Casino Tecnology launches new game packs with latest slots


Casino Technology launches new game packs along with the latest slot machines. The contemporary cabinets were already presented during the biggest and influential gaming exhibition – ICE Totally Gaming. G2E Asia, Belgrade Future Gaming. The slots were introduced with latest multigames, offered with carefully selected titles, that are entirely compliant with market needs. 

The full HD game pack Speed King™ has 60 games with vivid colors and clear image. The titles included are carefully selected to meet the operators expectation and players preferences. Amongst are the most played games like Duck of Luck, Cofee Magic. The realistic graphics with great effects and the high quality sound, as well as the improved interface make playing exceptional. The games included are featuring high volatility as well as free games, which could be restarted.

Amongst the overwhelming advantage of the Speed King™ multigame stands  the ability to be implemented in all kind of slot machines.

The set of games includes the proved most successful games of Casino Technology vast portfolio, played all over the world as well as brand new games, never seen before but with great perspectives and well appreciated so far by the players. The Speed King™ multigame has an innovative conception that fascinates and brings the gaming experience to another dimension with realistic graphics and quality. The sound, effects and improved interface is memorable and makes the playing exceptional.

Along with the efficient set of intriguing game maths, clever mix of already established and successful games and exclusive brand new titles, it guarantees maximum slot machine occupancy that makes the Speed King™ a must have multigame set.

Casino Technology team of game designers have prepared another brand new multigame line, called TOWER™ 101. It comes with the TOWER™ slant top cabinet, that stands out with vertically curved 43” display with 4K resolution. The button deck with touch screen is made specially for fast and easy handling of multigame main menu.

The game pack set of 40 games offers vivid and realistic cinema like animations with interactive effects that are complemented with games that have varied reel combinations. The characters are thematically linked to the games and the great sound immediately gets players instantly on board. 20 of the most seuucessful games of Casino Technology, 10 well known games and 10 unique titles, created specially for TOWER™ 101 are heading to the casino floors. The fantasic animation and characters, linked thematically to the games and the great sound makes the game engrossing and induces desire for extending gaming time. The attractive outlook is complemented wth varied reel-configurations and different types of bonus schemes.

The free games with extremely frequent restart, super games, additional Wild Symbol as well as attractive winning combinations, providing extra wins, in addition to the standard winning lines – like  the whole screen filled with the same symbol make the TOWER™101 a promising multigame of new generation that conquers the game halls. It has a turbo mode option as well as an option the player to choose himself the volatility of the game by selecting the appropriate Scatter symbol. Multi-level bonus screens and multi-level progressive jackpots add to the players satisfaction.


About Casino Technology: Casino Technology was founded in 1999. The company is a gaming equipment manufacturer with established positions in international markets and products compliant in more than 50 gaming jurisdictions.

Casino Technology is renowned for the rich portfolio of quality games, contemporary technological solutions and products made with inspiration for  satisfied players around the world.

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Joint operation of games of chance. Legal and tax implications


by ANA-MARIA BACIU, Partner, Co-Head of Gaming Practice and LUCIAN BARBU, Tax Partner, Tax Advisory Services – NESTOR NESTOR DICULESCU KINGSTON PETERSEN

By way of exception to the common ground rule which sets forth that the organization of games of chance is performed directly by the holder of the license and authorization, the gambling legislation allows the joint operation of the activity by the organizer, along with one or more business partners. But what legal implications does such a structure entail? How are the special legal provisions correlated with the general rules on joint ventures? And, probably the most important aspect, what tax regime is applicable for this type of partnership?

One of the first rules stemming from the secondary legislation refers to the absence of the licensing obligation for all participants to the joint operation of gambling. The Methodological Norms for the implementation of GEO no. 77/2009 (“Methodological Norms”) provide that it is sufficient for only one party to hold the license and authorization to operate the activity. This provision appears natural where we analyze the business reasons on the basis of which this type of partnership functions. Namely, where all entities involved in the partnership would be required to fulfil the requirements applicable for gambling operators (minimum share capital, specific scope of activity etc.) and, moreover, where it would be necessary for each of them to obtain the license and authorization on their own name, the economic efficiency of the joint operation would be diminished and, therefore, a flexible structure where an operator associates with various partners in view of expanding its activities would be transformed in a complicated structure which, most probably, would lack practical application.

The legal benefit related to the lack of the licensing obligation has (as always) a downside, stipulated in the same legal text of the Methodological Norms. Thus, even if the joint operation may function between a gambling organizer and an unlicensed partner, the liability for the observance of the conditions to organize and operate the activity belongs to both entities. Practically speaking, this rule may be enforced, for instance, in relation with the restrictions regarding the placement and signaling of the activities performed in slot-machine halls: the unlicensed partner operates the gaming equipment of the organizer in its own locations, but may be held accountable on its own name in case such specialized locations do not observe the requirements applicable for slot-machine halls.

The Methodological Norms set forth that joint operation entails the requirement that at least one of the gambling specific activities “consisting of the operation of the gaming equipment, record of the collections and payments and fill-in of the documents related to daily activities as well as other similar activities” shall be performed by the contractual partner, in the name and on behalf of the organizer. Even if this legal provision does not list in an exhaustive manner the activities which may be carried out by the unlicensed partner, we consider that not every agreement for the provision of services or goods should trigger the conclusion of a joint operation of gambling.

