius Pantea is planning daring projects that will turn this institution into a top state company, as in most of the countries of European Union. We invite you to read an interesting article, which will acquaint you with the present and future of the Romanian Lottery.

Do you actually see yourself as a lucky person? Has Marius Pantea won the lottery or has the Lottery won a good manager?

Yes, I am a lucky person, I have a little girl who is almost 2, a wonderful wife, and a mother who idolizes me, along with two extraordinary sisters, in other words, I have an enviable family, and life has offered me a second opportunity.

Related to the second part of your question, I have never won the lottery, and I hope from all my heart that the Romanian Lottery would have won for a long period of time a manager who is willing and capable of doing great things and who will actually do these things!

What has determined you to agree to lead one of the oldest institutions in Romania?

It is a challenge for me to try to bring the Romanian Lottery to the value and performance it had in the past. I wish that the Lottery would actively get involved in the city life, in order to render fellow citizens wealth, self-help during difficult times, to offer children an opportunity, to give our elders a helping hand, and to be what it needs to be, meaning an entertaining state company, especially created to operate a monopole on an ancient activity: gambling.

Certainly, during the three past months, since you have been the manager of the Romanian Lottery, you have learnt exactly how things go. Tell us how would an ordinary working day look for the General Manager of the Romanian Lottery?

My working day is not much different from that of a man responsible of over 2.500 colleagues. The objectives I have set are daring, the implementation deadlines are short, but the results need to be visible as soon as possible, therefore the rhythm is alert and it forces me to identify innovative, daring solutions every day, together with the management of the Company and with every single colleague. I am glad that this year we’ve managed to offer significantly higher wages to all Romanian Lottery workers. Figures say that the ordinary sales agent was at first paid with the minimum wage, which at the beginning of the year was of 1.200 lei and then it was increased to 1.700 lei, to which meal vouchers were added worth 300 lei/month, a holiday voucher of 1.450 lei/year and other benefits. My colleagues from TESA have also been granted important wage increments, 450 lei/month on average, considering that, in my opinion, their wages have not been increased for years.

What are the Company’s priorities, in your opinion?

The priorities of the Romanian Lottery, on a short and medium term, are:

-          independency from the point of view of the lottery system (it is set that, by the end of the year, we shall implement the new lottery system and therefore change the current 24 year old system);

-          introduction of new gambling games (a first step will be represented by the new game 100.000 lei Ball);

-          the opportunity of acquiring lottery tickets via modern media (mobile phones, tablets, computers);

-          opening the remote lottery gambling site, within the shortest time;

-          restoration of the spaces where the National Company Romanian Lottery (NCRL) runs its activity;

-          affiliation of new partners in a mandate system (we have already a new partnership with Stanleybet);

-          introduction of new types of lottery tickets with attractive prizes.

It is known that you are experienced in the gambling field thanks to the position you occupied at ONJN. How does, from your new position, look the status of the Romanian Lottery on the gambling market?

The Romanian Lottery was, is and will be the most important national gambling operator. In order to also become the most attractive gambling organizer, NCRL needs to urgently transform, to become an honest partner, to offer transparency, and to be predictable. In order to succeed, we must get help from our main shareholder, the Ministry of Public Finance, which should propose several legal changes, absolutely necessary for the operation of the Company’s activity under good conditions.

Do you think that the social role of the Romanian Lottery, especially the reason for which it had been founded 111 years ago, sufficiently reflects on the Romanian society?

There is always room for better. For this, we must say that we have already got actively involved in supporting the efforts of normalization of our fellow citizens’ lives. We have initiated the lottery ticket „(i)Vacation”, and it is already on the market, issued in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism; soon it will be available a lottery ticket series called „The Farmer” issued in support with the Ministry of Agriculture, which has as a main objective the support of the Romanian farmers. We have initiated discussions in support of cancer ill children , and in this purpose we are going to act together with the National Health Insurance Fund (many thanks to the President Marian Burcea!) to identify some substantive and legal ways of help. We shall actively get involved in supporting sports – in partnership with the Nadia Comăneci Foundation, and education – by supporting children growing in disadvantaged environments. Also, it must be said that the Romanian Lottery supports the Romanian culture with approximatively 4 million Euros per year. As you can see, NCRL actively gets involved in the community’s social-cultural life!!!