Namely, in accordance with the legal text, the contractual partner must perform operations “specific to gambling”, which suggests the necessity to have a strong link between the activities of the partner and the substance of gambling. Having said that, we consider that the main scope of activity of the unlicensed partner, as such has been registered with the Trade Registry, does not change into “organization of games of chance” due to the mere fact that such participates to the joint operation of gambling. Where the activities performed by the unlicensed partner for the benefit of the joint operation are included in its scope of activity, the joint operation triggers the obligation to report distinctively the revenues obtained from the gambling activity which is operated jointly and the revenues obtained from different operations, but not the obligation to modify the main scope of activity.

From a formal perspective, the Methodological Norms impose the obligation to conclude the agreement for the joint operation in written form and to have such communicated to the National Gambling Office within 5 days from the date of conclusion.

Joint operation of gambling, as such is configured by the Methodological Norms, presents certain elements characteristic to joint ventures, as such are regulated by the Civil Code. Thus, in both scenarios, the partnership is created exclusively on a contractual basis and does not generate a legal entity. Also, both in case of joint ventures, as well as in case of joint operation of gambling, the obligation to contribute represents an essential element of the contract. The Methodological Norms provide that the contractual partner performs “activities” which suggests that, in the field of gambling, in general, the obligation to contribute refers to actions, operations or knowledge contributed for the purpose of joint operation of gambling.

From a tax perspective, the association regime is regulated through the provisions of Law no. 227/2015 regarding the Fiscal Code and the methodological norms for the application of the Fiscal Code approved through Government Decision no. 1/2016.  As per article 7 of the Fiscal Code, the term “fiscally transparent entity, with/without legal personality” represents any joint venture, joint operating agreement, economic interest group, civil entity or any other entity which is not a separate taxable person, each associate/participant being taxed separately for profits or revenue, as the case may be.  As we can see, the fiscal lawmaker attempted a broad definition of the term, thus bringing together under the same fiscal umbrella a large variety of contractual arragements based on which economic activities are exploited through a so-called „participation” and which do not give birth to a separate taxable person.  Moreover, from a VAT perspective, the lawmaker specified that joint ventures, consortia or other forms of association for commercial purposes which have no legal personality do not give rise to a distinct taxable person, such being essentially treated as associations in participation.

In a joint venture without legal personality, the revenues and expenses are divided among participants in accordance with the provisions of the association contract.  From an accounting perspective, the bookkeeping of the association is organised up to trial balance level by one participant designated for this purpose through the contract.  Essentially, the designated participant centralizes at the level of the association all costs (those from third parties as well as those transmitted based on debit-credit notes by the other participants, such as depreciation of assets made available to the association, insurance, utilities, etc.) and all revenues, following that upon the end of the month the corresponding share of revenues and expenses being transmitted to the other participants, based on a debit-credit note.  At the level of the joint venture, the justifying documents for booking the transactions are those generally applicable for the respective operations, while at the level of each participant the justifying document for the booking of the revenues and expenses allocated by the association is the debit-credit note.

Since the joint venture is not a distinct taxable person, the taxation being applied at the level of each participant, the question arises whether a partner in a joint venture involving the exploitation of gambling activities can apply the micro-enterprise tax regime.  Beyond certain purely theoretical aspects, the discussion of which might illustrate the need for a distinction to be made between co-participants who actually carry out “gambling-specific” operations within the meaning of the gambling legislation and co-participants whose contribution is relatively remote as nature (e.g., the activity of a co-participant being limited to providing the joint venture with a physical space for carrying out the activities), it appears that ANAF has a clearly outlined position, expressed both in answers to the questions posed by taxpayers and in control acts, in the sense of not allowing the application of the micro-enterprise regime.  In practice, a taxpayer who is part of a joint venture to operate a gambling activity, no matter how it contributes to the association (either with gambling-specific activities or with activities that are less gambling-specific, such as making a physical premise available) has to become a profits tax payer for all its activities.

In addition, in case of casino activities, the “specific” profit tax of 5% of the revenue set out in art. 18 of the Fiscal Code becomes applicable, including for the persons who make the respective revenue under an association agreement.

Moreover, in practice, the control bodies have the interpretation that all participants in a joint venture having as object the exploitation of gambling activities should have included in their scope of activity the specific NACE code for gambling activities, with the risk that some more zealous inspectors to raise the question of the confiscation of the income if the company has not registered this object of activity.  As we have stated above, in our view such a requirement is excessive, since our interpretation of the relevant legislation is to the effect that the inclusion of gambling activities in the object of the company’s activity would only be imposed if, by nature, the activities are subject to the licensing and authorization requirement in the field of gambling.

No debate about the tax treatment applicable to associations without legal personality can be complete without addressing the potential VAT implications (especially in the case of gambling, where VAT is generally a cost of doing business), but we propose to talk more extensively about VAT in a future article.  For the time being, we summarize the general framework, namely that the provision to the association of goods and services by the co-participants within the limit of their participation quota is not a taxable transaction for VAT purposes, and the distribution of revenues and expenses to each participant, within the limit of the participation quota is not a consideration for a supply of goods or services, respectively a transaction in the scope of VAT – essentially the goods, services, income and expenses are “circulating” between the association and the co-participants based on debit-credit notes rather than invoices.



The success of an event is felt on the day of that event, but is recognized by the feedback from the attendees, days after the event. Here are some post-event praises to prove this adage. The speakers as well as the participants appreciated the topics, the organization and especially the interactive nature of our event.

We invite you to learn more about the event from the participants, and let you draw your own conclusions:

The event was special in terms of organization as well content. We are convinced that the topics discussed, the opinions presented as well as the interventions by the ONJN representatives were able to provide the auditorium with additional clarifications as to the development of the Romanian gambling industry.

Dan Schwartz, Managing Partner, RSM România


Congratulations on this event! As an accountant myself, I found it useful given that they accounting monographs were also presented.

We enjoyed the environment, it was relaxed, with questions and answers. Thank you for inviting us.

P.S: The food was really good!

Mădălina Penchev, Chief Accountant Officer WINNER and Vincent Briot, Chief Financial Officer WINNER

This was a successful and well organized event. I enjoyed its interactivity, the speakers were very well prepared and a large part of the information presented will duly help us to comply with the laws in force and to perform our activity efficiently. Maybe you will organize a debate (a face-off, even) on this topic and invite representatives of the ONJN, of the Ministry of Finances and a tax consultant since the “gambling industry” laws are “dense” and interpretable.

It was a necessary event (…it still is). Congratulations on your initiative!

Adela Durău, Economist, S.C. NOREBO SRL

I found your event extremely interesting and useful and I enjoyed the content provided by the speakers. It would be interesting to have a future discussion on the legislative updates of the general laws and the special laws applicable in the industry. We will definitely attend other events organized by your magazine.

Mihaela Olteanu, Financial Manager, Bonus Group


I think your event was full of useful information to all the operators. But I mostly enjoyed the large attendance by operators, which enabled various expertise and information exchanges. It was a useful event. In the future I wish for an operational dialog with the representatives of ONJN and ANAF. A session of questions and answers related to the implementation of the law, especially with details related to the interconnection system.

Paula Ionescu, In-house Corporate Counsel, Merkur Gaming Distribution


I believe this was a good event. I appreciated the speakers, the location and the large attendance. It was a useful event as well as a good opportunity to become familiar with the legal and tax issues the gambling organizers were facing by type of game (land-based in particular) and the potential solutions identified by the speakers.

I think it would be interesting if your future events included legislative bills for the change of the legal framework applicable to the gambling industry.

I would most definitely attend other Casino Inside events.

Alexandru Mănucu, Tax Deputy Manager al Tuca Zbârcea & Asociații Tax


Overall feedback on my part: this event was well organized, and the discussion panel was interesting, even for non-tax (-legal) professionals like myself. For all the “specialized” information, I found it in-point and I was able to process plenty enough from each speech.

Dana Vasile, Marketing Manager, Euro Games Technology România

As a whole, your event seemed useful. I enjoyed most of all the openness of the speakers as well as their invitees to provide details and clarifications for the financial and fiscal issues. In the future I would wish for more willingness to provide clarifications on the part of the ONJN invitees.

Victor Papală, CFO, Euro Games Technology România


I would like to thank you and congratulate you for the event Financial Services, Taxation and Legal Issues in the Romanian Gambling Industry, which took place on May 31 st at Novotel Hotel. I consider it is of very important to clarify the tax and accounting issues in the Romanian gambling industry.

The event organized by Casino Inside not only brought the best speakers in the field, but also gave us a change to come up with our own questions and discuss the problems we are facing. In the future I wish I could read in your magazine pieces and debates on the tax and accounting issues related to gambling industry.

Sarolta Csortan, Chief Accountant, Magic H&RO SRL


This taxation event organized by Casino Inside was opportune to our industry, especially in the context of yet another campaign by ANAF (ie, ANAF – Brașov) of financial and accounting interpretations, unreasonable in the face of the economic realities, which – without taking into account the specifics and the elements of control in our industry – does nothing but lead the slots operators to close down their business and file for bankruptcy! (…)

Regarding the structure of the event, I appreciated the high level of professionalism of the speakers whose presentations were most interesting in terms of expertise and experience in the gambling industry. To conclude, although the financial and accounting interpretations may vary in terms of nuance and approach, under no circumstances do they justify any approach that utterly disregards the economic realities and the essence of our complex activity, for which the main source of income relies on the balance between the participation fee for gambling and the amounts paid by the players. A uniform financial-accounting and fiscal approach is becoming increasingly necessary, at least to counter the mistaken interpretations of the law by the control authorities a justified and hard to rebut viewpoint!

We also appreciated the interactivity of the event.

Cristian Pascu, Executive President, AOPJNR


First I would like to thank you for inviting me to this event. I really enjoyed it, it was interesting. I learned new things. We received answers to some questions about difficulties encountered in connection to the application of the regulations in force. Unfortunately time went by very quickly although there was so much more to talk about. It would be really useful to have a permanent channel of communication between all the gambling organizers. There are so many new problems that pop up all the time! An experience exchange would be helpful. I will gladly honor any future invitations on your part.