What are, in your opinion, the gamblers’ expectations , and how would you meet them? In other words, what are Marius Pantea’ ambitions?

I wish to quickly implement the remote (online) gambling, the sports bets, I wish to give people the possibility to submit lottery tickets from their mobile phones, tablets or from their computers; I wish to also offer them the opportunity of participating at new games organized by the Romanian Lottery, or at games organized by European lotteries , which we are going to conclude partnerships with. I am absolutely sure that, through these objectives, we will be able to meet all the expectations of our gamblers.

I wish that the institution I am managing would become independent from the lottery system operation point of view, I wish we would develop partnerships mutually attractive, we would offer gamblers important prizes, we would be transparent and we would get the Romanian Lottery back where it belongs!

Your next generation system: PYRAMID CMS


EGT Romania developed a new and comprehensive solution to manage all your business operations and make the right decisions: Pyramid Casino Management System. Created entirely by top Romanian engineers, the Pyramid lineup is incredible, with modules that range from Accounting to Security, from Player Tracking to TiTo and Cashless solutions.

Pyramid Casino Management System is highly customizable to the point that shows an amazing flexibility that suits every operators’ need.

More to the point, it is a complete set of modules and tools you need for secure and accurate management of gambling operations. Regardless whether you are a gaming hall, casino or sport betting shop – you all can benefit from the use of this casino management system.

Main features:

Pyramid CMS was built to give you a supremely easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain system to manage your dedicated locations, no matter the manufacturer of your equipment.

The system uses SAS 6.02 protocol, making it compatible with any type of gaming equipment. The central unit is a SMIB that enables total control and safe operations on any apparatus using SAS protocol.


-          Easy to use and easy to maintain interface;

-          Highly accurate and secure;

-          Great capacity for customization;

-          Multiple statistics and analysis tools.


Pyramid Casino Management System integrates no less than 9 modules:

Accounting Module manages all financial information and offers a high accuracy of all the financial operations. With a wide variety of statistics and analysis reports that allow efficient and accurate accounting from cashless transfers to redeems and web access to statistics, as well as exact archiving methods of accounting data, the module is mandatory for any efficient management of locations.

Multi-site Monitoring Module: allows control over multiple dedicated locations, in real time. You can immediately overview technical condition and performance of each and every equipment, both apparatus and system events, actions of players, jackpots, and more, with efficiency reports designed for you to have a more cost-effective management.

Security Module: comes with the options of granting different user rights and key-chain level access to staff according to internal policies, as well as total monitoring of events on the machines.

Jackpot Module: monitors and centralizes data from multiple jackpots as well as centralized control over jackpots parameters. Supports global Jackpot and allows unlimited number of levels configuration and customization of promotional campaigns with minimal effort.

Player Tracking Module: gives you accurate player profiles and history, in order for you to offer a better customer experience, with real-time information from multiple locations, including entry registration and blacklisted players.

Auto-Tombola Module: Automatically printing tickets in real time, for raffles and tombola’s, based on points accumulated during play. You decide on the method of use: either through spending the earned points or free of charge.

Notifications Module: a smart solution to keep your customers engaged with your brand: contact them via SMS or e-mail thanks to this module that automatically sends the messages.

Cashless Module: moving money around your floor has never been easier! Reduce the costs with staff and increase playing time for your clients with this module that is available with 2 Sub-Modules: Card and TiTo.

Advertising Module: the Romanian saying “advertising is the soul of commerce” has never been better put to work. With this module, you can display advertisements and video banners using the central server, without the need for additional hardware accessories.