Georgeta Costache, Manager, Europlay Rom


The event organized by Casino Inside on May 31st was well organized and proved useful. We especially liked the professional content.

We would be interested in learning more about the recent legislative changes, and in a larger meeting of gambling halls operators. We will most definitely be joining your future events.

Sepsi László, CEO, Clasik Poker SRL

Size Does Matter. EGT Romania showcases slant top slot machines with wider monitors and high-definition quality


Bringing the latest gambling innovation to customers and players in Romanian local market, EGT Romania showcases a range of cutting-edge slant top slot machines. With sleek design, sophisticated LED lighting and excellent stereo sound system, the slot machines pride themselves with wide monitors crisp high-resolutions and hosting the most attractive multi-game mixes that deliver excitement and highly engaging game-play experience.

Check-out the latest and most advanced developments of EGT, where key product novelties such as P-27/32H St will stand side by side with the already popular P-27/27 St and P-27/27 St Slim.


P-27/32H St

The P-27/32H St slot machine with its 27-inch touch screen main monitor and an attractive LED-illuminated top box featuring a 32-inch landscape display, stands out from other designs and is sure to attract the players. Hosting some multi-game mixes from the new generation of games, the Collection Series, the P-27/32H St slot machine is available with the Collection of your choosing: Orange Collection, Green Collection, Red Collection, each containing 48 of the most popular EGT titles, or the Fruits Collection with 38 fruit-themed titles.

Key Features:

  • 27” widescreen main monitor with touch screen;
  • Main monitor with integrated touch screen for greater interactivity;
  • Attractive and LED-illuminated top box featuring a 32” landscape monitor;
  • Overhead multimedia topper with 32” monitor (optional);
  • Keyboard with dynamic OLED buttons (optional);
  • Enhanced quality stereo sound system;
  • Ambient, attractive LED illumination alongside the cabinet;
  • Powered by the Exciter II and Exciter III platforms.

 P-27/27 St and St Slim

One of the most successful slot machine from the EGT portfolio, the P-27/27 St model has worldwide installation and it is fast becoming the centerpiece in many casinos and gaming halls around the world.

It firstly gathered attention due to its monitors being 3-inches wider than the previous models, and with its two high-resolution 27-inch monitors and main monitor with integrated touch screen for greater interactivity, it catches the eye of more and more players. The LED illumination and enhanced quality stereo system creates a sophisticated gaming experience.

Rich gaming diversity is secured with some of the most popular EGT multi-games of Premier Series and of the latest Collection Series.

Its version P-27/27 St Slim ensures an even greater comfort for players, in a sleeker frame.

Key Features:

  • Two high resolution 27” widescreen monitors;
  • Main monitor with integrated touch screen for greater interactivity;
  • Overhead multimedia topper with 27” monitor (optional);
  • Keyboard with dynamic OLED buttons (optional);
  • Enhanced quality stereo sound system;
  • Ambient, attractive LED illumination alongside the cabinet;
  • Sophisticated ergonomic details assuring distinct players’ comfort;
  • Powered by the Exciter II and Exciter III platforms.

The P-27/27 St and St Slim cabinets are also available in white and have already acquired widely admiration for their elegant design and distinct look. They showcase EGT’s adaptability to the requirements of customers and trends of the industry.

When it comes to games variety, convenience and flexibility, Collection Series multigame mix are unmatched and was created to please the local players to the greatest extent with its 3 multigame mixes, each of 48 different games of the most popular EGT titles that players can enjoy. Now available with Type Approval in Romania: Orange Collection, Green Collection, Fruits Collection with its 38 fruit-themed titles and Red Collection where out of the 48 game titles, 23 are completely new, adding more fun and excitement for the players.

Driven by the powerful platform Exciter III and hosted on various cabinets amongst which P-27/27 St, P-27/27 St Slim, P-27/32H St, Collection Series offers the player the opportunity to choose between multiple denominations from the select game screen, using simple and convenient navigation. The animated upper screen shows additional information about the game families of each title.

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By Insider

You build success on your own, through work and with intelligence. That’s how we did it: we worked till we sweat, we were inspired and, on many occasions, insistent. It was not easy for us to hold such an event! But, the fact that we know what we want, we have goals, expertise and the experience to reach our goals, has brought us where we are: at the top. But I want to tell you something else: from the feedback that we have gotten during all these years and comparing to other events that we have assisted at, you should know that not many economic domains in our country or in the world benefit from such a type of reaction as those organized by our magazine. Not many can and know how to do what we have been doing for several years, in a complete package: Print + Online + Events.

The Financial Services, Inland Revenue and Legal Issues event organized by our magazine on the 31st of May was a success, not because we say so, but because the participants said so; that is why I invite you to read the Testimonials article dedicated to our event, article that you will find right after the Cover Story article.

Speaking of the Cover Story, the Rombet Association has succeeded in the past few years to be a reference regarding bidirectional communication – not only within the industry, but also with state institutions that have a role in our country’s gambling industry. In this article, we present an interesting material about the common challenge shared between the Rombet Association and the National Office for Gambling, as to make Romania’s gambling industry a mature, balanced and strong one.