The support …
Our service and support teams are available to give you all the help you need and deliver the great service we’re known for. Our service department covers both hardware and software issues, ensuring technical support by remote connection, however, depending on the issues that may appear, our team can also come to your dedicated locations if it is necessary.

                                    For more info, please visit www.egt-bg.ro

Casino Technology presents: Rhino Casino Management System


The casino backbone system

As of the last decade the gaming industry constantly acquires new dimensions and the traditional land based gaming is widening its approach by embracing the advances of technology. The players` needs are changing and the operators are altering the scope to make the process even more convenient and engaging less efforts.

Building a synergy of brick and mortar and online delivery is highly demanded of operators and customers nowadays. With that mindset, Casino Technology created and successfully deployed the patented concept – THE BIG 5TMthat is a suite of 5 systems for seamless delivery of gaming content and casino managing system.

The backbone of the suite is the Casino Management System RhinoTM. By saving time and boosting the communication with clients, the CMS strengthens the connection and the loyalty to the operators brand. The utmost result is keeping the players satisfied and accelerating profitability. Enabling the real-time decision making on casino floor, the Casino Management System simplifies the dynamic environment into easy interpretable data. For even more convenience, the RhinoTM is build on a modular principle as each module consists all needed detailed reports at a glance.

Just recently a brand new module was implemented in the RhinoTM system. Evoked by customers demands, the TITO functionality was complemented, specifically targeting the operators, preferring the use of tickets. The TITO Module in RhinoTM provides cash-able and promotional tickets and decreases hand pays to a minimum. This is the most commonly used cashless technology today as the cashless gaming is evolving and the market become more familiar with alternative approaches to transacting money.

And yet more and more casinos are looking towards even smarter solutions that offer greater returns and lower costs. Card use for cashless gaming is a growing trend that is being implemented in many parts of the world. It is implemented in the RhinoTM cashless module. The module offers card-based cashless transactions between slot machines and makes management easier and the players comfort is extended. The main advantage is streamlining the process of monitoring and issuing players’ winnings, while accumulating different kinds of points, that can bring additional prizes.

The strict monitoring, increased control of transaction and other financial operations, as well as accounting reconciliation of the gaming operation are due to the accounting module. The monitoring module allows operators to remotely trace the real-time status of each machine in the casino, including available credit, current bet.

Monitoring and analyzing the player’s activities is available through the player tracking module that is a powerful tool when deciding to reward the player based on his activities and preferences. Integrated with the BuffaloTM Universal System, the Jackpot module allows flexible establishment of multilevel mystery and progressive jackpots.

RhinoTM is designed for all types of gaming objects – from small locations to big casinos, helping operators to improve the efficiency and quality of customer service while optimizing the management and operational processes.

The system is scalable and offers an option for menu customization, based on the operator’s preferences. The main screen and the menus are accessible via web interface, which is user-friendly and intuitive. It requires very little familiarization and staff training to become accustomed to the functions and capabilities of the system. The menus can also be accessed on any device – desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet – with the necessary security access.

When working in a set with the other components of the BIG 5TM suite, the RhinoTM system imply the highest efficiency in the operation of gaming content by providing any casino – real or virtual, a complete range of instruments for seamless wallet, cash and promotion management.


About Casino Technology: Casino Technology was founded in 1999. The company is a gaming equipment manufacturer with established positions in international markets and products compliant in more than 50 gaming jurisdictions.

Casino Technology is renowned for the rich portfolio of quality games, contemporary technological solutions and products made with inspiration for  satisfied players around the world.

For more information – casino-technology.com



KAJOT is a dynamic, growing company. The proof of this is that the Czech firm is ready to offer its customers and games in the online environment, too. In this Cover Story we present the latest nouvelties that they will introduce on the Romanian market both in the landbased area and in the online gambling zone.