EGT shows us that size does matter and presents to you the new slant top slot machines with bigger high-definition screens. Read the article and learn more.

Recently, a bill regarding preventing and combating money laundering and terrorism financing was published on the site of the National Anti-Money Laundering Office, that transfers EU Directive 2015/849 into the national legislation, the forth directive that approaches the threat represented by money laundering (AMLD4). Find out from Cristian Radu, partner at Țuca Zbârcea & Associates, and Claudiu Filipoiu’s article, Lawyer for the same firm, why implementing AMLD4 will have a significant impact on gambling administrators.

“JOPPY”, the United Dreams 2-ST27 Multigame has been rolled out! Only in our magazine will you find out more details about this new slot machine, which is destined not only for use in casinos, but also in gambling halls.

Ending spring in full force!

A mature, balanced and strong industry – the common goal of the Romanian National Gambling Office and the representants of the industry

cover ci 75

In recent years, Rombet Association has succeeded to be a landmark in terms of two-way communication – both within the industry and with state institutions involved in the gambling industry in our country. You will find below an interesting story on the common goal of Rombet Association and the Romanian National Gambling Office in order for the gambling industry in Romania to be mature, balanced and strong.

With the appointment of Mr. Dan Iliovici as President of the Romanian National Gambling Office, we could say that the Romanian gambling industry has entered a new stage. How do you see the industry, from now on, and what are your expectations?

Dan Iliovici, ONJN President

It may be a new stage, but it is one that would not have been possible without the efforts of my predecessors and without the initiatives that associates like Rombet had in recent years. One of the most powerful legislative frameworks in the industry has been created, which has made Romania a good example of good practice at European level and, to give you just one example, we currently have 16 licensed online gambling operators, which we only dreamed about two years ago… The direction is undoubtedly the right one, but as important as the steps taken so far have been, as carefully planned, implemented and monitored the measures that we will take from now on must be. We wish to build, but this is only possible through cooperation from all those involved. The experience I have gained so far, the involvement in the Consultative Council of the ONJN, the organization and / or participation in numerous industry events in the country but also abroad will all hopefully bring extra dynamism and energy into the work of the Office during my term of office.

Dan Ghiță, Rombet President

Mr. Dan Iliovici has been with us since the beginning of the association, and his energy and devotion are part of the foundation of the nice path that Rombet has seen in recent years. His departure from among the management team of the association is, we must acknowledge it, a loss, but at macro level and considering the contribution that we are sure his experience will bring to the future strategies and measures of the ONJN, we can only say that we are happy with we have been able to build up to this day, and we are convinced that from now on Mr. Iliovici will use the opportunity to boost the development of this industry which is still young, but quite controversial and eaten on by conflict situations. The President of ONJN rises from among us, if we can say so. He knows the specificity of this special industry and has always forwarded the proposals, but also the concerns of the operators to the authorities, seeking to find the best ways to solve the problems of the field.

Anchidim Zăgrean, Rombet vice-president

I would like to add something here. It is not just the problems that come from within the industry, but also the attacks that our field is often subjected to from outside. From our point of view, the Romanian National Gambling Office has to operate with a rod of iron, both in the sense of regulations and ensuring that the law is respected, understood and applied correctly and unitarily, but also in the sense of intervening where the attacks on the industry are groundless. Mr. Dan Iliovici knows the strong points very well, but also the more sensitive aspects of the field. That is why, in my opinion, his appointment as President of the Office is a very good thing. From now on, we have entered the stage of consolidation, open communication, and the voice of our industry has to be not only heard, but also respected.

And how do you think we can achieve this goal of becoming a respected voice?

Dan Ghiță, Rombet President

For Rombet it is clear, even though the appointment of Mr. Iliovici that the direction we have imposed in recent years is the right one. We will continue with the same zeal and determination. From the beginning of the year until now we have organized no less than 5 seminars attended by representatives of ONJN. We got to Bucharest, Iasi, Oradea, Bistrita and we will go to other cities in the country by the end of the year. In addition, internationally, our presence is constant, and not only so, it is desirable. Just last month, Mr. Bogdan Coman, the Executive Director of our Association, was invited to Prague at the EGR Online Gambling Briefing – Eastern Europe conference where we sat beside other important names in the field, organizers, service providers, and representatives of the regulatory bodies in Central and Eastern Europe. We shared ideas, information, discussions were held on the challenges that other states in the region are facing in terms of regulation or innovation. Our representative was invited to speak in the panel „Building further: diversification and innovation in Central and Eastern Europe” where he talked about the expectations for the near future in Romania, underlining our opinion that online activities on the Romanian market will remain indissolubly linked to the off-line ones, an attitude arising from both the lawmaker describing the licenses available for online mirroring with the off-line ones and from operators, who have adapted their product offer to what best applies to the land-based environment.

In other words, we continue on the direction that we have imposed and which has proved to be the right one, as more and more operators in the country or abroad contact us and want to become members of the association.  In addition, we are also convinced of the support that the ONJN will give to those operating in the field, all the more so since the Office has so far been a reliable partner which, besides the role set by the legal framework – regulation, licensing, monitoring and control – has strongly and consistently supported the gambling industry in our country.

Dan Iliovici, ONJN President

This has been the case so far and it will certainly remain that way. I firmly believe in the prospects of the industry and I am convinced that only through dialogue, cooperation and transparency can we build a balanced, fair business environment regulated through stable, well-thought-out, understandable and implemented policies that lead to the development of the domain. We are partners of the industry, we are on the same side of the barricade. Moreover, the institution I run has another objective, equally important and equally ambitious, to change the general public’s perception of the gambling industry. It was a priority while I held the position of First Vice-President of Rombet, and so will it be when I am at the helm of the ONJN.

A major objective that I support and promote with all the force and authority of the institution I represent is the establishment as soon as possible of the public interest foundation for a responsible social game through which we will bring measures and responsible game projects to a totally different level. I know that organizers are becoming more and more aware of the importance brought by that such a responsible attitude both to their own business and to the industry as a whole. I am very well aware of the efforts made by the associations in this direction, I have been involved in most of the programs dedicated to the protection and assistance of troubled players, in the past years we have discussed with experts, representatives of the organizations in the country and abroad involved in this field. I promise you that Romania will become an example of good practice in this direction as well.

There is more and more talk about digitization and the fact that land-based games are losing ground to those in the virtual environment. Is that right? What will be the position of the ONJN towards this trend?

Valentin Korman, ONJN vice-president

Digitization cannot be challenged, and it is, of course, as natural as the generation of “millennials” and those who come after them, for whom technology is like air… indispensable. From our point of view, the Office, this is a challenge that we do not fear and which we receive as a sign of industry progress. We are constantly discussing with operators, new game platform providers, regulatory bodies in other European countries, so we can adapt to industry innovations. On the other hand, even if there are voices predicting the decline, if not the “death” of traditional games, at least so far this has not happened. But we will see what the future holds for us…

Anchidim Zăgrean, Rombet vice-president

Technological innovation is part of our industry, even at this year’s London Betting on Football conference, which Rombet supported as a media partner, Scandinavian gaming operators said the engines that push ahead their businesses are, on the one hand, the very well-thought-out and implemented legal framework, on the other hand constant support and the financing of technological advances. The industry is progressing, responding to the needs of the players but, from our perspective, both traditional games and online alternatives have their own advantages which, at least for the moment, blend well in our country.

Dan Ghiță, Rombet President

The ONJN optics makes us happy, but on the other hand, we were convinced that the direction of the Office would be one that would support the gambling industry in our country, either land-based or online. As my colleagues have said, the step towards the virtual environment is a natural one because, after all, industry keeps pace with… society. Indeed, at the moment there is a balance between the two spheres, which have not only their own “fans”, but also their own set of benefits which cannot be transferred. From a legislative point of view, and not only, we must be prepared, because a solid industry is like a chess player. It has a vision and it plans its moves. We trust the growth potential of the gambling industry, by way of proof, the increased interest of foreign operators to launch in Romania, and we know that alongside a regulatory body – ONJN – focused on balance, transparency and joint effort for the maturity of our gambling market, we have all the chances to achieve this goal.

GAME WORLD CONSTANȚA The capital of entertainment outside the capital


Starting from this month, the largest gaming hall in Romania, outside Bucharest, is the capital of entertainment on the seaside and the week-end on June 17 – 18 is the starting moment for the most spectacular events.

In this respect, Game World Constanta is throwing a super-party on Saturday, June 17, in order to celebrate the official opening of the new gaming hall, located at the 1st level of City Park Mall of Constanta, near the cinema. As usually for the Game World parties this events will also have all the arguments to guarantee elegant and intense entertainment for all participants.

Therefore, at this party, everybody will enjoy live music and shows, valuable prizes, tasty culinary specialties, cocktails and drinks served from an unique and spectacular ice bar, champagne, fireworks and cakes, carefully selected to match the importance of the events.

The special guest of this festive night will be the one and only Johannes, the most famous Romania illusionist, ready once again to amaze the public with his one of a kind magic show. In addition, the talented members of No Stress music band will entertain everybody with their performance on the Game World Constanta stage.

Luck is also a great form of entertainment so the participants to this party will have the chance to winning prizes of a total value of 93.000 Lei, awarded during a special edition of the „Motor Prizes” promotion taking place that night. The Special Prize to be won is a superb motorcycle Iron 883 from Harley Davidson, the perfect prize for anyone at the start of the summer season on the seaside.

Another very interesting event will take place in the same week-end and in the same place.  Retro American Muscle Cars 2017, the annual exhibition of the American classic cars, is scheduled for June 17-18 at the City Park Mall’s parking lot from the lake side.  The organizers of this events are Retromobil Club Romania, Game World and City Park Mall and they have great expectations for the number of participants and visitors as the exhibition will have a lot of attractions and surprizes.

As in every year, the event will showcase the most spectacular American classic cars and especially those „muscle-cars” that made so famous the automobiles’ industry on the American continent. Among the cars that will be exhibited will be for sure also fine models such as Buick Master Coupe 1930, Plymouth PS 1936, Cadillac Eldorado 1938, Chevrolet Impala 1962, Pontiac Parisienne 1967 and the so well-known Ford T Coupe 1926.