Hello Jan, we haven´t heard from you for some time, tell us please, what is new within the KAJOT?

Hello, there has been a lot going on recently. As usual, the gaming year normally start at the London exhibition, which was for us a big challenge. We have introduced three entirely new cabinets the NEO, which are currently being certified for the Romanian market and will be ready for the exhibition in Bucharest in September 2017.

There is a lot going on for us in many countries around the world starting with Asia, Afrika and in Europe. Colleague of mine Mr. Klepacek will talk more about the latest  new comings, which we will also introduce in the Romania.

I will mainly mention what our clients and potential new clients can look forward to; and this is a completely new the AWP platform that will be introduced in Bucharest, and two new regular slot platforms, that also will be introduced in Bucharest. For those who did not have a chance to see our products in London, are more than welcome to explore more our latest products at the RomExpo in September. We will be there with all the new comings to answer all your questions.

The KAJOT company has been operating on the Romanian market with gaming machines for quite some time. Now they’re preparing another expansion with a new product under the brand of KAJOT GAMES which are games for online casinos. Can you tell me more about the product?

We’ve been working on the HTML5 games project for online casinos for a long time and consider it as one of our top priorities. Our goal is to prepare a product of the same quality as in the case of our gaming machines for the land base segment. Online games for the Romanian market should be based on the achievements in Romanian casinos. We’ve picked the most successful games and reprogrammed them into the most modern programming language for online gaming – HTML5. We’ve also added several updates that appeared in our casinos at the same time. Therefore, Romanian gamers can be looking forward to a selection of our TOP games.

What criteria do your games have to meet?

Our games have to meet all the safety and legislative criteria of the given market. We are sure of the quality of our games, that’s why our certification takes place at the world’s best testing rooms. Our random number generator was tested at the world’s leading testing room, the GLI laboratory. The games are tested in accordance with the international standards at the BMM testing room. When it comes to the quality of the games, our principle is to launch only verified games with the perspective of high playability. It’s not necessary for a game that is successful in the landbase to be also successful in an online casino. We are aware of those differences and that’s why we put so much effort into the game selection for online casinos.

How many games do you currently offer?

At the moment, our partners have been delivered 15 online games, of course in HTML5. However, we have more games prepared, some of them are going to be introduced during this autumn and others at ICE 2018, where you are naturally invited to visit our stand. Our development team is working very thoroughly and therefore, I’m looking forward to present the innovations to our partners.

How are your games different from the other ones on the market?

First of all, our product is verified by plenty of years in casinos of the whole world. We’ve prepared the best games in HTML5 and every new one is ready for both our cabinets and online casinos. Further off, we follow the “mobile first” strategy which means great playability on mobile devices. We’ve worked a lot on the ergonomy of controlling which gives us a significant advantage over our competitors, even when it comes to other areas. Our games are distinguished by high catchiness, great mathematics, graphics, as well as sound. Interesting bonuses for players are not missing either.

What are you plans for the future?

We will continue to work on the development of other game content for our partners, follow new trends, add new functions and game features that’ll be interesting for the players. We operate in a dynamical environment that is constantly evolving. That’s why we can’t “lie back on laurels”, but rather continue working at the same pace.

KAJOT is also entering several other markets, so I hope in another expansion and popularity of our products throughout the whole world.

How do you picture the future of online games and online business in your industry as a whole?

Online gaming is experiencing a huge boom and we expect it to be the same in the upcoming years as well. The market share of online gaming is growing every year and I expect further expansion to regions all over the world. A lot of players will be moving from regular casinos to online casinos and I can’t ignore the upcoming generation of customers that has grown in the online environment and seeks online solutions for practically everything, including fun.