Visitors enjoy free of charge access on both days of the event and will be invited to vote, alongside with the jury,  in order to find the winners of the prizes that will be awarded at the end of the show. The categories are: The Prize of the Public for the most attractive car, The Prize of Celebrities for the most spectacular car, The Prize for the most original car, The Prize for the longest car, The Prize for the most powerful engine, The Prize for the most noisy engine, The Prize for the car that came from the longest distance in order to take part in the exhibition and, of course, The Prize for the oldest car.

In addition, the visitors will be able to see and touch some of those famous cars featured in the Hollywood action movies such as Ford Mustang and Thunderbird, Dodge Charger and Challenger, Pontiac Firebird or Chevrolet Corvette.

As it happened in every year, many celebrities interested in beautiful cars will attend the event and many other attractions will be organized for the visitors. For example, Connect-R,  one of the most famous Romanian singers, will perform on a special and unique stage organized on the platform of a giant truck!

Therefore, the seaside is ready for another great summer season and the capital of luck and entertainment is moving to Constanta, more precisely to Game World, open for fun in Constanta since 2008 and in Romania since 1999.

(Română) Evenimentul de Fiscalitate din 31 Mai organizat de Casino Inside, Un Moment Folositor pentru VOI și Un Succes Meritat Pentru NOI!

Eveniment Servicii Financiare si Problematici Juridice in Piata Jocurilor de Noroc

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(Română) UPDATE 2! Eveniment Servicii Financiare, Fiscalitate și Problematici Juridice în Piața Jocurilor de Noroc din România


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The Online Gambling Taxation Framework Is Functional. Can It Be Improved?

Alexandru Manucu_Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii Tax

by Alexandru MĂNUCU, Tax Deputy Manager at Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații Tax

Thanks to the efforts made from 2015 to 2016 to adjust gambling organization and taxation laws, Romania has become an attractive jurisdiction both for gambling operators and for gamblers.

Currently, the functional legislative conditions for remote gambling allow the Romanian state to capitalise the increasing popularity of online gambling. However, Romania must also be competitive by reference to the jurisdictions that have greater experience in the field, particularly states that also updated their taxation mechanisms at the same pace as the legislative amendments. It is obvious that over the last decade, the gambling industry has become one the most profitable global industries and it is an important source of revenues for those states. Romania could also benefit therefrom.

Currently, one of the biggest drawbacks is that the access of new operators to the remote gambling market is restricted. Practically, the opportunity offered by Law No. 124/2015 whereby stakeholders were guaranteed exemption from criminal and tax liability for the previous period provided that they complied with the new authorisation requirements is already a matter of the past.

In this context, the organic growth of the online gambling market can be encouraged only by assessing and adjusting the existing tax conditions, so that they would become more attractive both to organisers and gamblers alike.

The Existing Tax Conditions and How to Improve Them

Of course, the actual taxation rate continues to be a determining factor in order to establish to what extent gamblers are inclined to consider a tribute to be fair. However, the progressive rates in force, of 1% (for amounts of up to RON 66,760), 16% (for amounts ranging from RON 66,750 to RON 445,000 inclusively) and respectively 25% (for amounts in excess of RON 445,000), applicable to the gross income consisting in gamblers’ withdrawals from online accounts are not prohibitive in any way. Moreover, it is precisely such rates which determined professional players to move their tax residence to Romania, in order to benefit from these tax conditions.

However, in practice, the fulfilment of tax liabilities which are generally accepted as more than reasonable proves to be problematic. More precisely, the beneficiaries of revenues from remote gambling are bound to annually submit a tax statement (namely Statement 200), which would include all the revenues from this activity until 25th May of the following year.

In parallel, an online gambling organiser/ payer of revenues is bound to send information to each beneficiary regarding each gross income received by the latter during the financial year, until the last day of February of the current year for the previous year.

By this deadline, organisers must also submit in their turn an informative tax statement (namely Statement 205) for the previous year, where each gross income would be highlighted for each taxpayer.

For gamblers, the fulfilment of the declarative obligation consists in using the statements received from the gambling organisers on whose platform they obtained revenues in the previous year for preparing the tax statement. Once filled out, Statement 200 must be submitted to the relevant office of the National Agency for Tax Administration (Romanian: Agenția Naționala de Administrație Fiscală ANAF). The taxpayer has almost three months for the whole process (from the end of February, when the taxpayer is supposed to receive the statements on the withdrawals from operators to 25th May, which is the deadline for submitting the annual statement). Of course, one should also take into account the profile of this type of gambler, who prefers to gamble in a familiar environment instead of going to a gambling/ casino room. Certainly, going to the tax authorities to submit Statement 200 is not one of his/her priorities.

On the other hand, although organisers are  supposed to have the necessary resources to comply with the declarative obligations, they encounter technical obstacles. Statement 205 is unable to accommodate the volume of data which gambling operators have to report, as it allows the registration of maximum 500 payments on the form or up to 10,000 in an appendix thereto. However, the number of individual withdrawals carried out in one year exceeds by far 100,000 for each of the operators authorised to carry out their activity in Romania.  Thus, both the operators and the authorities have found year after year compromise solutions for which taxpayers allocated additional resources (such as the submission of appendices in hard copy with the annual statement of withdrawals for 2015 or the configuration of a specific type of electronic document which the computer system of ANAF would be able to read).