Václav Klepáček                                                                               Jan Sipovsky

Account manager                                                                                country manager


Mobile: +420 720 966 036                                                                  +40 752 235 332

Skype:  vklepacek

Email:  klepacek@kajot.cz                                                                  sipovsky@kajot.cz

Web: www.kajotgames.com


A summer celebrated by work


by Insider

As always, for us summer is in business nothing else but an extension of the spring and a continuing training for what is to happen in the fall. Businesses do not have to ever stop, and the topic according to which we have to go over the summer and we will see afterwards what to do was, this year, successfully overcome by some operators, see the success of the Game World in Constanta, whom we had talked about in our last Casino Inside edition.

Another important example of a company that continues its expansion in Romania, regardless of the temperature outside, is Kajot, a Czech company.

This means that now, the Czech company is ready to also provide its customers online games. In the Cover Story article, we present you the latest news they will place on the Romanian market as well, both in land-based area and in the ​​online gambling area. Jan Sipovsky – Director Country Manager and Václav Klepáček – Account Manager will provide you with all the information you need.

PhD. Marius Pantea, in his capacity of the leader of the National Company of the Romanian Lottery for only a few months, has planned ambitious projects to transform this institution into a leading state-owned company, as it exists in almost all of EU countries. Please read right after the Cover Story, an interesting interview with the Managing Director of this institution, who will inform you on the present and future of the Romanian Lottery.

Romanian Bookmakers launches, in the pages of our magazine, a public call to the The National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering (NOPCML) to have a dialogue with the industry representatives regarding the draft legislation on Prevention and Control of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, which is about to be submitted to the Parliament by the institution mentioned above, which aims at the transposition of EU Directive 2015/849 in the national legislation, which according to Romanian Bookmakers and not only, threatens to generate high operational difficulties to the gambling operators.

Because the reopening of new competition seasons in the European football is close –national championships and European Cups, here is one of our specialists in the betting market, Valentin Macovei, tells us, in his new article, of the eight facts not to think about when analyzing football matches you want to bet on.

We also recommend you other topics analyzed and developed by us in this edition, and invite you to have a pleasant reading. Summer is a season as equally suited for business as well as other seasons, if you are initiative and proactive persons. We do not believe that we have been in the situation where we can afford having a three months’ year shorter…

(Română) Sfaturi pentru angajaţii unei locaţii de jocuri de noroc privind interacţiunea cu un jucător problematic


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JLP Flyer Back

Gaming machine UNITED DREAMS 2 MULTIGAME series of “JOPPY” is manufactured by JPL Ltd. It is intended for use in casinos and gambling houses.

The cabinet “ST 27” Slant Top series of “JOPPY” boasts a brilliant stylish design and a set of ergonomic shapes for enhanced player comfort. It holds all gaming machine’s peripherals and modules. United Dreams 2 Multigame has two high resolution 27″ widescreen LED LCD monitors with remarkable colours, one is with integrated touch screen.

The stereo sound, monitors and build-in touch screen offers a high degree of interactivity of third monitor 24 inches, which is built into Topper and can visualize all mysteries and progressive jackpot.
The series are developed based on Exciter 3 gaming platform complies with the latest requirements of the gaming industry.

UNITED DREAMS 2 is combination of 15 video slot games:

In 5 pay lines games the player cannot choose different number of lines and plays always on 5 lines. The maximum total bet allowed per game is 10 000 credits.

10 pay line games are 5 reel video slot game with 3 visible positions per reel and 1 to 10 betting lines. The maximum total bet allowed per game is 20 000 credits.

GLORY OF EGYPT is a 20 line game. The maximum total bet allowed is 40 000 credits.

A combination of three SCATTER symbols on any position on 1st, 3rd and 5th reels starts 12 free games.

COFFEE WISH is a 20 line video slot game. The maximum possible total bet is 40 000 credits.

JUNGLE DARES is a 25 lines game, with the same credits.

BRAVE SPERTACUS is a 30 lines video slot game with maximum total bet 60 000 credits.

When 7 or more SCATTER symbols appear in the main game, the player wins a certain number of free games.