As far as the substance is concerned, these obligations aim at double checking the voluntary compliance of online gamblers. In the unrealistic assumption that 100% of them diligently declare their revenues from the previous year by 25th May, the authorities must engage in their turn considerable resources to issue and send the related taxation decisions.  Once they are sent, taxpayers have 60 calendar days to pay their tax liabilities. Therefore, in the best-case scenario, the tax related to a withdrawal made on the last day of the previous year reaches the state’s treasury in 7 months. In practice, this period is likely to exceed one year.

Starting from the premise that all the three stakeholders (the state, the online gambling operators and the participants) have time and resources to lose in order to ensure the payment of tax liabilities that they all consider to be fair, there is also the question of adjusting the taxation mechanism.

In line with other opinions expressed by the stakeholders, we believe that a first improvement that could be made regarding the tax treatment applicable to the revenues obtained by gamblers from online gambling activities is the introduction of rules on income tax withholding. Practically, such a measure would render consistent the taxation mechanism for all gambling revenues obtained by Romanian residents, since currently revenues obtained in the offline environment are taxed by withholding (except for revenues obtained at poker festivals, for which such withholding measures could also be applied).


In this way, Romania would move even closer to European jurisdictions that have a tradition in facilitating access to online gambling, such as the UK, Denmark or Malta, where fiscal liabilities exclusively fall under the responsibility of organisers (gamblers’ earnings are not subject to taxation, the fees are paid by organisers and, as applicable, by reference to the amounts gambled when placing the bets).

Of course, in such case, the tax on the income earned in Romania would remain an obligation of the participants, but the amounts actually received by them would be net amounts, the related fees already being retained and subsequently transferred to the state budget by operators. This nuance can be easily disregarded by the income beneficiary, as long as organisers deal with the relationship with the tax authorities.

The tax authorities would no longer have the aforementioned informative/ declarative obligations and could set up internal systems by which they would ensure the automatic compliance with these simplified fiscal conditions.

Last but not least, the state would no longer need to engage resources to ensure the collection of taxes on gambling revenues and, moreover, it would have money available much earlier (the obligations withheld when making the payment are declared and transferred to the state budget until the 25th of the month following that when the payment is made).

In other words, all stakeholders would benefit.

Legislative Process to Amend the Tax Code and the Good Timing

Summing up the benefits, it follows that the opportunity of implementing such amendments is immediate. However, not before taking into account the following two issues.

First of all, the Tax Code can only be amended and/ or supplemented by a law, and the provisions of such a legislative act should enter into force after at least 6 months as of its publication in the Official Journal. Adjustments adopted by emergency ordinance are an exception for which shorter deadlines for the entry into force can be provided, but not less than 15 days as of the date of publication.

Second of all, one should take into account a transition as smooth as possible from the current taxation system to one that implies the withholding of tax liabilities for the revenues obtained by online gamblers.

The urgent change of the taxation treatment requires transitory rules for the period between the entry into force of the new provisions and the end of this year, the amendment of the existing forms, in order to accommodate two periods with different taxation methodologies (similarly to 2015), details that would require the allocation of higher resources by the state and the taxpayers (participants and organisers alike) for compliance.

Such inconveniences could be easily avoided if the legislator would pursue the implementation of these measures since the beginning of the next taxation period (namely 1st January 2018), thus also contributing to the predictability of tax legislation in Romania, strongly shaken by the recent emergency ordinances on other taxation areas.

It should however be understood that the date of entry into force is not the same as the date when such measures are adopted, and the legislative process is a lasting one, which should involve both the representatives of the National Gambling Office and those of the bodies in charge with monitoring, verifying or sanctioning the industry-related activities, as well as the representatives of the associations of gambling operators.

Therefore, less than two months are left by the date when the law meant to improve how to tax the revenues of online gamblers should be published in the Official Journal, so as to have effects as of 1st January 2018. Under these circumstances, the legislative measures can be adopted only by an emergency ordinance.

Regardless of what will happen, one thing is certain. By accumulating various budgetary pressures from measures the opportunity of which is to be proven, Romania should not miss the chance to remain in the select group of jurisdictions that adapt to the needs of a growing industry, particularly when such an effort does not involve additional costs.

Alexandru Mănucu Biography

Alexandru Mănucu is a Tax Deputy Manager with Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii Tax SRL, mainly covering corporate and international taxation matters. Previously working as a senior tax consultant with PwC, he was involved in various consulting and audit projects, diagnostic and fiscal reviews and mergers and acquisition projects with emphasis on a wide range of industry sectors: automotive, energy and mining, industrial products, IT and communications.

Before starting his consulting career, Alexandru held an executive management position in a distribution company in the automotive sector, deepening his knowledge in the auto industry business environment.

He graduated from the Faculty of International Business and Economics at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and he holds a Master’s degree in Business Communication from the same institution.

Alexandru is also enrolled in Chartered Institute of Taxation, looking forward to obtain his ADIT certification (“Advanced Diploma in International Taxation”)