40 BLUE FIRE is a 5 reels video slot game with 4 visible positions on each reel and 40 betting lines. The player can play on 40 lines only. The maximum possible total bet per game is 80 000 credits.

40 YELLOW FIRE  is a 5 reels video slot game with four visible positions on each reel and 40 betting lines.

100 LUCKY FIRE is a 5 reels video game with four visible positions on each reel and 100 betting lines. The maximum possible total bet per game is 200 000 credits.

The game gives the chance to win additional bonus or double the win up.

Other options are:

Supports up to 8-level multidenominational;

Supports local and global Progressive Jackpot by connecting with United Mystery Jackpot System or other and/or SAS Progressive;

Supports automatic game mode (auto play).

Except progressive jackpot, the program also supports up to 3 independent mystery jackpots (Mini, Middle and Super) with different settings.

Progressive jackpot that’s big enough to change your life. Just ask our UNITED DREAMS MULTIGAME. It our passion, our purpose.

Let’s win together.

Casino Tecnology launches new game packs with latest slots


Casino Technology launches new game packs along with the latest slot machines. The contemporary cabinets were already presented during the biggest and influential gaming exhibition – ICE Totally Gaming. G2E Asia, Belgrade Future Gaming. The slots were introduced with latest multigames, offered with carefully selected titles, that are entirely compliant with market needs. 

The full HD game pack Speed King™ has 60 games with vivid colors and clear image. The titles included are carefully selected to meet the operators expectation and players preferences. Amongst are the most played games like Duck of Luck, Cofee Magic. The realistic graphics with great effects and the high quality sound, as well as the improved interface make playing exceptional. The games included are featuring high volatility as well as free games, which could be restarted.

Amongst the overwhelming advantage of the Speed King™ multigame stands  the ability to be implemented in all kind of slot machines.

The set of games includes the proved most successful games of Casino Technology vast portfolio, played all over the world as well as brand new games, never seen before but with great perspectives and well appreciated so far by the players. The Speed King™ multigame has an innovative conception that fascinates and brings the gaming experience to another dimension with realistic graphics and quality. The sound, effects and improved interface is memorable and makes the playing exceptional.

Along with the efficient set of intriguing game maths, clever mix of already established and successful games and exclusive brand new titles, it guarantees maximum slot machine occupancy that makes the Speed King™ a must have multigame set.

Casino Technology team of game designers have prepared another brand new multigame line, called TOWER™ 101. It comes with the TOWER™ slant top cabinet, that stands out with vertically curved 43” display with 4K resolution. The button deck with touch screen is made specially for fast and easy handling of multigame main menu.

The game pack set of 40 games offers vivid and realistic cinema like animations with interactive effects that are complemented with games that have varied reel combinations. The characters are thematically linked to the games and the great sound immediately gets players instantly on board. 20 of the most seuucessful games of Casino Technology, 10 well known games and 10 unique titles, created specially for TOWER™ 101 are heading to the casino floors. The fantasic animation and characters, linked thematically to the games and the great sound makes the game engrossing and induces desire for extending gaming time. The attractive outlook is complemented wth varied reel-configurations and different types of bonus schemes.

The free games with extremely frequent restart, super games, additional Wild Symbol as well as attractive winning combinations, providing extra wins, in addition to the standard winning lines – like  the whole screen filled with the same symbol make the TOWER™101 a promising multigame of new generation that conquers the game halls. It has a turbo mode option as well as an option the player to choose himself the volatility of the game by selecting the appropriate Scatter symbol. Multi-level bonus screens and multi-level progressive jackpots add to the players satisfaction.


About Casino Technology: Casino Technology was founded in 1999. The company is a gaming equipment manufacturer with established positions in international markets and products compliant in more than 50 gaming jurisdictions.

Casino Technology is renowned for the rich portfolio of quality games, contemporary technological solutions and products made with inspiration for  satisfied players around the world.

For more information – casino-technology.com